1. France is proving Steve Bannon correct. The left will NEVER acknowledge this. Ignorance and dogma is all they have now.

  2. There's a dermatologist article about why BANNON's skin looks the way it does…
    The basic reason, according to the dermatologists (considering BANNON's claim to have quit alcohol in 1998)
    He suffers from an on over active flow of the STRESS HORMONE, CORTISOL. Sleeps about 4 hours per night on average. And experienced fast weight gain probably due to living the high life that his $48 million dollars buys him. So he's wealthy but super stressed out and eats a lot to compensate..

  3. communist chinese conducted unfair trade practices on the US for the past 2 decades, period. What trump doing now is the right things, bush and obama gave a free hand to let china screwed up the US, its time to reverse the course and china needs to behave and pay back to the US!

  4. Lol Marine le Pen "almost won the presidency"? she LOST by 10 million votes she only earned half the votes of her opponent..Lord his revisionism campaign needs a little work lol

  5. Bannon is an educated idiot. Using the mixed metaphor "hammer at the swamp" is evidence of this.
    Ever tried to hammer a swamp?

  6. idiot missed biggest point! China has real capital, not debts ! Ft platform legitimizes his racist populism ideas!

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