Teen Eggs Politician For His Hateful Comments (VIDEO)


  1. The wall mural is excellent. A historical moment. So it's true the Senator is an egghead. This is the message we have been giving our children. Teach them not too bully but the leaders of government missed that 'memo'!

  2. I'm an Aussie, and I'm offended by the fact this creature us in our parliament. And I'm not alone – see Egg Boy. BTW I don't believe this creature will be re-elected, if he is I'm moving to NZ

  3. I’m glad this young man did this. When we were kids, if you were an a-hole to us during trick-or-treating you got your house egged. It got the message across. It’s a culturally accepted way of young people’s protest. These politicians feel empowered and in their right to spew out malice, feel justified when hitting kids back, or think it’s proper to be condescending towards young people like Feinstein was. It’s disgusting! I don’t advocate violence, but it’s clear young folks are frustrated and are demanding to be heard; as is their right since they will be dealing with the consequences of the asinine path politicians and many adults alike are taking. The adults in charge do not deserve to be respected. So I say egg them all! 🥚🍳🥚

  4. What you didn’t show was how Anning’s thug followers grappled that boy to the ground and put him in a choke hold. The police led the boy away, though I suspect more for his protection than under arrest, and are now investigating the whole incident. We are hoping those thugs will be charged with assault.

  5. White people think they have the god given right to take black/non white people's land and then call black/non whites immigrants.

  6. That is a new way to raise funds!! After the politician's reaction, I do not feel like criticizing the kid at all !!

  7. You dont physically assault someone for an opinion you disagree with. Anning's had every right to respond in the way he did. Shame on that kid, attacking a 69 year old man from behind.

  8. All the terrorist libturd filth trying to defend this boy who assaulted the Senator. Far left unhinged lunatics. They'd defend anything.

  9. How many comments did it take for your apology? There were masses of them. It shows how your research is at Fox News on a bad day level. Reading the Wiki on Anning before you talked about him would be a good idea instead of your alternative facts.

  10. Personally I think Frazer Anning is a dangerous populist with an ideology bordering on naziism…..but this kid needs to learn some manners!…No kid should egg an adult like that without expecting a quick lesson in respecting their elders.

  11. He committed a crime? No that politician assaulted him after being egged. One is an act of disrespect, the other is an act of violence.

  12. They will not punish the child. It would probably result in violence. They will probably just get him to write on a chalkboard 50 times .

  13. That "old" man was white by chance, and a piece of shit by choice ( as are all white supremacist fascists).

  14. That "white" kid is part of the solution and that "white" man is part of the problem. Give that boy a fucking medal!

  15. After months of proclaiming that he, not others, is THE EggBoy….on his 18th he can tweet: "I am THE EGGMAN, COO-COO-KA-CHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  16. If you were in Australia you would understand that Egg Boy did a good thing. We dont like hard core racists in Australia. WHAT HE DID WAS NOT STUPID.

  17. Attention whore. Is it anything new? This kid will profit off it… that's the sad state of Gucci wearing, deadbeat kids today; doing shit for views without putting much thoughts in their actions.
    The senator appropriately responded with an open hand slap instead of the good ole knuckle sandwich… Stop being such pussies, TYT.

  18. I'd like to commend Eggboy's parents for raising a young man who isn't afraid to stand up against this type of hate. EGGsellent job, Mom and Dad!👍

  19. Liberals have no arguements so they resort to violence, its starts with an egg then continues, no hes not a hero he is an idiot and you wonder why groups like proud boys pop up

  20. Attacks are always fine as long as it's a liberal perpetrating them. A man defending himself is wrong if he's being attacked by a radical leftist.

  21. Okay. It doesn’t matter what the senator said. You can’t assault someone. Period. Please teach teens to use their brain rather than their muscle. They’ll lose every time and that was clearly demonstrated here.

  22. Parental guidance and support for the kid to more appropriately and effectively express his opposition to objectionable political ideologies . Perhaps he will become a good politician.

  23. Moving from simple ridicule to full on revolution is a big step. Wouldn't it be cool if Eggboy and his friends were actually up to it?👍

  24. I think this senator after this incident will not eat the eggs until he dies and will always remember the day he stabbed the eggs on the head of this brave young man whenever he saw the eggs in front of him.

  25. egging truth to power.. .. i love it

    racists run down people in car: "good people on both sides"

    boy eggs a racist: "Jail time"

    damn people are screwed up.. bring on the global warming and let's kill each other in hurry.. leave the planet for more peaceful lifeforms.

  26. regardless what this politian said , it does not give this asshole kid the right to assualt this man ! he went to this meeting with the intension to egg him this was premedatated assualt ! At 17 yo he knows right from wrong , how dare you give him respect for disrespecting another person like this ! the left always has an excuse for their people and the things ( like breaking the rules and laws ) they say and do wrong ! when will they stop ? Oh wait NO COLLUSION LOLOLOLOL . But im sure the DEMS now dont believe the MUELLER REPORT ! they will find a way to try and discredit it !

