Star Trek: Diplomacy s01e01, Vládní rošády

Radek ‘Flash’ Belina
as Captain Alekos Pargimeos Eva ‘Barevna’ Zelezna
as Commander Laverna Jakub ‘Jimmy’ Holy
as Lieutenant Mendon EPISODE 1
Government Gambit Captain’s log, stardate 50239.42 U.S.S. Masaryk is on her way to planet Ktaris
to investigate problems in local government structure. It is suspected that their Prime Minister Mezona Jal
is secretly giving information to the Dominion. Supplemental. I am still getting used to
the duties of the captain of this vessel. Commanding a ship is a little different
than I expected, but… Computer, pause.
Enter. Sorry to disturb, Captain,
but we are getting closer to the Ktaris system. You said you wanted to brief me
on the situation before we start the negotiations. So early, Commander?
I’m sorry, I’ll see you in a moment. I haven’t gone through these operational reports yet. That’s the other thing, sir. To ensure a smooth operation of this vessel
we need to forward these schedules. If you agree, Lieutenant Mendon will
distribute them to the appropriate departments. No, I do not agree. I am the Captain… – And you are a very good one, sir.
– Oh come on! I mean, I do have to go through
all the reports to approve them. But that’s not necessary, sir. Just move them here in the “DONE” compartment
and we will take care of everything else. But I do want to know what’s going on on the ship. I have to be in command. With all due respect, Captain. Considering the specifics of your post
and the diplomatic character of this ship, individual decisive functions are neither consistent nor in harmony with the overall
character of captain’s position as such. Some relatively marginal benefits
possibly resulting from your being in command do not by far outweigh the importance of diplomatic decision on which the captain should primarily focus. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be on the bridge. And I thought that in the diplomatic service we had our own language. Fleet lingo.
What did she mean by all that, Lieutenant? You’re not here to command the ship. – I beg your pardon?
– I’m sorry, Captain. I mean, that is the content of Commander Laverna’s speech. And who does she think should command the ship?
-She should. And she’s right, to a certain extent. Starfleet Command installed you as a captain primarily because of your diplomatic skills. You’re here to represent. Everyday operation of the ship is the responsibility of a first officer. I understand, but…
a captain should be in command. – And you will be.
Major decisions are always made by the captain. – Is there a lot of those?
– There are… some… from time to time. Captain, we are in orbit of Ktaris. Thank you, Commander. Well, so I’m short on time again. But what about all those reports? See? That’s much better. We are in Ktaris’s parking orbit, Captain. I suppose you intend to contact government officials now.
– It can wait, Commander. – Sir? I thought, considering how serious…
– Shift crew Alpha, please leave the bridge. Aye aye, Sir. It is time for our briefing.
As you know from the intelligence reports, according to our correspondents, Prime Minister Jal
has been giving information to the Dominion. We do not know for how long or how much she has disclosed. What we do know is that we must stop her. That’s why I don’t understand,
what we’re waiting for, Captain? Ktaris is a highly valued member of the Federation. The fact of espionage in the highest places could lead to planetary paranoia. Publicly we have to state a different reason
for removing the Prime Minister from office. Do we have any? We do.
It turned out that Mezona Jal has a lover. That’s not a crime, even in politics. It is not. But the fact that she landed him
a cosy seat on the board of the planetary spaceport IS. On Earth we use the term plum job. Exactly so, Lieutenant.
– What a coincidence.. Do we have any evidence or witness to prove it? We don’t, yet, but we will have. The Commander will be our witness.
– I beg your pardon? Take a week off and find yourself
a nice place to stay in the capital of Ktaris. Do there whatever you want. The point is that by the time you return,
you will have prepared materials confirming that during your time off you discovered serious evidence of corrupt conduct of Prime Minister Jal. Forged evidence?
You cannot ask me to do that, Captain! You have misunderstood me.
It’s an order, Commander. Higher interest. I thought I explained
that we need to remove Mezona Jal from office. It is very likely that she’s committed treason. I know that, Captain. And I can assure you
I take the security of Federation seriously, but the means…
– I’m sorry, but such is the public service. You understand the ship, I understand politics.
You’re dismissed. And, Laverna, enjoy your vacation. I hear the weather on Ktaris is beautiful at this time of the year. First Officer’s log. Despite considerable internal doubts,
I carried out Captain’s orders. Shortly after the compromising material was published,
Prime Minister Jal was removed from the office, and the Parliament of Ktaris extradited her to custody
for the purpose of corruption investigation. Although I know that her real crimes
are serious, it has been difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that I falsely accused her
of things she had not committed. I will never forget the look on her face when I was reading
my fabricated testimony in the House of Commons. I have decided that I need to see her
at least once in private, face to face. Oh, it’s you. Commander Laverna, right? May I ask you a personal question? What did they promise you?
