Struggling Republicans Think ANOTHER Tax Cut Will Save Their Jobs In 2020

Republicans right now in Congress and the
Senate are a little bit scared. They’re scared of what’s going to happen to
them in the 2020 elections. Not only have they all decided to, you know,
hitch their wagons to Donald Trump, which is going to cost a lot of them dearly, but
they also in general are horrible politicians who their constituents now know are horrible
politicians should they’re trying to come up with something to offer people to say,
Hey, we may not have good ideas like the progressive democratic socialists, but we got one idea
for you and one idea only. We want to cut your taxes and I’m not speaking
in hyperbole right now. That is actually the plan that is being discussed
with the white house and Republican members of Congress according to staffers for Republican
Mark Meadows who spoke to the Washington post and they said that absolutely Republicans
are working on tax cut 2.0 because they think that’s going to save them in the 2020 election. Now, just to recap, the tax cuts and jobs
package that they, uh, released or passed at the end of December, 2017 has done nothing
to stimulate the economy. It has done nothing to give average workers
a raise, which Paul Ryan and Donald Trump both said we’d get between four and $9,000
a year. But it turns out a lot of us are actually
paying even more in taxes. So we got doubly screwed on the deal. We didn’t make money. We lost money on that plan from the Republicans. People understand that uh close to 90% of
the tax cuts actually went to those at the top. Everybody knows this. Even Republican voters, they are willing to
admit, yeah, I didn’t get a tax cut. This whole thing was a lie. And Republicans in Congress are responding
by saying, you know what? Let’s do it again. Let’s do it again. Let’s just cut taxes. And it just further proves what I have been
saying forever. And that is Republicans haven’t had an original
idea since the 1980s. Everything that has come up, every problem
Republican’s face, their answer is, let’s cut taxes. Let’s cut taxes. These are the dumbest people we could ever
possibly have representing us in Congress because this is the only thing they know how
to do. They are facing utter annihilation according
to the latest polls, which they will change eventually, but they are facing annihilation
in 2020 in all they can think of is, what if we could taxes again, this sounds like
good idea, right? People like that. No. The problem with Republican politicians is
that they think their constituents are even stupider than they are and they’re not. Maybe there was a time when they were, maybe
there was a time when voters out there could be hoodwinked. Course that was an era before the age of information
that we’re currently living in where you didn’t have YouTube explaining to you why the tax
cuts didn’t help you. You didn’t have Twitter telling you that Republicans
are lying to you. You didn’t have Facebook doing a really horrible
job of fact-checking, but nonetheless, people have access to information right now and they’re
using it to finally come to grips with the reality that Republicans have no ideas and
they have no desire to develop any new ideas. And that, to me, is the worst part of that story.

  1. They're just trying to take as much money from the poor and middle class as they can before the blue wave sweeps then up next year.

  2. When will the average American realize when most politicians talk about tax cuts and helping the American people, they are only talking about the 1%? Truth be told, unless you are writing politicians a check, they don't care about you. When a wealthy person says they care about the 99%, that is really code for I'd like to keep all my stuff by giving you a few scraps…

  3. Republicans, Hope is eternal and the voters aren't buying what you're selling . Your tax deals are like you- a has been ,

  4. P.s Repubs when We the Voters find out where you our your money – stocks, and who your contributors are, we consumers might just boycott those businesses.

  5. Makes sense. When something doesn't work, keep doing the same thing.
    I'm guessing the Republican playbook had only 1 page.

  6. Hey, that's not fair. Republicans don't just only cut taxes. They also cut bureaucratic red tape like labor laws and environmental protections

  7. They also do a few other things aside if cutting tax for the wealthy, they are all about allowing huge corporations to openly dump toxic chemicals openly into the environment so they don't have to spend money disposing of it properly, they are all about allowing huge corporations to rape the land and leave smoldering lifeless holes everywhere, they are 100% in favor of removing regulations that were put in place to stop the banks from crashing the world economy AGAIN! They complain about a single mother getting $500 a month to help her feed her children yet don't say a single word about giving 100's of millions of dollars away fir FREE to oil companies who posted record profits for years on end, they are oh so eager to send other people's children to far off lands to get blown up and shot to hell & back while then call them leeches while claiming they are costing too much when they get back and need endless medical help and therapy to recover from their wounds, yet strangely enough for Republicans, not a single one of their children end up in the front lines, EVER!
    They now openly support a president who sings the praises of communist despotic dictators and how great they are while also denigrating our own national security outfits and federal law enforcement agencies and takes the word of a Russian thug who he can't say enough good things about. What use are they?

  8. Fuck you cuck farron ..please stop spreading your propaganda and options .. We will vote TRUMP 2020 …CRY THOSE LIBELAL TEARS IN A NEW MARK DICE LIBERAL TEARS COFFEE MUG or get a new trump 2020 T shirt !!

