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15 Tricks Advertisers Use To Manipulate You Every Day

June 18, 2019 at 2:41 pm | Articles | Colt Stanton -

planet dolan advertisers all about trying to get into your head and create subliminal ideas without you noticing how can they do that without even saying infant ear here 15 of the sneakiest tricks being used to manipulate you into buying things every single day i'm danger dolan and today i will be your narrator

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“15 Tricks Advertisers Use To Manipulate You Every Day”

Prescription Drug Advertisement Compilation

at 12:19 am | Articles | Colt Stanton -

vilify five hits with advair pressed or cymbalta unrolled humor Intermezzo love Aamir flex pan lyrica ADHD it's my depression COPD but your erectile dysfunction bad cholesterol depression mutter it to severe plaque psoriasis middle-of-the-night insomnia high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes fibromyalgia chronic widespread pain it's not for everyone Cressler is

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“Prescription Drug Advertisement Compilation”

Very First Cap'n Crunch Cereal Commercial – 1965 – Vintage Advertising

at 8:35 am | Articles | Colt Stanton -

I cool light the old campfire cut the marshmallows it's sing-along times can't fire on a boat wouldn't that be dangerous hmm I didn't thought of that Oh Oh let's sing anyway c-dawg Oh sing a song a camp run material that's fun too much grateful sing the story even lunch no ma knows no

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“Very First Cap'n Crunch Cereal Commercial – 1965 – Vintage Advertising”

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Political Interview Fails

at 3:59 am | Articles | Colt Stanton -

some people cannot handle pressure welcome to watchmojo.com and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten political interview fails before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list we're looking at the most awkward cringe-worthy interviews conducted with politicians where

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“Top 10 Most Embarrassing Political Interview Fails”