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Jordan Peterson; Pathology of ideological possession

August 1, 2019 at 7:10 am | Articles | Colt Stanton -

I don't think that equality of opportunity is a problem I think that's a great thing and that anyone with any sense champions equality of opportunity I mean even if you're purely selfish say and purely self-centered you'd want to set up an economy where everyone who had ability could be maximally exploited by everyone

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“Jordan Peterson; Pathology of ideological possession”

How to deal with the Ideologically Possessed – Jordan Peterson

July 28, 2019 at 1:46 pm | Articles | Colt Stanton -

that's another thing that's quite interesting about the story you know it also makes the case that if you replace your voice with stupid braying that the probability that you're going to become enslaved by a tyrant is extraordinarily high and I always can't help but think about idiot idiot logs in that manner you

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“How to deal with the Ideologically Possessed – Jordan Peterson”

Liberals Awaken to COMMUNISM & Truth BOMBS #TheGreatAwakening #FreeCountyProject

at 10:33 am | Articles | Colt Stanton -

that terrifies the New World Order the concept that I could be sheriff in this county and allow people to govern themselves and if they have some question basically just educate them on how to govern themselves is all um all I want to do yo yo this is Vince Edwards from the movie 8

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“Liberals Awaken to COMMUNISM & Truth BOMBS #TheGreatAwakening #FreeCountyProject”

A Brief History of Communism and the Tyranny of its Politics | China Uncensored

June 18, 2019 at 12:47 am | Articles | Colt Stanton -

本集《中國解密》: 今年是十月革命 一百週年! 來辦個派對吧! 共產派對 不過別把錢帶出門 生財工具也別帶 說真的,任何你想留著的東西都別帶 歡迎收看《中國解密》 我是主持人 Chris Chappell 無情的歷史巨輪持續前行 直到共產主義無可避免的取代一切 或民主取代一切 我敢肯定是其中之一 或機器人統治世界 好吧,絕對是這三者當中的一個 所以…我們都知道,共產主義 一直以來都非常成功 好吧,或許在這些地方不是 但至少在這些地方很成功 請拜訪美麗的北韓! 你永遠不會離開 說真的,可能會不准你離開 所以共產主義: 極為成功 至少如果你指的是粉碎事物方面的話 總之,2017 年是十月革命 一百週年 這是第一次沒有立刻失敗 的共產黨起義 事實上,這場起義導致 蘇聯的創立 並維持了 70 年才宣告失敗 儘管如此,依舊有些人 想知道共產主義是否能夠 「如鳳凰一般從歷史的灰燼中復活」 在回顧共產主義歷史時 這篇報導「順便」省略了 在共產主義統治下 所發生的死亡與破壞 而卻想知道共產主義能否重生 不是舊古拉格勞改式的共產主義 而是個全新又很酷的共產主義 這篇報導刊登的同一週 《紐約時報》的時尚專欄好像也發表了 「木勒頭 (Mullet) 頭的歸來」 因此為了紀念俄國十月革命 一百週年這個重要時刻

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“A Brief History of Communism and the Tyranny of its Politics | China Uncensored”