Study in the Czech Republic

You can come to Czech Republic
and enjoy it as a tourist, which, to be honest, is not as good as if you come here to study,
because that is awesome! There is 70 different schools
you can choose from and more than thousand different
degree programs you can pick and don’t worry,
you’re not gonna be by yourself here, there are more than
40,000 foreign students. This is Charles University in Prague. It’s the oldest university in
Central Europe, almost 700 years old, but it’s not the only one
we have in the country. [Music] Do you like this view? Well, you can enjoy it here
with masses of tourists or you can just enjoy it by yourself. For example here at the Academy of Arts. [Music] Dude, this is epic! I was a great student. That’s why I can be your guide. [Music] If you decide to come to study to Czech
Republic, I suggest you come for the spring but also for the summer and
autumn and winter and then spring again. Well to be honest I thought that
university students are much older but you know some kids are really smart here. [Music] – So it’s completely safe?
– From here it’s safe, yeah. We’re at the Faculty of
Electrical Engineering and we’re about to see some magic. Wanna burn some calories?
Come to the library! I just burned one calorie, three calories… [Music] I wish that the library had
Super Mario Brothers videogame. [Music] Mom, I can’t right now, I’m at the library. One faculty, another faculty, another
school, another faculty a library. So you may have the idea that we’re like
separated on a campus but we’re actually within the city. Here we are at the University of Economics and I’m going to show you around here and… Honza! Eyes up here. [Music] Right now the lesson is about why in Czech Republic beer is cheaper than water. It’s a very sophisticated economic system. [Music] School cafeterias can look like this,
or like this, … And the prices are pretty good.
You can get a full-size meal for 3 euros or just a soup for 1 euro. And as a student in Czech Republic
you can go to student clubs like this one. One beer – not even a euro. [Music] So how much does it actually cost to
study in Czech Republic? Well the prices vary a lot,
so you got to look this up. You can even apply for a scholarship or you can do one of those Erasmus programmes. If you want to study for free like I did, you got to learn Czech first and then at
public and state universities you can do that. Czech Republic is right here, we’re
in the heart of Europe. Two hours by car train or bus any direction will get you
to a different country which is awesome. So every weekend you can travel around. We are the sixth safest country in the world
to live and to study in. And we are really open and welcoming
to students from abroad. Well by now you should already be convinced to study in the Czech Republic which is also the name of
an initiative that takes care of that. If you have any follow-up questions
you can find answers for those on or just go to their Facebook, post your question and I’m sure
you’ll get a reply very soon. And now some Czech words regarding studying in the Czech Republic: student –>student
university –>univerzita school –>skola
See, Czech is so simple!

  1. Hello! I have been trying to research places to study Tourism and Hospitality in Prague for a Bachelors degree, but can't seem to find anything! I need to study in English because my Czech is not good! Could you please refer me to some resources or even universities. Thank you!!

  2. Dearly, i develop the interest to pursue my study in Agriculture,Degree program in Czech. I'm South Sudanese, please assure me how i go about.

  3. Hello ! , I am a student , I would like to continue my studies in the Czech Republic. I just want to know about universities . Most of them ask for a prepayment to study the preparatory year. Are there any universities that give admission and payment in the Czech Republic because there is a possibility to refuse the visa? thank you in advance

  4. If you hate yourself, come study in Czech. I’m a medical student here and it’s absolutely shit. They don’t care about their international students, their English is trash, and they treat you like garbage. Don’t come, you’ll regret it.

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