Stricter border control inevitable to ensure Koreans’ safety: President Moon

president when Jane explained today that
tighter border controls will be inevitable to protect citizens the South
Korean leader also called for close cooperation with China packaging shares
with us his remarks president one Jean assured the public again Monday that his
administration is doing all it can to tackle the new coronavirus through its
remarks in a meeting with its top aides salon she’s acted immorally da romano
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Korean government announced a ban on the entry of foreigners who’ve recently been
to China’s Hubei Province effective Tuesday president moon said it was an
unavoidable step to ensure the safety of the Korean people which she said is a
higher priority than the economy say akuto community because oksana Maki yeah
Diane certainly the butcher and you know true coconut or chilled shisha was
enough to bury some children on Monday coordinator Han is she Jeju certainly
book some Junction done come on to the unfortunate ah but referring to
China as Korea’s biggest partner for human exchanges and trade the president
emphasized the importance of fully supporting the country’s efforts to
overcome the crisis there have been concerns that such a drastic measure
could negatively affect Seoul Beijing relations but president moon stands
appears to be that while cooperation is essential in resolving the issue the
nation must do what it can for its own people and he against rusting points of
deploying all possible quarantine measures in a four way to prevent
secondary infection this especially applies to public facilities used by
children like nurseries and schools the crisis will pose a challenge for
president Mun especially with the general election coming up in April
effective containment of the outbreak at an early stage will no doubt be an
important task for the moon administration with public anxiety
rising by the day PACA tonight on news


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