Talking Dems – Kamala Harris Explains Why She Said No to a DACA-for-Wall Deal | The Daily Show

(crowd cheering)
– So, so what’s fun sometimes is, um, we’re done taping now, so. Um.
(audience laughs) Now we can say the real things. – Now we can really talk. – Now we can really get down.
(Kamala laughs) Now we can really get down. I have one question, and
then think of questions that you have as well, and then I’ll come to
you in the audience. Please, like, this is someone
who’s running for president, so don’t be like, “What’s
your favorite color?” Like, think of like,
(audience laughs) a real question, and then
you’ll get to ask it. I have one question
which is a silly one, but it goes to what
we spoke about earlier in terms of like, what
people consider a scandal for everyone who’s not Trump.
– Yeah. – You are on “The
Breakfast Club”, and they ask you if
you’ve ever smoked weed, and you said, “Yes.” And then, someone said to you, “Oh, what music were
you listening to?” Someone said, “What
were you listening to “when you were getting high?” Everyone asks you
like, four questions at the same time.
– Right, right. – And they came
out, and you said, “I listen to Snoop, I listen
to Cardi B, I listen to Tupac,” and then like, Fox
News and stuff came out and they were like,
“There was no Tupac “when you were in college.”
– Yeah, right. It was crazy. It was literally, my
communications team said to me, “There’s this thing
that’s going on out there “that has happened.” And I thought they were joking. I literally thought
they were joking. I don’t, listen, I don’t
know, are people just bored? Or do they not
understand complex issues and so they have to
be distracted by those that really have no difference
in the lives of other people? – I genuinely think it’s that
people have gotten used to it. I think, unlike Trump,
because “regular” politicians, as in normal people, don’t
have the scandals that he does, you don’t have a porn star, so. – Right.
(audience laughs) – We have to focus on Tupac.
– Right. – My part of that, the
scandal for me was, how were you listening to Tupac and enjoying him
as a prosecutor? Because he said some things
about prosecutors in his songs. I was like, “Damn.” Were you never like, personally, offended by any of that?
– No, of course not. – No?
– Tupac, no! I mean it, I mean, Tupac also sang about
the love of a mother. Remember that?
– That’s true, that’s true. “Dear Mama”.
– I mean, “Dear Mama”, right?
– Mm-hmm, that’s true. – I mean, she
would be, you know, she loved him.
– Right. – And so, that was the range
of Tupac, and Tupac also had his Bay Area connection.
(audience cheers) And so there was a pride that
was associated with that, but, Tupac was
prolific, he really was. And he died far too young. I mean, you know, he, it
would be interesting to see where that whole genre
went had he lived longer. – Huh, that’s interesting.
– Because was so smart in the way that he
understood politics, social justice issues, you know, and if you know his
background, I mean, his family was active before.
– Yes, yes. – So, he actually was speaking
to large numbers of people with a historical context, and some idea about where
we should be, but also, really, well-articulate
about the social injustice that was happening at that
moment, which included the war on drugs.
– Right. – Which included what
was going on in terms of massive incarceration of
young black men in particular, and he spoke to that.
– He really did. – And he was right. – Now, I’m imaginging Tupac
just like, around today as like, a businessman. (laughs)
(audience laughs) – I mean, it’d be interesting, right?
– It’d be interesting. No, ’cause a lot of them have
been very like, you know, I mean, you look at how rap
has changed and evolved. You know? Just picture Tupac just
like, in the boardroom. Just being like.
(audience laughs) – Well, you know. I mean, everybody.
– And all my shareholders and my plan is to pay you back. (Kamala laughs) You guys think about
your questions? What do we have?
– “Dear Mama”. – You were jumping up there. You were jumping up hard. – Hi. Right. Yeah. So, that’s an interesting point. Here’s how I would,
how I think about it. First of all, especially to
your point in this moment where we have such
powerful voices that are trying to sow
hate and division among us, I think it’s really important
that we reject that. And we reject it in a way
that also speaks the truth, which is that the
vast majority of us have so much more in common
than what separates us. And I know that to be true, and the way that I think
of it and I talk of it, wherever I go, whatever
the demographic of the group I’m
speaking with, is this. I talk about it
in the context of the middle of the night thought. Some people call it the
three in the morning thought. Other people call the
witching hour, you know? In the middle of the
night, when you wake up, with that thought that’s
been weighing on you, sometimes you wake
up in a cold sweat. – That’s when Trump tweets. – Well.
(audience laughs) Right, and so, for that reason,
some of us wake up just. (Trevor laughs)
Right, exactly. Panicked. But for the vast majority of us, when we wake up in the
middle of the night with that thought, one, it is never through
the lens of the party which we are registered to vote. It is never through the
lens of some demographic a pollster put us in. And for the vast majority of us, when we wake up
thinking that thought, it has to do with one of
just a very few things: our personal health, the
health of our children, our parents. Can I get a good
job, keep a job, pay the bills by the end of
the month, retire with dignity? The vast majority, or students, can I pay those student loans? So many families in America,