  27. Love reading all the comments from dumb supporters (Trump) talking about the radical left and how extreme they get for the egg assault lol when the republicans have white supremacist groups committing murders in our country, the kkk, Identity Europa, the idiot Mcginnis who turned tailed like a coward and abandoned his own group the proud boys and let's not forget the cops murdering anyone involved in the riots in Ferguson and passing it off as suicides.

    Hypocrites Republicans, your outrage and words mean nothing. Eat a dick.

    Egg boi for president.

  28. Fraser Anning is no normal elected representative. He got into the Senate as a replacement for somebody on the same ticket who was declared ineligible to sit. Anning himself had received 19 (nineteen!)votes. Anyway, he is no longer a member of that particular far right party and was expelled from another fringe far right party. He is sitting as an independent.

  29. This is the first time I have ever seen these two, that man child with the tie is a laugh. The guy with an egg got punched, the guy with the egg thought he was keeping it real and got punched in the noggin. Man child with the tie is just whining like a baby.

    The Australian politician is piece of work, man child with the tie is also a piece of work.

  30. The boy deserved the punch which could have been much worse. He assaulted the man. This obviously a liberal channel. Whether you like the politician or not the boy had no “right” to commit the crime.

  31. Conservative logic

    shootings by yet again another conservative cucks Not violent enough. Totally justified. We should be ashamed for making everything political by being outraged

    screeches all political conspiracies under their tin foil tents

  32. Islamophobic cause of more murder by a peaceful religion. The libs are the same tards that think Israel stole land from the Palestinians. And think Israel is the more violent.

  33. As an Australian, I am on the fence about my thoughts about what the boy did. The politician involved also attended a white supremacist rally last year. The politician is a racist and should be kicked out of office. The boy would have thought there was nothing else he could do because he is too young to vote and like the majority of the Australian people, felt like the politicians elected have turned their backs on the needs and interests of the people

  34. This boy is no damn hero what he did was childish and there's plenty YouTube videos of liberals doing childish acts such as these. Grow up. in the end this kid accomplished nothing except starting a fight which is never good.

  35. 20190406: ISIS, the Mullahs? They beg the question: Should Islamic law (as practiced by ISIS etc etc) be referred to the International Court of Justice and TRIED under CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY provisions? If not, why not?

  36. Good job kid that racist fuck politician deserves more than a egg smashed over his head he deserves a bat smashed over his fucking skull!

  37. Its a free country, u can speak whatever you want.
    When you speak, you're spreading info.
    Im pretty sure a lot of people is in jail now for what they said before. So… I think that man should be in jail?

  38. A pro leftist, he listened for an hour but took eggs with him for a premeditated attack yet he's branded a hero ??? He obviously doesn't see the bigger picture of what is happening with Islam extremists and why the Christchurch terrorist attack happend, open your eyes people we are at war a political war.
    The main thing here is CONTEXT the man is not a racist he has empathy for the victims, innocent victims who we're no doubt murdered by a extremists terrorist asshole, on the other side there we're 2 Islamic extremists that did attend that same mosque, more mosques will equal more Islamic extremists it stands to reason, import more Islam into your country expect that more extremists will follow although a minority it's enough to cause death and destruction and a divide between everyone and that is thier goal.

  39. Regardless of who is doing what, I would've beat tf outta that kid too. It's not about "being tough." Being in customer service for years if a customer did that to me I'd probably kill them.

  40. Did he really say evry adult would punsh a kid in the face for smashing a egg ont the head ?
    Dude u need bvebeaten up by 2 bick black guys stupid f****t..
    PS: Hope this Politican dies a painfull death.

  41. notice the 50,odd thousand views are from the right these brainwashed fool that they are they dont realise that fighting got them this country, the dirty little ingrates that they are wouldnt know suffering or hard work if it kicked them in the ass,,,they need to all be put in the bush with the clothes on their back and told to stay a month and survive i assure you they'd come grovelling back with apologies and "this is so hard" well people once lived like that and thank god for people who invented things or we would still all be living like that,,a hard life.with a life expentancy of 50 and even then most dont even get there,Captian cooks kids all died,, but who cares hey , that he travelled thousands of miles,and years away from his family to discover botany bay, people nmade sacrificees and today they are selfish.,

  42. To all of the people saying the kid deserved it is stupid 😂 that kid was offended because the reporter blamed Muslims for the deadly shooting. 🤷‍♂️. Let’s say someone killed a dog. And a guy blames your mom for it and she goes to jail for it. Your mom didn’t do shit. You would want to do more then just throw a egg on the guys head.

  43. Lol, bashing a senator for correct comments, and at the same time having to apologize profusely for mid countrying him lol. Could you even find your balls with a microscope?

  44. The kid isint a hero and the senior isint innocent.

    The fucking kid literally smashed an egg over his head and the senior hit him. The senior dude also blamed immigrant Muslims for a shooting.

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