Stossel Communism and Capitalism

have you got your check of our t-shirt yet I've got mine here isn't it cool except it shouldn't be Guevara in the name of communism killed lots of people he said we must eliminate all newspapers we cannot make a revolution with a Free Press aren't we Americans supposed to favor a Free Press three years later after Guevara helped Castro take power he said we executed many people by firing squad without knowing if they are fully guilty he killed people without knowing if they were guilty in any way guilty of what believing in capitalism owning a farm it said that che and his gangs killed thousands of people and yet if you go to an American teachers union protest you see people wearing shirts like this who's on your shirt che guevara yeah can you tell me a little bit about chase a good role model what is she thinking Michael Mahon Rhett's about this for the daily beast what what she I have no idea what she's thinking because the first thing to say is he didn't fight for labor rights the Cuban government outlawed independent labor unions when they came to power in 1959 Che Guevara you know within a few years set up the labor camps and the penal colonies that we saw up and told me still see them now I mean they're slightly reduced but and they're not as brutal as they once were but they're still pretty blue brutal and you know Guevara was essentially the executioner that pulled people that were considered counter revolutionaries and so why is he on all these t-shirts you know it's it's an amazing thing we have a picture of this famous model Giselle Bundchen yeah wearing che swimwear here mrs. Tom Brady yeah and I suspect they probably have a lot of money that would be expropriated by Che Guevara if you had the chance no I mean it's become this sort of popular thing and you see people like Carlos Santana the musician going to an award show with a Che Guevara shirt on not really realizing the most basic things that Che Guevara that he's good-looking he is a handsome guy but he was also band music that was considered capitalist and decadent like the Beatles in Cuba in the early 1960s so these people have no idea what they're talking about and they say well he's a revolutionary and you know he fought for poor people etc knew he actually required by his ideological fanaticism that a country Cuba remained poor from 1959 to today if you go on Twitter talk about Cuba people talk about oh they're all literature yeah two things you always hear is literacy in health care the first thing is you know the literacy rate which is supposedly 99 percent those numbers we get from the Cuban government by the way and I they're not a very trustworthy source second of all you know what is the point of full literacy if you are not allowed to what you want if you have to read the turgid speeches of Fidel and Raul Castro and you know that's what your literacy gets you if you want to go to a library in central Havana and get a copy of 1984 good luck in 1959 when the Cuban Communist took over they overthrew a brutal and vicious dictatorship of the Batista regime that said that the starting point in Cuba literacy seventy to eighty percent already was fairly high and they didn't have too far to go but this is always what is said will you know who cares about lack of a free press they have health care and they have and they have illiteracy there's this hugely popular Travel Guide Lonely Planet Cuba retains a refreshing preserved quality it's a space that serves as a beacon for the future universal education health care and housing are rights people the world over want a beacon for the future it's a Museum of the past is what it is a beacon for the future the reason there are cute old cars there is because the country is bankrupt internet access is that is that quaint that there's no internet we're not polluted by Twitter and all this yet no they don't have a common central is popular in in Hollywood you've got in Perot Cameron Diaz had carried a bag with a mouse slogan on it yeah the Maoist rebellion in Peru killed 70,000 yeah the Shining Path I mean I like I would say I'm gonna cut Cameron Diaz a tiny bit of slack and just I chuck most of this stuff up to ignorance these people that do this tend to be you know it's extremely well wealthy and I think if you went and took all their money and it's it's also the concept of calm you we're all in this together yeah yeah well it is the idea of communism is a very simple one we should all share everything and then we all get everything it's simple thing try explaining sort of liberal economics classical liberal it's very complicated that's what we try to do I that's why this show it's not working in terms of the positive view of capitalism it's not just the young people who don't get it aged 30 to 49 only 50 percent have a positive view 50 to 64 53% barely half you know now I find myself fighting this battle all the time I mean you things like globalization which is considered this this horrible scourge that lifts people out of poverty have list lifted countless millions of Indians and Vietnamese and even Chinese so they're sort of post communist societies out of poverty but you know global globalization is a swear word it's a very sort of complicated argument to get to the resolve which is this stuff works this stuff is really freaking all out of the misery you know thank you Michael Moynihan

  1. Can I just say you know how many the us army had killed? And we don’t give people over in the Middle East a fair court I’m not going to justify what he did but hell you don’t bring up the billions of deaths not even thought of by people

  2. He wanted to execute people whether they were proven guilty or not?!! WOW! That would be terrible, except that it's a fake quote. (Good luck finding a source!

