Star Wars Timeline Overview Part 1: The Pre-Republic Era *Legends* | Manda-LORE

Su’cuy gar! Greetings I am Tadd Lar’ken,
the lore master of Mandalore and today I will be digging through the archives to
elaborate on the overall history of the galaxy. Due to the immense knowledge we
have about the galaxy I have decided to split this lesson among multiple
transmissions, creating a multi-part overview of major galactic events from
over 100,000 years before the famous battle of Yavin to 140 years after it.
Approximately 100,000 light years across, the galaxy as we’ve come to know it
contains about 400 billion stars of which only 1/4 have been properly
surveyed and charted space within the galaxy is divided into 7 regions the
deep core, the core, the colonies, the inner rim, the expansion region, the mid
rim, and the outer rim with the still largely unexplored areas of wild space
and the Unknown Regions. Long before recorded history a mysterious culture of
beings we know simply as the Celestials held sway over the fate of the galaxy
until their disappearance around 30,000 years before the Battle of Yavin.
we believe these omnipotent beings exerted some sort of control on the
galaxy by 100,000 BBY and had influenced the rise and fall of countless species
and civilizations one such species the insectoid Killiks of the core world of
Alderaan helped the Celestials build a massive tractor beam projector,
Centerpoint Station, with which the Celestials are believed to have brought
together the five worlds of the Corellia star system. Using Centerpoint Station or
similar devices such as the Cosmic Turbine, the Celestials are also believed
to have created similar anomalies such as the Maw black hole cluste,r the
Kathal rift, the Vultar system, the Hapes cluster and the cron cluster. In the
outer rim the Shahru species began expanding there
territory in the Rafa system and made it as far Core-ward as our Arragau. However,
Celestial meddling caused them to flee in fear as their borders receded, their
cities crumbled, and their society advancements reverted to a primitive
state for their own protection. In the northern quadrant of the Outer Rim, the
Gree Enclave made use of hyper gates, portals in which one can instantaneously
travel between locations, to link the planets of their slowly expanding
borders. The Kwa civilization on Dathomir employed a similar technology
known as the infinity gate however their infinity gates could also allow massive
amounts of energy to be transported through them creating a weapon of
immense power that brought them into a territorial dispute with the Gree. a
combination of celestial meddling and nearly being wiped out by the Rakatan
Infinite Empire, catapulted the Kwa civilization into a steep decline and
the Kwa themselves have since devolved into the kwi lizards of Dathomir we
know today. The hyper-intelligent Columi of the core world of Columus, were
one of the first species to achieve interstellar flight and upon discovering
the worlds of Duro and Coruscant, they were disappointed that the duros and
human civilizations were relatively primitive compared to theirs and they
return to Comumus. As for the human species, it is believed that humans
originated from the core world of Notron, or modern-day Coruscant
however, there’s no evidence to suggest that they actually evolved there. We in
truth don’t really know where humans come from. All we have is early
historical mentioning of the 13 nations of Zhell who fought in a fierce war with
the Taung over the fate of Coruscant. As described in the ancient Taung epic
poem the Da Werda Verda, a massive volcanic and seismic event nearly wiped
out both the Zhell and the Taung simultaneously and although the Taung
fought bravely and honorably, they were forced to retreat from Coruscant where
they would eventually settle the Outer Rim world of Mandalore years later. It is
a popular theory among galactic scholars that the
Celestials meddled with the Battle of Zhell, influencing a turning point in both
human and Taung history. However, soon the power and influence of the Celestials
would begin to wane. A combination of internal strife with the celestial known
Abeloth and the uprising of the Rakata civilization against them led to
the decline of the Celestials and after a Abeloth’s imprisonment they
mysteriously vanished. In the wake of the power vacuum left by the Celestials the
Rakata of the Outer Rim world of Rakata Prime, modern day Lehon, adopted an
expansionist policy. Perhaps the greatest achievement of the Rakata was their
invention of the hyperdrive with which through their attunement with the
mystical power known as “The Force” allowed them to traverse great distances.
Using this hyperdrive and other force based technologies, the Rakatan
Infinite Empire, as it would become known, conquered, subjugated and enslaved
hundreds of species and worlds and by thirty thousand BBY, encompassed much of
the known galaxy. Utilizing the labor from their human, Duros, Drall, and
Selonian slaves the Rakata built for themselves a structure of immense power,
the Star Forge, which fed off the energy from Rakata Prime’s star to create enough
raw material to construct countless warships with which they could impose
their will on the galaxy. Though smaller interstellar nations would rise and fall
in between the vast distances of their holdings, the Infinite Empire remained in
the dominant power in the galaxy for 4,800 years. Even
in the midst of Rakatan rule, the humans of Coruscant continued to develop
their world and after Coruscant’s resources were completely dried up, the
Coruscanti turned their attention to making advancements in space travel
constructing huge colony ships known as sleeper ships to venture forth and
colonize distant worlds. Carbonite freezing technology allowed would-be
colonists to suspend themselves for their long journey at sublight speeds
and the colonists of these sleeper ships made it to
several worlds within the Core including Alsakan, Corellia, Alderaan, Kuat, Rendili,
and Koros and some even made it all the way to the Tion Cluster in the Outer