can I help my relative get off of the opioids
that have addicted them? The vast majority of us
have so much more in common than what separates us, and so part of how
we get to that place is we start with that as our
premise, and really know it in our heart, in our
mind, in our soul, and then go from there. And it’s gonna be about
unifying the country around the commonalities
that we have. There are certain
people who will never, that be able to take with on
any extreme spectrum, right? But, I’ll tell you, as
another kind of story about the campaign trail. Yesterday, I was
in New Hampshire. And when I was
there, the reporters, the first line of
questioning I got was, “You’re in New Hampshire. “We heard you’re not gonna
come to New Hampshire. “We thought you weren’t
gonna try and compete “in New Hampshire.” And what no one said,
but the inference was, well, the demographic
of New Hampshire is not who you are
in terms of your race and who you are in terms. And I was like, “No, I am
competing in New Hampshire. “I’m gonna be here.” And I’m gonna tell you something to the point of the universality and the commonality
of the message. I got to New Hampshire, Trevor, there was a line
around the block. There were 1500 people who
showed up for our event. – You had an overflow,
we saw that, yeah. – But, but, and what that tells me,
it reinforces for me, the commonality. That the demographics
don’t matter. When it comes down to it, it
is going to be about that, when we’re waking up in
the middle of the night, or at that kitchen table,
you know, after dinner, trying to pay the bills
and get through the week, the biggest issues that
concern us are the same issues. And that is not to say that
we also should not talk about and don’t need to deal with
the issue of race in America, the issue of sexism,
homophobia, transphobia, anti-Semitism, because
those all are real too. And if nobody was
clear about that, then Charlottesville and
the Tree of Life Synagogue and Mother Emmanuel
Church should make
it clear to everybody that we still have
a lot of work to do on those issues as well. But I find that most people, regardless of their demographic, want to have that conversation
and are willing to have that conversation in
our country right now. (audience applauds)
– Let me, um, let’s take one from this side. (audience applauds) Yes, sir? – Yup. Path, and a path. (audience applauds)
– Oh, geez. That’s a great question – Right.
(audience applauds) Right. (audience applauds) So, first of all, Jesus,
thank you for your courage to speak up and speak out at this moment at to
do what you’re doing. (audience applauds) ‘Cause that’s really important. (audience applauds) And I think part of how
we will get to the place that we need to be, but also
the place we’re going to get, history is gonna show that there are a bunch
of people right now who are on the wrong
side of history on this issue of immigration. The reality is that we are
a nation of immigrants. It has been a source
of our strength, and part of the
way that we do it, is that we have a plan,
and we stick to the plan. But we, congress has
not passed a bill around comprehensive
immigration reform, and by every indication,
this president won’t sign it. The way we get there
is we have to pass comprehensive
immigration reform. We have to put in place the
rules that are consistent and equally applied to everyone, around how people get on the
path towards citizenship. How people apply, what
are the qualifications? As you know, this is also not, the immigrant population
coming to the United States is not a monolith. There are people who
come with H1-B visas. There are people who
are DACA like yourself, young people who, you still
have to qualify for DACA. You went through a process,
and you passed that process. That’s why you got
the DACA coverage. And we have to
keep our promises. Part of the failure of
our system right now is that this administration is
not keeping America’s promise to you as a DACA student
or a DACA young person, and we’re not keeping
our promise to who
we are as a nation by having a meaningful
path for citizenship or on comprehensive
immigration reform. But, we have to do is
congress has to act and the president
has to sign the bill. – I’ll ask you one question
to that before you leave. There was a time when the
negotiation landed in and around the wall in exchange for DACA. And it was, give us
this one time payment, and we will give you
DACA in exchange. You were one of the
three senators, I think, who voted against that.
– Yes. – Some would say,
Senator Harris, why wouldn’t you
give Trump his wall in exchange for all of these
people to receive the DACA and to stay in
the United States? – Because I did not agree with
holding these kids ransom. – There you go!
(audience applauds and cheers) – And that’s what that was. That’s what that was. (audience applauds) Period. We made a promise to these kids. He can tell you in a
longer conversation how he went through a
process of answering a multitude of questions about the circumstances
of his arrival, about what kind of life
he is living right now. Is he living a productive life? Has he ever committed a crime? They went through
a whole series, and when they vetted and passed, we told them that they
would receive protection, and one of the most important
aspects of what we told them, is we told them if you answer
these questions to qualify, we will not share that
information with ICE. We will not deport you. That’s what we told
these young people. And now, this administration is prepared to
break that promise and share that
information with ICE. That is wrong, and I’m
not gonna support that. I’m not gonna support that, and that’s why I
voted against it. (audience applauds) (upbeat music)

