Sustainability Awards 2015: Landscaping division

The core function of the department is to carry out maintenance of all the University landscapes. Biodiversity and sustainability are key
elements of that. We have award from the Royal
Horticultural Society for the sustainable landscape at Pollock Halls, so I think that’s recognition that we’re
achieving this. We’ve entered the Sustainability Awards every year from inception to now. Sustainability in the landscape is very close to our hearts, everybody in
the section buys into this in a big way. It’s what we do. Obviously over time the landscape ages so we have a rolling program whereby old
or tired pieces of the landscape are rejuvenated. The staff more and more take ownership of areas that are close to them, and if they see
something that can be improved they quite often will come and say “can we
make this better, we’d like to use it more”. This year we have partnered with 2
Sustainability Awards teams to rejuvenate their outdoor spaces at
their offices benefitting biodiversity and staff well-being. Before in the garden it
was very sort of barren it was a bit of a wasteland, it was a bit of a dumping
ground. The space now has been planted with
all these nectar rich plants, so once all the plants have grown we will
hope to put out some decking and make and it a nicer area for people to come and sit. I mean just because we work in an office doesn’t mean we have to actually work inside the office… It will encourage people to come out, get a bit of sun, enjoy the weather and not feeling kinda contained inside. The project that we’ve got going for this year is called “green spaces”. The green space at the moment isn’t
necessarily green, it’s a lot of concrete and its kinda overgrown with weeds… But we anticipate kinda putting new bedding in and making it more attractive for
wildlife and just a better, nice a place to look at. I enjoy this job enormously, I think this
is probably… the best job I’ve ever had! The estate in my time here has expanded and the future looks like that there will be more of that. So we’re looking forward to create an environment that the students
and staff and visitors can find interesting. But we
also hope that the staff will make use of it and we hope obviously that they enjoy it and appreciate it.

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