STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ – Choose Your Side: Jedi Knight vs. Bounty Hunter

>>Hall Hood: The Jedi Knight is the vanguard
of the Republic’s forces.>>Jedi Knight (Male): We’ll get those weapons
back and use them to destroy the Empire once and for all.>>Hall: You are going up against the greatest
evil that the galaxy has ever known. It is a huge fight with everything at stake.>>Mako: Just a reminder: this is an Imperial
world. If we tweak the local authorities, they can make life really hard.>>Bounty Hunter (Male): I like tweaking with
authority.>>Randy Begel: What makes the Bounty Hunter
awesome is a sense of independence and the toughness to back it up. Being able to bend
the rules or just flat-out break them. It’s very much the “man with a gun against the
world.”>>Pete Warner: He wants to earn some money,
he wants to earn a reputation, or he can just be, you know, a killer — a cold-hearted killer.>>Austin Peckenpaugh: The fantasy of the
Jedi Knight is saving the galaxy, or saving yourself, or falling to the dark side. But
it’s direct and earnest and elegant, and his fighting style is the same way.>>Randy: I think it depends on how the player
wants him to but, I mean the Bounty Hunter can live by a code as much as the Jedi does,
it’s just they don’t always see eye to eye on how that plays out.>>Bald Jedi: You will drop your weapons and
surrender to me.>>Bounty Hunter: You will realize what a
complete idiot you are.>>Hall: You get to be whatever kind of Jedi
Knight you think is best. You don’t necessarily have to follow the Jedi code. In fact, you
can violate it pretty regularly.>>Pete: When a Jedi’s coming after you,
you know exactly what to expect. But when a Bounty Hunter is coming after you, you really
don’t because they’re more of just the mercenary wild card.>>Pete: The Bounty Hunter’s attacks mainly
come from tech and blasters.>>Hall: They’ve got the lightsaber. They’ve
got the Force.>>Randy: Rockets.>>Austin: Heavy Armor.>>Pete: Missiles.>>Austin: Blaster bolt deflection.>>Pete: Flamethrowers. Jetpack.>>Hall: A Bounty Hunter player and a Jedi
Knight player in a fight… that’s gonna be a tough one.>>Randy: The Bounty Hunter is more than a
match for the Jedi Knight because when they engage in a fight they have control of the
situation. They have so many tools of their trade to keep the Jedi from ever getting their
ground.>>Austin: The strategy when you see that
you’re going up against a Bounty Hunter is, obviously, get in as fast as you can and
stay there. You’re gonna charge into the fight. You’re gonna try to keep the Bounty
Hunter slowed down as much as you can.>>Pete: If I’m playing the Bounty Hunter
in the fight my strategy is to keep the Jedi Knight at range. I have stuns, I have screens
and shields and heavy armor to absorb damage.>>Austin: The Jedi Knight is relentless.
The way his resources work, he’s always building up and cashing in what he’s built
up. So instead of watching a pool slowly decay over time, it’s just non-stop. As long as
you can stay up close and personal you’re always able to dish out that damage and you’re
really just an unstoppable wrecking ball.>>Hall: The Jedi Knight’s gonna win, hands
down.>>Randy: The Bounty Hunter’s got this.>>Austin: It’s gonna be the Jedi Knight.>>Pete: The Bounty Hunter’s gonna win…
trust me.

  1. People are saying bounty hunter is so much better, why don't you say that to Jango Fett. Oh wait, he's headless now.

  2. If the Jedi Knight loses, he must have been a very poor Jedi.
    Even Jango Fett needed his entire SHIP to stop Obi Wan from arresting him…
    Jedi Knight. Hands down.

  3. Honestly, they're both awesome. But it depends on a particular players fighting-style. In the Star Wars mythos, of course, many Bounty Hunters have been made infamous for being "Jedi-Killers". However, a Jedi Knight is just as powerful as a tech'd-up Hunter. It's mostly just a matter of opinion, though. Some Jedi are powerful enough to overcome a Bounty Hunter, and some Hunters are resourceful enough to take down a Jedi Knight.

  4. Hmmmm.. Well bounty hunter, but if it was a powertech bounty hunter then powertech would definetely win, not so sure for a mercenary

  5. Stop referring to jango fett! Like George Lucas is gonna kill off obi wan and Anakin in the second episode of the saga! Silly people

  6. Well, despite what happened to jango fett vs master windu during the battle of genosis I think the Jedi knight will win.