  9. How many more times will the Repubs get away w pulling these deficit building 'Trickle-Down' BS tax scams before these dolts finally catch on?! It's been debunked a thousand times over the past 30 years. Trumpanzee's are loath to admit they were doing far better under President Clinton and later Obama than they ever could under a 1% coddling, union busting, wage lowering, benefit slashing LIAR like Reagan, W Bush, or Fuhrer Trumpler. If any of those useless Repubs hadn't left a badly neglected, or complete train wreck economy when they left office America would have been much better still. Keep voting for the party that makes life harder for the middle class, and you'll keep struggling. Or as good old Forest Gump once said – "Stupid is as stupid does".

  10. I hate to say it, but a tax cut might work as an electoral strategy if they actually give it to the working class. It would be a terribly short-sighted Hail Mary pass, with devastating economic consequences, but what else do they have to offer? I hope progressives rise to the top and make a good enough case so the swing voters think: "Thanks for the check. I'll cash it, but I still want Medicare for all."

  11. Silly little window lickers think they can keep lying and putting it on the working people or worse the retired and disabled because if there's anything they hate is anyone dare think they are supposed to ever get a penny back because it's their sludge fund not our retired income fund they tell you when they are collecting it for a life time of working for 50 plus weeks a year. While they give themselves raises that are at about 200.000.00 a half of year. Talk about entitlements.

  12. The only people I think will fall for this is
    1 people who are in the dump colt ( because they all believe anything that dump says no matter what it is)
    2 people who don't have a computer or smartphone or no how to use one
    But that's just what I think anyway

  13. The top 10% only own 84% of the stock market… we need to get that figure up to 90%, so then the wealth can REALLY "trickle down"

  14. The Repubs.are pretty much a one trick pony.Stimulate the rich to make sure the rest have a chance to make a better living.Decrease interest to sucker in speculators while lending predatory money,with little basis of assets to back up or insure the loan.If economy goes busto ,another ,,"fire" sale occurs of distressed or bankrupt property,which the wealthy have plenty of accrued cash to buy up at a huge discount.Big tax cuts to them amount to huge savings accounts not much stimulation for an economy.If it all works out it'll be another 07-09 smash and grab of assets,and big bailouts for the Biggies.and a stupid, very expensive lesson again for the little guy.Military Industrial machine will do well regardless.Deficit and Natl.debt don't seem to matter to "conservitudes"

  15. How blind and stupid these trump ass lickers are to think the tax cuts given by republiCons are for them. How cute,… must be nice to live in never never land,……

    The tax cuts are ALWAYS for the rich, not us little people. And that includes you trumptards too, whether you want to admit it or not.
    If you are benefitting from it, you're one of two things, you're a 1%er, or you still live in the sticks in Kentucky diddling your sister in the shed where you make your moonshine to make ends meet in this "great economy"!!😃🤨

  16. The Republican plan was to lower the tax withholdings on employees. Which made people think they got a pay raise. But end of year everyone noticed that their tax refund was substantially lower or they even had to pay some tax.
    What a sham.

  17. Farron, Republicans have plenty of ideas. Ideas on how to screw us and enrich their corporate masters. Ideas on how to enrich the war machine. Ideas on how to destroy the environment. Ideas on how to cheat the election system. Ideas on how to make schools worse. Ideas on how to take away healthcare and Social Security and eventually our pensions and 401K's. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. They are NOT stupid. There ARE many Democrats that are the same too. Just not ALL of them.

  18. When you give it to the rich like Trump does, it's capitalism, when you give it to the poor like Bernie will, it's socialism ..

  19. So how much is this next round going to add to the deficit which only mattered to GOP hacks when Obama was in office !???

  20. Republicans haven't had an original thought since Calvin Coolidge.

    Republicans remind me of Chris Rock's Uncle who thought the answer to every ill was Robitussin. Got the gout, break out the Tussin! Got the shingles, break out the Tussin! Got the aids, break out the Tussin! Tussin, Tussin Tussin!

  21. Wake up, America! republiKKKans HATE YOU!! Vote SMART, because you CAN'T FIX STUPID!!!
    SAVE AMERICA! KILL A republiKKKan today!

  22. Far cry 3 said it best. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  23. No, everybody shut up. Everybody shut the fuck up. There is no any other reason. There is no "horrible human being" there is no "greedy people". there is no reason at all, there is only these two words. Repeat after me: CORPORATE ACTORS.

  24. Republicans sure know how to give money away to their rich pals, but meanwhile they claim Social Security is going broke and claim there's no money to pay for Medicare for all.

  25. Cutting taxes, spend more on military. Where's the money coming from to pay for the military? Time for the Republican party to go.

