Tax Havens for Politicians only, criminal corp government

This informations just come to hand so she just would like let you quickly know about that. Hi I’m Dr. Marianne DeFurion I’m here tonight because some information has come in to me today that I think you that you may all be very interested in, now a couple of days ago I received an email which I think came through Ken’s, Ken’s newsletter chain and talking about Ian Henke being jailed, now if you know Ian Henke, Ian Henke has been jailed he’s been jailed in Queensland in Brisbane and he has four and a half years jail, one year before parole, and the reason he’s being jailed has been put up in the Courier Mail on the 30th of March now this is the charge, the charge is at a Supreme Court trial in Brisbane last month Ian Sidney Henke 74 of Hastings Victoria and two other men I won’t ahh, anyway David Houston and Brian Fox were found guilty of conspiring to defraud the Commonwealth between 1999 and 2001, they are alleged that they were part of a plan to devise promote or implement a dishonest scheme to strip companies of their assets so they were unable to pay taxes it was alleged a total of fifteen companies took part in the scheme with accounts and Holdings on the Pacific nation of Vanuatu, now I won’t go into all the details because there is a lot of details and I just printed them off tonight to bring them to you and also a note appeared in the Australian Government Taxation Office news as well, on the 30th of March saying three men today were sentenced to over 11 years combined jail time for their involvement in tax fraud worth four point five million Ian Henke etc etc were promoters of asset stripping and through the use of intricate arrangements, Australia will not stand for these types of illegal scheme arrangements (Barnaby Joyce?) the fake tax commissioner said this finding shows scheme promoters that regardless of the type of scheme they use it will be exposed and justice will be served (????) those who participate and promote these schemes burden the majority of Australian taxpayers who do the right thing??? (All tax is voluntary) tax funds vital to the community ?(overseas corporations) and government programs (money laundering) relies upon if you are participating in illegal schemes using overseas tax secrecy jurisdictions (Caymen Islands?) it’s only a matter of time before we find you. (LOL) so that’s what the (Unlawful) Taxation Office says, now what happened to bring about this in reality because this is what we read in the (fake) media okay… Ian Hanke wins the 2004 court case regarding the illegitimacy of the Australian government… A court case against the Australian government has been won in England which PROVES the whole SYSTEM IS ILLEGAL… Now how is this possible? There have been a group of Australians that have been pursuing this case for well over a decade or more perhaps 15 years, private people in fact have put their funds together to try to bring to justice to the whole of the Australian people, to understand what it is about our government that feels wrong, and these people have gone with their own funds off their own batts to do this, and this is what Ian has been doing for many many years… Now what happened they eventually took it into England they even had Geoffrey Robinson on the case, Queen’s Counsel, they pooled their money and I think they paid about eighty thousand dollars for one day of Geoffrey Robertson’s time, now this is what was handed down. The Masters decision of the British High Court in London last week has been reserved delayed has been handed down by the end of next month according to Ian Henke in April 2004 to bring to an end the abnormalities of the Australian Constitution and Legal system, Ian believed at that time the likely outcome is for the case to be referred to the full court consisting of Lord Justices of the British High Court’s etc. It means that the Australian Government will have to finish what Australian Prime Minister Billy Hughes started in 1919, a great opportunity to rid ourselves of all the political manipulation of the taxation systems the courts and put in place a structure that is run by the people, and not as it is now run by political parties and their antics and their mates, there should be no disruption the only people to be inconvenienced will be politicians and bureaucrats, Common Law will continue to be enforced and observed by all decent people, who for so long have seen the tradition of a fair go slip out of their hands… So this is what’s happened, and now Ian is in jail, and I’ve been in contact with his wife today, and she has written to me tonight, just tonight, by the way I’ve known Ian and Fran his wife for 25 years, I think what the best idea would be if anyone is interested to follow this through because the very important thing to get out of this is Ian Henke is basically a political prisoner on behalf of all the people of Australia, he’s 75 years of age this year in July he has a heart condition he’s in jail his pension has been suspended because now why I guess because now he’s a he’s a guest of the Australian government in jail, he’s keeping up his spirits his wife suffered polio mellitus as a child, she is also partially incapacitated they do rely on each other for support and love and she’s written a letter now to the fake government, virtually begging that he be released. I won’t go into this any more I think that you’ve had a beautiful night tonight with his amazing information that I just came in at the last minute to really begin to listen to.. What I would do Ken is I would invite I would invite Francis Henke to come, Ian’s wife she is a journalist she was I believe the, the speechwriter for um, Jeff Kennett actually in the days of the Kennett Government, and she’s a very able speaker in her own right, all right well give me the details later and I’ll speak to her but I did promise her that I would come tonight and at least begin to open the discussion about Ian Henke, he is still alive, he is still well he’s been working on all of our behalf for many years, his house was raided during the period that he was doing research his computers were taken they were followed by people in vehicles, and you know he’s really suffered quite a lot and of course health deteriorates when you are pursued and you are hounded and you are dogged over a long time, when you were trying to research things which, which and it’s just under the radar of virtually everybody else except oneself who’s trying to find the thread to truth and grab on to it and then make it so articulate and so real that you can then show it to other people, and that’s what he’s been doing, my husband said don’t come out tonight but here I am and what I’d like you to do if you don’t mind is perhaps express your interest either to Ken or write your name down at the end of the room there with Josephine and what we’ll do is we should perhaps begin a community getting together, of some intelligence around the subjects that have been pursued… Thank you everybody for your time This Corrupt Corporate Government must be locked UP.


