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Coco Peru Interviews Jane Fonda: "Newsroom and Aaron Sorkin" (2/4) | LA LGBT Center

at 6:18 am | Articles | Colt Stanton -

now you're on Allen Sorkin's HBO show the newsroom you play a CEO of the network Leona Lansing which is based on well it's named after Leona Helmsley Helmsley a very Lansing but it's really Rupert Murdoch marinated in Ted Turner right you know I just I'm a lot of people have said watching you

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“Coco Peru Interviews Jane Fonda: "Newsroom and Aaron Sorkin" (2/4) | LA LGBT Center”

2019년 6월 13일 (목) 뉴스룸 다시보기 – 홍콩 시위 최소 79명 다쳐…신냉전 '불씨'

at 7:06 pm | Articles | Colt Stanton -

어제 있었던 홍콩 100 유물 12 현장에서 적어도 일은 9명이 다졌습니다 경찰의 과잉 진압하는 장면도 공개된 가운데 꽁꽁 시비가 미국과 중국의 10 냉전의 또 다른 불씨가 되고 있습니다 허 블라 4호를 건져올린 이후 한국인 실종자 한 명을 더 찾았습니다 한국과 헝가리 시작 대원들은 남은 실종자 3명을 찾기 위해서 전체 내부를 함께 수색하고 있습니다 물 검찰총장에

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“2019년 6월 13일 (목) 뉴스룸 다시보기 – 홍콩 시위 최소 79명 다쳐…신냉전 '불씨'”

Newsroom, 31 August 2017

at 12:54 pm | Articles | Colt Stanton -

[Applause] that's the last day of woman's month the final day of winter they tell us it's a warm day yeah as you can see 27 degrees on a half of my soft aalverson Kendall well we're feeling the heat a little bit we're feeling the heat gentlemen but it's also feeling the heat of

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“Newsroom, 31 August 2017”

Newsroom, 29 November 2017

at 8:39 am | Articles | Colt Stanton -

[Applause] 900 hours central of Agra time here on the newsroom Jambo Africa I'm almost whistling Hindle Maha Mataji minima height will be with you until 12 o'clock today now the focus today than 60 days of activism against gender-based violence in an international campaign to show the violence against women and girls absolutely and

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“Newsroom, 29 November 2017”