Symptoms of Addiction

Symptoms of Use:

  • needle marks on the skin in some cases (called “tracks”)
  • scars from skin abscesses
  • rapid heart rate
  • constricted pupils (pinpoint)
  • relaxed and/or euphoric state (“nodding”)
  • coma, respiratory depression leading to coma and death in high doses

Symptoms of withdrawal:

  • anxiety and difficulty sleeping
  • sweating/excessive sweating
  • goose bumps (piloerection)
  • runny nose (rhinorrhea)
  • kratom stomach cramps or diarrhea
  • dilated pupils
  • nausea and vomiting
  • increase in blood pressure, pulse, and temperature

Central Nervous System Stimulants

Symptoms of cocaine use:

  • euphoria (exaggerated feeling of well-being)
  • dilated pupils
  • rapid heart rate
  • restlessness and hyperactivity

Symptoms of cocaine withdrawal:

  • fatigue and malaise
  • depression
  • vivid and unpleasant dreams

Central Nervous System Depressants

Symptoms of alcohol use:

  • slurred speech
  • lack of coordination
  • decreased attention span
  • impaired judgment

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal:

  • anxiety tremors
  • seizures
  • increase in blood pressure, pulse, and temperature
  • delirium


Symptoms of LSD use:

  • anxiety
  • frightening hallucinations
  • paranoid delusions
  • blurred vision
  • dilated pupils
  • tremor

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