1. It's annoying having to read subtitles when you know the host actually speaks english. She'll even do a part in english but still put up with subtitles for her commentary. Fucking annoying. ..that's why I never watch this host. I can bet there's a time in this video where she's speaking english to someone. Guarantee it.

  2. VICE why the fuck did you get a serb to talk about albania? Like there are 3 million Albanians and almost 2 million in Kosovo?! Its like having someone from Vietnam going in US and making a documentary.

  3. This is an English speaking publication and the reporter is clearly capable of speaking English plus the subject is speaking english. Then she goes to narrate and speaks fucking albanian and I have to read subtitles while missing the scenery! Is that laziness on her part?

    I know I should just be happy to have a cool doc to watch.

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