Rim. Attempting to resolve the conundrum of faster-than-light travel, both the
humans of colonized Corellia and their neighbors, the Duros, developed a network
of hyperspace cannons which would hyper accelerate a starship towards its
intended destination faster than the speed of light.
The only issue is, you needed another hyperspace cannon to get back to your
origin point. Technological advancements weren’t the only discovery during the
Rakatan’s rule, as in 36,453 BBY, philosophers and mystics from nearby
star systems gathered on the Deep Core world of Tython where it is said that the
mystical energy field known as at “The Force” was discovered by sentients in
that area of the galaxy for the first time. Only individuals born with a
microscopic organism in their bloodstream,
midichlorians, had the ability to tap into this energy field and use it; and
these force sensitives, as they would become known, began to coalesce into the
order of the Je’daii. Eventually, differing philosophies on how the force should be
used caused the schism within the Je’daii Order and the Je’daii split between the
followers of Ashla (aka the light side) and the followers of Bogan (aka the dark
side) and tensions between them boiled over in 25,793 BBY. The Force Wars
raged on Tython for 10 standard years and the clashes between the
followers of Ashla and the followers of Bogen were so titanic, that they ended
up ruining Tython in the process. After the Bogan were defeated, the followers of
Ashla left Tython aboard sleeper ships where they would colonize the outer rim
world of Ossus 730 years later founding the Jedi Order we know today.
Long before Core-worlders even knew what the Force was, in the outer rim, the
Sith species of the arid world of Korriban were already strong in the
force and when a failed attempt to invade Korriban was launched by the
Rakata in 27,700 BBY the Sith were more than capable of defending themselves
against the Rakatan’s for space technology. The Sith King Adas
then used captured Rakatan warships to expand his territory, establishing Sith
colonies on the nearby worlds of Ziost, Malachor, and Tund. However, outsider
contact with the Sith civilization wouldn’t happen until several millennia
later. The Rakatan Infinite Empire wouldn’t enjoy dominance over the galaxy
forever, as around 25,200 BBY, a nasty plague that affected only the Rakata
wiped out billions of their species and those who survived the plague had their
ability to use the Force severely diminished. With the Rakata weakened,
their subjects saw their opportunity and soon revolted. That combined with a civil
war on Rakata Prime, reduced the Infinite Empire’s holdings to a mere swath of star
systems in the Galactic southwestern quadrant. The Infinite Empire was at its
end. Remnants of the Rakatan’s stranglehold on the galaxy are still
visible today, as on the mid rim world of Kashyyyk, Rakatan meddling caused much
of the world’s ecosystem to hyper accelerate in growth resulting in the
massive Wroshyr trees that the native Wookies call home today. The outer rim
world of Tatooine was once a pristine tropical paradise before the native
Kamungah revolted against their Rakatan masters who subsequently bombarded
the planet’s surface until it was nothing but glass, resulting in the arid
world we know today. Sometime after the Infinite Empire’s collapse the slug-like
Hutt species began expanding from their native world of Varl, carving out their
own empire in the outer rim, conquering worlds and subsequently enslaving their
populace. The Hutt Empire was built upon the backs of their slaves and through
their expert dealings became lords of the criminal underworld as well, ensuring the survival of Hutt space long after the collapse of both the Galactic
Republic and the Galactic Empire many millennia later. However the Hutts weren’t
completely unchallenged in the outer rim, as in the Tion Cluster, TKing Xer the
eighth, descended from the human colonists who came to Tion on the
sleeper ships I mentioned earlier, began to expand his kingdom and by his death
in 25,130 BBY the kingdom of Cron had encompassed much of the Tion
Cluster. Xer’s heir, Xim, earned the mantle “the despot”
after expanding his father’s kingdom to nearly four times its size through sheer
military might. Building monuments to himself on Desvro, constructing lavish
palaces on Raxus Prime and hoarding treasure in the vaults on the planet
Dellalt. By 25,100 BBY, the Empire of Xim the Despot entered into a
territorial dispute with the Hutt Empire after a continued expansion by Xim began
to encroach on Hutt space, prompting Kossack the Hutt to take military
action. Kossak managed to lure Xim into three decisive battles on the contested
world of Vontor, where Xim’s war droids slugged it out with the Klatooinian and Nikto slave armies of the Hutts and despite being sure of himself,
Xim lost the third battle of Vontor and was subsequently captured by Kossak
and paraded through the streets of Varl in chains. By 25,000 BBY, Corellian
scientists finally managed to successfully replicate and improve upon
the Rakatan hyperdrive, allowing for vast distances to be traversed within
mere days rather than the months to decades transit time offered by sleeper
ships and generation ships. Trade and transit between the Core Worlds was now
much easier and the idea of a democratic union of planets was soon put forth. The
planets of Coruscant, Corellia, Duro Alsakan, Kuat and Alderaan became the
core founding members of the Galactic Republic and through exploration and
diplomacy, would expand their borders, taking new member systems into its fold.
That however is a subject for another transmission… This ends my findings on the Pre-
Republic era of galactic history and in the next part of this multi-part series,
I will focus on the beginning of the Old Republic era. If you have any suggestions
for future transmissions don’t be afraid to drop a comment! In the mean time keep
their comm channels open for future transmission and don’t forget to
subscribe!!!! Tadd Lar’ken… Out.

