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now just some video that's just now emerging two years after highwire stunt featuring the fame willing the family that went horribly wrong a warning this morning some people may find that they found it hard to watch here's NBC's Kerry Sanders this morning this video being made public for the first time it shows the gut-wrenching moment The Flying Wallendas practicing a difficult and dangerous eight-person pyramid lost their balance and topple off the wire five members of the circus act plunging several stories to the ground the seventh-generation family of wire walkers were practicing the new stunt with no safety net overnight Nik Wallenda posting on social media how painful it has been to see the video I've shed a lot of Tears if I'm being completely vulnerable having to relive that accident yet again admitting that terrifying fall gave him a taste of PTSD I know that I struggled with having to relive that accident and actually struggled with fear for the first time ever all the way in he said the fall was so bad it made him consider quitting the high wire for good I'm almost ashamed to say that but being honest with you I came to that point just five weeks after that fall Nick and the others involved talk to me about that awful moment in an exclusive interview everybody fought till the bitter end every single person fought as hard as they possibly could until the last second until they couldn't hold on anymore among the most seriously injured Nick's sister Lyanna my mouth is wired shut I broke every bone in my face and so they had to put it all back together with I have three plates and seventy two screws in my face Nick and two others managing to grab onto the wire as they fell two years later the daredevil troupe all on the mend my family my friends are all doing amazingly well in fact all of them with the exception of my sister have been back on stage performing in one capacity of another which is nothing short of miraculous reaffirming the will end of family mantra never give up for today Kerry Sanders NBC News you

  1. If people choose to do this without a safety net or harness. Let them. It's their life not yours. These folks come from a long line of tradition and know the risks and still they do it. People wouldn't watch if there wasn't some risk involved.

  2. I don’t understand how some people are wired. My adrenaline kicks in standing on a 3rd story balcony. Once that adrenaline takes over, you can’t control movement completely 🤷🏼‍♀️ Has to be genetic element.

  3. accident an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.
    this was no accident. just people flirting with disaster

  4. She's not trained, not fit or athletic. On a freakin' pyramid on a wire? Wth were they thinking? Seriously. And "God" does not tell us to walk on freakin' wires o m g.

  5. If anyone is wondering the girl in the pink on the left lost her balance first which led to everyone falling

  6. I'm watching it now, she's way overdressed her outfit must be heavy. Father and daughter team gotta stop talking so much. I think they oughta quit after this,hope they make it across.

  7. I busted out laughing when I saw it. I'm sorry!!! I have titanium in my neck etc from trying to be a daredevil. I felt bad when they interviewed his sister. I hope the best for all performers.

  8. When I saw the fall, I think they fell about 25 or so feet off the wire. Maybe 30 feet or so. Glad that not all of them fell off the wire – 3 of them survived. Feel very sorry about what happened to Lijana.

  9. They should have used a net. This is why they created safety equipment in the first place. It makes even less sense that they didn't use one since they were practicing (i.e., not at their best) and not trying to impress a crowd.

  10. This is NOT terrifying, why would you have PTSD from this, and they should’ve had a safety net… stupid.
    Jk that’s pretty scary

  11. "ill possibly never do this again'' ya right, high tight rope walkers are like daredevils, they love the rush. Wont stop unless he cant walk.

  12. Didn't this same thing happen to the same family before? Why on earth would they practice without a net and let this happen again needlessly?

  13. I do not understand why people go to the edge. People take it from a man 65 years old and one who did Stupid stunts with I was younger. I wish I had chance to relive my younger years. I would take caution and better judgement. I wiped out on my motor cycle twice, one when I was going a highway and thought 80 mph was awesome. The Chain broke and I skidded down the highway. That was not enough. I got a big bike and tried to raice a guy with a fast car. I wiped out the bike broke the crank was as well as the frame. I was then offered $65.00 . I took it and never rode again. But do to my stupidness I now have a walker and wheel chair. The few minutes of adrenaline rush almost cost my life. If one person would read this and think about it and become more doing thing safe I
    From my experience it would be well worth it. My cousin tried yet to go around a car when another car was coming,. He lost control and his head hit one of those posts you when go go on a passover.. He was killed instantly, his brother and father were on there bike and seen the outcome. Be safe you will find that it is a beautiful live with family, children, and grandchildren. Life is very, very beautiful without getting to a time that you need a wheel char, or worse like when my cousin crashed and died.

  14. This is a reminder of the 1963 accident, in which two family members died doing this same act in Detriot, MI. Then the patrioch, plunged to his death in 1973. God be with that family 🙁

  15. I never really watch TV but I might just tune in tomorrow to see the retry over the deadly height… If my gut can take watching it

  16. If you insist on not using a net during practice how about lowering the wire? Save the high falls for the live show so everyone can see it.

  17. Karl Wallenda said that nets give a false sense of security and his brother Willie wallenda was killed after landing in a net and bouncing off onto the ground killing him . I’m just glad nobody was killed in this fall .

  18. Thank you for posting this video. I really appreciate the updates on their terrifying accident. I have always had the utmost appreciation and respect for the Wallenda family. — UPDATE: In case others might want to see more regarding the 2017 fall, it can be found at:

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