  3. In agreement with the views expressed in this interview. One view I would like to express though is when you ask Americans if they have a positive view of capitalism, the answer your getting is do they have a positive view of capitalism as it is implemented in the United States at the time the question was asked. From the founding of the United States, both the state and federal government have intervened in some cases temporarily but mostly permanently to add further and further regimes of restriction to capitalism. These include but are not limited to central planning, laws, tax incentives, and tax penalties. This progressively has moved the lived experience of what is called American Capitalism to something that has progressively added many impediments to conducting business, finding employment, or having a personal choice among competitors. I'm in the 30-40 age group and my lived experience is that the monolith of government "oversight & protections" combined with what dimensions of capitalism & free markets are left could result in a poll where people state that capitalism is negative due to their bias from experiencing our Frankenstein system which they have been told their whole lives was and is a capitalist free market society.

  4. Yet you guys are okay with people wearing Confederate Flags that represent treasonous and fucked up people who has Killed Billions more Slaves for 3 Centuries.

  5. Why are all the filthy richest freeloaders (Hollywood) such fanatical communists? They love it for everyone else but not themselves? YES! The whole point of globalism!

  6. What I like about Stossel is his totally straight ahead and in no way over the top delivery. No sarcasm whatsoever.

  7. That teacher in the beginning is so incompetent she shouldn't be a teacher. Look how little she knew about the dude but she wore a t-shirt with his face.

  8. The country is poor and bankrupt because we as Americans played our part there by cutting the pipeline from Florida to Cuba and instead of easing the cuban government and its people to a higher quality of life we americans stick our noses in everything but when we had a chance to cripple the russian hold on cuba we walked away mainly because of the misunderstaniding of eachothers people's thr fact remains that the cuban people myself included get offended when made to look incompetent which we americans did that when we bought puerto rico guam and a couple other Caribbean Islands we should've still extended our hand and forced aid to them this may have had a completely different outcome then what really went down im an American and I am greatful to be born on American soil but why can't we cut down the bullshit that we started. Help everyone except those who desperately need it plz we need to not cause more turmoil but must ease the tensions between cuba and the us and as far as communism goes capitalism has yet to prove that it is nothing lile communism when it is a form of it im communism yra everything is shared but in capotalism the poor get poorer the sick die because their sick not because they have grown old their is literacy on both sides the communists are all together poor even the government in capitalism you the wealthy who pray on the poor don't pay their fair share in taxes they do not care about their fellow countrymen only themselves what ever happened to being neighborly a treatment that was traded in for capitalism so I will ask again plz explain the difference between a government that keeps it real or a government that sickens its people to keep pharmaceutical companies that a majority of them politicians own so whats the difference im sorry as an American we could've taken notes from fidel when it comes to health care schooling housing and basic necessities we as Americans have a shitload of money yet are in debt from helping shithole countries like pakastan Afghanistan lybia syria hell all of the middle east yet we will not lift a finger to help my people our people in the Caribbean their right fuckingnthere cant miss them we also have seperated and completely destroyed our own blood to the south of us in centralmerica and sudamerica but why that is my question are our own Americans ho matter Latin american native american or any other type of American and to be honest I view cuba as Latin Americans considering the Caribbeans are considered part of South America cubans are angry can you blame them while puerto ricans walk around calling everything they touch puerto rican or better yet all Latinos in america have suddenly become mexicans or puerto ricans or just White people rather then saying Cuban I am noticing a trend when your from mexico or puertorico or just soith america your Latin american nit Cubans are just Cubans and I think che wanted america to forget about cuba bc we really just shit on them we go there beat up the spanish rebuild and then we left why did we not act with cuba like the rest of the second world countries which is aid and support from a distance

  9. Globalization though is not capitalism. It's goal is social dictatorship disguised as freedom. Just name one global leader who is for capitalism. The Pope is for socialism and touts globalism. We as Americans are opposed to globalism, because it is unAmerican and against our constitution.

  10. there's a real easy trick to this, challenge a liberal communist to give you the name of one, just one, successful communist country that has had few, if any, human rights violations and watch them scream racist and run back to their keyboard

  11. I disagree that Globalism has lifted the world's poor out of poverty. In the 20+ years since the WTO was created, world economic growth has been anemic.

  12. These people are MORONS – Especially Government school teachers – these are the MORONS who [sic] teach 90% of the K thru 12 kids in America – AND, your tax dollars are paying the salaries of these MORONIC fools, who are also getting FAT pensions & "Cadillac" health plans all at taxpayer expense! Hey! Wait a minute! Maybe it's the taxpaying voters who are the REAL MORONS! Never mind…

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