  1. HOLY SHIT!!! You are tackling the entire Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline overwiew?! DAMN!!! I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one (even if I can't see it because I don't wanna have spoilers for the EU media I am currently reading), but DAMN, I never expected you to do this, especially now. Some EU friends of mine definitely will be excited to hear about this new multiple part videos you are doing.

    How are you feeling man? I did see that you were sick a few days ago, I hope you are now feeling a lot better, at least a lot better than me at the moment since I myself got sick and I am trying to heal myself from my sickness.

    P.S.: Small note, me and the others at the Discord server have already started doing the Defending the Prequels podcasts (one per movie), and we are going to do next Defending Revenge of the Sith. We are planning on doing it on an upcoming Friday (maybe next week on February 8, or in two weeks on February 15), if you are available, would you wanna join in on the ROTS podcast? Or you prefer to join in on another State of SW podcast?

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    The only real suggestion would be putting the year in the bottom left corner for each of the events. Besides that, this is some of your best work so far!

  4. I couldn't believe it when I saw this drop in my sub box! I'm sure this is the start of something really magnificent! You do Star Wars lore justice, with each video being a real treat to watch. And now we get to experience everything, from the beginning of time all the way until the end of written history.

    Something about this time period is always fascinating to learn more about. It feels so wild and untamed, even more so than the regular vastness to the galaxy.

    One thing I especially found interesting was when you were talking about how the Rakata were repelled from Korriban. During the operation "Eternity Vault" in SWTOR, it seems implied that Soa ruled the world for at least a short period of time before they revolted. He even had a slave council of purebloods, all collaborators with his regime. I'm guessing this was all before the sith took back control and drove out the invaders.. For it took an army of ancients to imprison Soa, if his words are to be believed.

    Keep up the great work! It's always a treat to see new episodes of Manda-Lore. I love your passion and enthusiasm for Star Wars. Thank you for all that you do.

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