Teen Eagles: Bringing Biblical Worldview Back to Politics

so I’m here with Andrew Muller he is the
president of the Teen Eagles and he’s the librarian at The Pillar Foundation I
give a speech at The Pillar Foundation probably a few weeks ago and I met this
young gentleman here and I was just blown away the guy knows so much he
really gave me hope for the future of America and so naturally I asked him
were you home-schooled and naturally he was Andrew thank you so much for being
with us oh my pleasure thanks for having me so tell us a little bit about teen
Eagles what do you guys do what do you stand for and how can people get
involved absolutely teen Eagles is a Christian conservative student-led
organization and the mission statement of teen Eagles is to bring a biblical
worldview back into politics and culture we do that by hosting meetings every
month hosting events like the one you had we do things look like that and it’s
just about getting kids involved teaching them the biblical worldview how
they can implement that into their life and into society into culture America
has been a great country for liberty and for prosperity and the next generation
is really losing out on that and teen Eagles really wants to cultivate that
internal self-government those foundational principles that our country
was built upon and help them implement that into society and it’s a culture and
we really just want kids to get a lot of things that they’re not getting at
church and if their public school things that they’re never gonna get in public
school fantastic and so what are some of the things you guys do you you bring you
put together speeches and events what else do you guys do we also attend
conferences like the Eagle Phyllis Schlafly conference here and educational
policy conference we also attend that and we go lobbying for certain bills and
can’t for candidates we also do campaigning we do parades lit drops
whatever we can do to help further the cause and a lot of times just have young
people at events where you know we can talk to the older generation soak in
what they have to say and learn from them and just really try to get the
torch from the next previous generation and really try to advance Liberty in
America that’s awesome really really appreciate it and so tell us a little
bit about your education you were homeschooled what did that look like and
you know tell us about how it went and what you learned and how it was maybe
different from what you saw and other kids your age experience in the public
school system homeschooling has been one the
biggest blessings in my life my parents made the decision to home-school my
sister and I when I was in coming out of kindergarten and she was coming out of
second grade and I we had a lot of backlash from people from friends and
from our church and they just thought you know Oh aren’t home schoolers just a
lot of people that you know sit in their log cabin and refuse vaccines or
whatever but it’s really not that it’s people that want to teach their children
the truth and they want to teach them those things in a biblical worldview and
you’re never gonna get that from the public school you’re never going to get
that from some private schools and it’s just been really terrific there’s so
many out sourced opportunities for home schoolers where we can learn things
online go to a class room and have social events one of the biggest lies
about home schoolers is that we’re not socialized and that we don’t have these
opportunities but it’s actually the opposite we have more opportunities in
some public schoolers because we’re not fixated on this cookie cutter system and
we just have so many opportunities that we can network and do things there’s
been so many times where I’ve you know on a Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock I
would have been in school I’m at a conference I’m campaigning for somebody
and that can double up the next day on homework and it’s just been really
terrific but the core thing is those biblical principles the foundations that
the founding fathers believed in and that are in the Bible you just don’t get
anywhere else and it’s really they’re taking over the country by the kids and
by the next generation and we got to do something now and I want to do that I
want to help cultivate the home school community I’ve been able to reap the
blessings of that and I’m really thankful but you look at public school
you look at private school it’s not really working out I think homeschooling
is the best way a man I couldn’t agree more and so tell us about some of the
issues you guys are focused on right now what are the big problems you see in the
country and the political sphere are the economics and you know what are you guys
working on and what do you see is the big issues one of the biggest issues we
see right now is self government self government’s one of the key principles
to limited government which was what America is supposed to be founded on the
first place when you have all these external rules and you know you have
people from the top down with external rules trying to force internal rules
that doesn’t work but if you have internal rules self government from the
Bible and from the Ten Commandments and all those things you don’t need all
these external rules so that’s one of the things we’re doing with teen Eagles
we have a little thing going on right now
called back-to-basics and what we’re doing with that is we’re just teaching
self-government we’re teaching free-market economy we’re teaching all
these basic principles that in the conservative world you know you may seem
like you know but a lot of people just don’t understand what those things mean
when you say to face value so we’re really trying to dig deep and see what
the key pillars of all these different principles are and also we want to help
kids have a biblical worldview and understand other worldviews that’s one
of the big things you know you have so many dominating worldviews in our
culture Marxism Islam secular humanism post-modernism these are all worldviews
that seek to take over Society they’re not going to share it with others and
America has been a Christian nation and we really want to teach kids what the
biblical Christian worldview is it’s one of the only worldviews where you have a
voluntary submission all these other worldviews are from force we want to
change the culture by teaching kids the Christian biblical worldview and one of
the greatest political acts you can do is lead somebody to Jesus Christ and
that’s what we really want to do by teaching kids the gospel teaching kids
the Bible and then once they have that foundation teaching them all these
biblical principles that they can bring into government a society that is so
awesome I just make me so happy here and all that so how could a teenager who’s
watching this how would they get involved you guys have a website where
would they go www.stlteeneagles.com you can go on there have all the
information you want we always have our meetings on the second Monday of every
month at the pillar foundation if you’re in the st. Louis area we’ve had people
come from Illinois we’ve had people come from all over the state of Missouri you
can come to our meetings they’re always on the second Monday of every month at
the pillar and teen eagles has just been so great and one of the great things
about teen Eagles is the whole family can come it’s not just for teens we want
preteens we want younger kids to come and to learn this so that when the time
comes for them to be involved a Teen Eagles they already have an interest and
an understanding so I encourage you to go to our website and learn more and
we’d love to have you at any event or meeting phenomenal hey thank you so much
for what you’re doing and thank you for being with us thank you mr. Newman

  1. This is very encouraging! I recommend these families study the Reformers of the 16th century. Knox, Zwingli, Tyndale and many others or read James A. Wylie's books for true Christian scholarship and true Bible teachings.

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  3. Thank God for the teen eagles. The socialist are brainwashing kids at a very young age and the eagles are a very much needed to get God grounded fighters of tomorrow.

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