  2. Wayne I have mirrored a few video's of yours with links for people to sub to you. This information is so important, thank you for what you do. Have you got links to this full talk.

  3. There seems to be a lot of criminal activity going on in Australia (Can$$$$$$$$ra) maybe, just maybe we should be looking into bringing back the death penalty, just saying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It might deter these greedy, demonic, treasonous evildoers from sinning here in this beautiful country of OURS. Or maybe we can take THEM off planet, to a place like ohhhhhhh let just say Mars or Saturn.
    Love and Light to the all the decent people on this beautiful planet of OURS…

  4. *TO THE SLEEPING AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC * there are a number of concerned Australian patriots out there that ..without rewards or even recognition working to reestablish our true and legitimate ""Queen's Commonwealth of Australia""….To rid Australians of this corrupt and illegal false parliament… Every Australian is a victim of this ""masquerading ""corporate government …Many with the simple cost of just living … some sadly with their lives ..WAKE UP ….find the true patriots and join and support them …….AUSTRALIA BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE …NOT AN AMERICAN REGISTERED CORPORATION….***JAIL THE IMPOSTER TRAITORS **

  5. HERE IS A QUESTION????WHO ARE THE SHAREHOLDERS IN THE AMERICAN REGISTERED CORPORATION CALLED **THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA..???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. It is said that people that fail to remember the horrors of world history, such as world war 2 are doomed to repeat them mistakes made….. any one out there remember …..nazi Germany coming to a “”democratic “” country soon Your Country
    Lawful Rebellion

  7. F#ck Nielsen Mandela and his cause,bloody Freemason when we have our own, Ian Henki hope.thats how you spell it god bless❤🇦🇺

  8. Don’t steal from the Govt, they hate the competition.
    The Govt know all about illegal tax schemes, they formulate them, use them & jail those who try to copy them.

  9. Government is mind control, and a crime since they are corporations operating for profit, they do not serve the people, tax is legal, legal is the undoing of gods work, legal is unlawful, stuck to law, fuck legislation off, every piece of legislation is a right stolen, it's power being fraudulently moved from the living to the dead, so the people can be controlled and enslaved.

  10. People… (men and women) "acting" in positions, following orders that result in this, for a wage, need to be told to stop and find something creative and not harmful, else have their throats slit and left where they land.

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