thats how communism works

level zero peasant whistle strange book while free chocolate oh wait it's a book whoa WTF am i reading dramatic thump sound effect plays level 200,000 celebrity it's level note under front neunzig da fara level 0 peasants level 30 partisan level 50 voice Nuggets level 80 something something an arrow cannot be translated level 120 babushkas don't nately go back to Berlin fascist Mary white no it's just a prank level 500 million stolen ground level zero peasants one more which is an honest days of work in Marcel at all for a new tractor level 1000 mob boss hand over your potatoes comrade for the glory of the Soviet Union and why ET you can't make me I need these to survive if you dot then you're going to do Mulligan will do forced labor WTF m8 why you doing this last chance or a bar called the NKVD fine Comrade Stalin I will give you all of my potatoes just don't take me to gulag level mm mob boss Jake a peasant you're still going to gulag have fun sleeping and cold shacks somebody pays won over me with the tractor

  1. At 0:27 written "Daddy" on Russian. And at 0:30 "babushka's doll" means "Grandmother's doll", because "Бабушка" in Russian can be translated how "Grandmother".
    (Ew. It's hard to write in English. Sorry if there are mistakes.)

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