Sussex staff ‘redeployed’ as Meghan stays longer than expected in Canada

members of staff employed by the Duke
and Duchess of Sussex at their Frogmore cottage residents are being redeployed a
source close to the couple told CNN on Friday raising questions about the Royal
pair’s plans for the future in quiet periods staff are often redeployed
elsewhere around the estate the source told CNN after reports emerged in the
British press Friday claiming that Harry and Meghan had let go of members of
staff as they prepare to settle in Canada no members of staff have been let
go the source confirmed CNN was told last week that the Duchess was expected
back in London in a matter of days but new pictures in the British press show
that she’s still in Canada suggesting the plan has changed
questions have been raised over whether the couple are intending to live
together in the UK for any length of time for whether they are planning to
resettle in North America their surprise announcement last week that they are
stepping back from their roles as senior members of the royal family has left the
institution reeling Harry attended crunch talks with the Queen and other
members of the family on Monday but a source told CNN that Meghan did not dial
into that meeting from Canada which she had previously been expected to do the
couple ultimately planned to split their time between Canada and the United
Kingdom but will live at Frogmore with the Queen’s permission in the short term
they spent 2.4 million pounds about 3 million dollars of British taxpayers
money on renovations to the cottage according to figures released last year


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