  7. If it wasn't for the constant over heating Bounty hunter has this. Even with the Heat problems I don't have a problem in warzones against anyone that isn't a Commando. Lol.

  8. Bounty Hunter: Fires laser shots at Jedi Knight
    Jedi Knight: Deflect
    Bounty Hunter: Launches missiles
    Jedi Knight: Stops them with the Force
    Bounty Hunter: (while Jedi stops missiles) Shoots flamethrower
    Jedi Knight: On fire
    Bounty Hunter: Stuns Jedi "Another bounty"

  9. 0:43 Wow, Mako looked a lot different (worse) back in 2011….. her face may be why people thought that 2012 might be the end of the world…..

  10. If you ask me it all just really depends on how good the players are. I've seen every single class out there kick*** in pvp

  11. Pity the Jedi can't pull the old rocket redirection trick from Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy.  Would be really useful against the Bounty Hunter who uses rockets.  Hunter shoots his rockets only to see them coming back his way with a vengeance.

    Of course the real fun back then was launching a rocket at an enemy force user and then playing Force Push tennis with the thing.

  12. as a founding member (Dec '11), and current subscriber. Sentinel has a very slim chance of winning against Bounty Hunter in PvP due: to the long ability cool downs, lack of hard stun, medium armor, short attack melee range and limit 30 meter attacks.  The only Jedi Knight that stands a chance of beating a BH on a regularly basis in PvP is a Guardian. I play a Sentinel because of KotOR II and if this MMO wasn't Star Wars than I would have unsubbed in '12.  Guess there isn't any the developers that PvP with a Sentinel/Marauder on a live server?

  13. All the bounty hunter need to use are missiles stuns and jetpack moves, and the Jedi won't be able touch them.

  14. Am I the only one wondering why they put the Bounty Hunter in the weird helmet? I mean the Knights gear doesn't look great either but geez. Also in the fight they showed above the Bounty Hunter would win. A Jedi Sentinel vs a Mercenary who has heals mapped correctly will win every time. I would like to see a Guardian vs a Power Tech though, that has potential. 

  15. Why didn't he force exhaust Jedi sent wins but then again Jedi sent is hardest yet most common class played. You gotta stay close

  16. always loved that bh armor,one like it comes from cademimu…might get it if i make another bounty hunter…i think the bh would win…he is unpredictable,cautios and has a good aim

  17. i remember watching this video before the game released and getting so hyped. Ended up being like hyped for the weekly trash removal.

  18. Any one know what's that bounty hunters armor set is called? So i can find it in the gtn cuz it looks badass and i like it alot xD

  19. Who is the girl at 1.44-1.51? I thought Kira Carsen was the ultimate romance choice for the male Jedi Knight. Does anyone know, I'm really curious?

  20. Most knights can beat most hunters. But the bounty hunter we play as can beat most knights. We're playing an anomaly – and one that especially collects the best weaponry and armor one can collect.

  21. Hmm…The Jedi has powerful abilities in range and the Bounty Hunter has powerful abilities out of range. Tough call. If the Jedi can get in close and stay there, he's going to win. If the Bounty Hunter can make the Jedi stay out of range, then the Bounty Hunter is going to win.

  22. 1:33  Whoever " you will drop your weapons and surrender to me" Bounty hunter " You will realize what a complete idiot you are "

  23. I would give this to the Bounty Hunter. The Jedi Knight is powerful, but unlike the Sith he/she does not take advantage of everything he/she has. Jedi Knights play by the rules. Bounty Hunters don't.

  24. you should ask young people , since they think outside the box and be creative like more lore and history to this game

  25. pretty much just jango fett versus mace windu both are very powerfull and one wrong step means one loses their head

  26. "Jedi Knight is the vanguard of the Republic"
    Uh, I think Vanguard is the vanguard of the Republic.

  27. Does anyone remember what bounty hunter trailer it is where hes surrounded by enemies and they tell him to lay down his weapons and he says better idea you lay down and die.

  28. A pure blood Sith, who can't use the force, so he's parents hire a bounty hunter to teach him how to use a blaster. He becomes so skilled with a blaster he decides to become a bounty hunter. This is my bounty hunter's backstory.

  29. well i say bounty hunter because you just spam stun and spam your strongest moves

    btw don't call me out for cheesing people because that is literally how every bounty hunter player fights

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