  26. The DUMBEST are the voters that continue to vote against their own interests. Repugs care only about their big money doners. And DAMN working people and the poor.

  27. Trump supporters say this is the best economy ever. I disagree. Food, shelter, and clothing costs are astronomical. Inflation is killing us. And the high deficit and volatile stock market are concerning. Student loan debt and outrageously expensive vehicle upkeep are also silent killers of the wallet. Best economy? Hardly.

  28. No, it's just another bribe to the rich donors so they stick with republicans, because "OMG, evil socialists will tax you, give us money so we can run ads 24/7 on how rich are the most oppressed group ever". Nobody would ever wanna be rich, they face so much persecution:(

  29. Fiscal conservative 101. Cut tax's to the rich, blow up the deficit, fuck up the economy, blame the Democratic party. Repeat.

  30. It is a set up for the first thing they want to do in 2021: Cut Social Security because they suddenly need to pay for the tax cuts.

  31. Geezus, if they do try to give tax cuts the dems shouldn't fight it but loudly support it. I remember shortly after Bush was elected (re-elected) hearing people in the mall bathroom talking about how happy they were they voted for Bush cause they got a couple hundred extra in taxes. Some shorted greedy people will vote for money in their own pockets and be happy they did it.

    Maybe be people are smarter than that, maybe they aren't. I wouldn't risk it, Dems. Please don't risk it. We barely survived 3 years of Trump and have one more to go, we can't do 4 more. We will end up in a war for oil, an official police state, and who knows what else.

  32. Nonnonono to Republicans all they did was for themselves let the businessmen vote we working class will vote for someone who will for the working class

  33. As if George W. Bush wasn't bad enough…senile cowboys from Montana directing US foreign & war policies, bible thumperz directing the DOJ, white supremacists laying out immigration policies and failed businessmen by the handful plotting our economic course…Gee, what's the worst that could happen? Well, the 2008 crash was the end result…And then voters listened to Fox 'news' and went – "Let's put the republicans BACK in charge of the US gov…what's the worst that could happen?" AGAIN! People never learn…just install the same jackasses with different names – Wilbur Ross, Peter Navarro, Jared Kushner, Bill Barr, Stephen Miller…to run the country into the dirt…with Trump waving the starz n' stripes…


  35. Rethugly plan: Tell 'em to fear socalism. " Thier coming for your guns" yeah right. Too bad the Faux snooz TruDump zombies lap up all this Bullsh*t then ask for more.

  36. "Their constituents know that (the Republicans) are horrible politicians."

    And the bad news is that their constituents will vote for them anyway.

  37. Republicans can’t even claim ignorance anymore with these tax cuts… Republicans are beholden to their donors and totally corrupt… Just what the rich need another massive tax cut… The first one was a SCAM… Here’s comes SCAM 2.0

  38. Another "Cunt Cunt Cunt" Act! Hey, Donny boy, you can have plenty of holes-in-one(pornstar) again! Get the clap for real!

  39. Apparently, the Republican(t)s have NOT removed their heads from tRump's "Alternative Reality" as they are stuck in his "Black Hole of Corruption" ! The Human Centipede CONtinues!

  40. I'd like to know how they expect to pay the Country's bills if they're not bringing in revenue. That's right take more from the working class and poor.

  41. Republicans plan seems to be, "We just stomped on your wallets! Vote for us, and we'll do it again cause you know you want it!"

  42. The Two Santa Claus Theory The "Two Santa Claus Theory" recommends that the Republicans must assume the role of a second Santa Claus by not arguing to cut spending but offering the option of cutting taxes. They want to increase spending and than when a Democrat is in WH they would scream that the spending is very high! SHAME!

  43. They don't care as much as you seem to assume. They're all millionaires already and every tax cut is just writing themselves a check. Sure they'd love to keep pulling a huge government check for literally refusing to do their jobs, but retiring with their mansions and yachts isn't the end of the world for them.

  44. I am not a Republican, so my voice hasn't even a snowball's chance, but if I were looking for a reason to support a Republican over a Democrat it would be over a repeal of that massive tax cut to billionaires and corporations.
    Why can't Republicans put country ahead of donors and do something that benefits ALL their constituents and not just a small handful?
    Trickle down economics has never worked, and it endangers the security of the country….yet everytime a Republican president gets elected he pulls out all the stops to re-enact this disaster.
    I would gladly keep my taxes at their current rate if Republicans came to their senses and became fiscally responsible again.

  45. I'm hoping Republicans have finally underestimated the gullibility of the electorate. I'm not counting on it. Americans up to the present moment have not resisted being lied to and let down by their elected representatives. Unless Americans have wised up the Republicans will stick it to them again, again and again .

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