  1. Jesus should vote for Trump–he is in favor of merit based immigration. An honest, hard-working person who wants to learn the system, language and benefit the country would do well. Someone who wants to game the system, not assimilate, and has little to offer should be kept out. Kamala seems to go around the questions.

  2. I don’t like that Kamala is saying she is a black women when she’s a biracial women. Her mother is Indian and her father is Jamaican. Then she talks about 2pac in the interview. It nice to she that a woc is running for president but not if u aren’t gonna be true to who u are.

    In my opinion Barrak Obama wasn’t our first black president because he is biracial technically. Even though he’s been discriminated as a black person that doesn’t change genetics. Don’t get me wrong Barbra was a good president but technically he wasn’t black. I think Kamala expressing her love for 2pac and claiming she’s black is how she appeals to black voters. I just think we should stop saying that she’s black if she is biracial.

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  8. She’s basically Hillary Clinton in blackface, charmless in every way and overinvested in identity politics.


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    Kamala is a fake corporate eshtablisment Hitlary supporter

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  31. Is Trevor kissing up to Harris because she is a female and black? I mean when you look at her history as a prosecutor she was horrible to black people and yet he is kissing her ass. I swear Trevor is getting to be a bitch when it comes to speaking to the black community and the rich community…gee isn't he in both of those categories? I thought he was different but he is getting more and more establishment. I used to wait for his new uploads and now I watch and I am wondering WTF is he thinking? Harris was pulled out and brushed up in 2016 to run against Bernie because of HRC doing such a shitty job against donnie but they didn't want Bernie who was so loved to be still viable so they wanted someone who would still cover for Wall Street where she gets her money even after she inhaled the weed, even while Wall Street was snorting coke nd getting freebies from the government. She was putting people in jail for weed and keeping them in jail for cheap labor and cash bonds for poor people who can't afford them. She is a c*nt like HRC is. Don't like either of them because their policies are the same.she is smart so she can talk around some things but she is still garbage just like HRC and donnie. Sure they are different types of garbage but they all deserve to be in landfills. Where is your head Trevor? You are so transparent with your guests, when you have certain ones on that you can see which ones you want to be humping their legs just like donnie humps the flag.

  32. God I hate listening to Kamala Harris speak.
    She made a good point about the fact that Charlottesville and the Tree of Life Synagogue makes it obvious racism still exists. But other than that, I'm just like "ANSWER THE QUESTION! STOP THE "I'm a normal person just like you, sitting around the kitchen table, coming up with ideas in the early hours of the morning" and the "We need to keep our promises""That's not to say racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia isn't important" generality gobbledygook BS.
    We live in the age of Trump, no one needs to speak that way anymore. What that says to the American public is "you're dumb enough to think I suffer the same problems as everyday Americans" and " you're dumb enough to think that just by saying these issues are important, that you'll believe I actually think these issues are important". And I'm not saying she isn't like ordinary Americans or that she isn't concerned about these problems, that she doesn't have a plan. It's just the natural thought is, "Why are you trying so hard to communicate you're like everyday Americans? Is it because you're not like everyday Americans? Why are you trying so hard to communicate that you care about these issues? Is it because you don't actually care about these issues?" It reeks of insecurity and unauthenticity. Trump won BECAUSE he wasn't trying so hard to try to demonstrate to the public that he's like everyday Americans or that he cares about these issues. It's why he gets away with sounding authentic while lying his ass off.
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