Lathinum, promotion? I would just like to know whether you are the architect, or a puppet. How dare you? My conduct was not right, I admit it. But it was necessary.
You’ve betrayed your world and the Federation. It is I who should be asking what for. Just a puppet then. In that case I feel sorry for you, Commander. I don’t understand. I assume Captain Pargimeos ordered you
to make false accusations against me. I also assume that he stated some noble reasons… about the needs of the many… to explain why
it is necessary for my actual crimes to remain a secret. He did… but we really do have evidence of
your actual crimes. You’re working with the Dominion. They didn’t put much effort into making that up. Would you have me believe that you are innocent? I don’t expect you to believe me, Commander. But I’ll tell you one thing. If you want to know what’s really going on, look into the system defense materials.
And then into my party’s program. At the same time observe whether the post of Prime Minister will be taken by someone from the current coalition. That is obvious. You have the majority. You’re only trying to confuse me playing on my conscience. A few minutes of investigation won’t kill you, Commander. Are you afraid you might find something you won’t like? I’m not afraid of anything. We came to help Ktaris deal with a threat and that is you. I helped a good cause. You’re lying, Laverna.
Not just to me, I don’t matter. You’re lying to yourself.
It is common in my line of work. But I would expect more from a Starfleet officer. I have nothing more to say. The Captain is still on the surface? Yes ma’am. He is preparing a ceremony
to appoint a new Prime Minister. – Our Captain?
– Yes Each Federation Member World does have
an independent government headed by Prime Minister, but they are appointed by either the president
of the Federation or an accredited diplomat. Captain Pargimeos has this level of commission. Oh my. And who was appointed? According to my information, Kores Nel,
an independent economic adviser. The current coalition didn’t propose
a substitution for Mezona Jal? They did. However, the Captain rejected him
and due to the government crisis decided to appoint a caretaker government
headed by an independent prime minister. – Against the will of the House of Commons?
– As Federation commissioner he has competence to do so. – Is it possible she was right?
– Madam? Lieutenant, join me in the office in ten minutes,
I need to check something. Yes, commander. I feel that we owe Mezona a large apology. Unbelievable. You were looking for me, Commander?
I am very busy here. Is this channel safe, sir? It is now. Captain Alekos Pargimeos, I am forced to accuse you of plotting to overthrow the sovereign government of the planet Ktaris. Are you out of your mind, Laverna? I know everything. Mezona is innocent. You needed to get rid of her government,
which was against the continuation of the presence of Klingon bases in their system. I see that someone here has done the homework. Yes, you are right. I was pursuing that goal.
But not by choice. Report me if you want, but it won’t lead anywhere. Orders came from the highest places in the Federation.
– But why? We need the Klingons, they are valuable allies. We are in a critical situation. Mezona’s government was about to use its right
not to renew the contract on the location of bases. Now I have appointed a caretaker government, which, however, will never retain the confidence of the House of Commons. Eventually, with the help of media, the planet will come
to the conclusion that new elections are necessary. By that time, however, the chance to protest
against the bases will have been time-barred. That’s despicable. That’s politics, commander. The Federation is at war.
If you have nothing more to talk about, I have to get back to the ceremony.
Pargimeos out. What have I consented to? Lieutenant Mendon at your command.
– Have a seat, lieutenant. I assume that as Captain’s assistant you have been
aware of the whole situation. Yes I have, madam. So I really was the only puppet after all. A fool who believed in the Federation principles. I’m sorry ma’am,
I had strict orders not to talk about it. I understand, Lieutenant. It’s just…I’m miserable. Intrigues, collusions, the greater good, officials who plot to have their way. Aren’t you depressed by all this? Not really, ma’am, I’m just an official. Sorry, I didn’t mean it. I know that you are Captain’s assistant and you’re doing your job well. It’s just this whole situation. When I think of Mezona Jal, I’m sick of myself. As far as I know, all corruption charges
have been withdrawn. She’s free. I know, the Captain doesn’t need her for his interests anymore. Like used material. But her career is over, isn’t it? I’m afraid it is, ma’am. As they say, a politician’s reputation is like a crystal ball.
Once you shatter it… You know, I would like to do something for her. To find her a place where she could be useful.
As a compensation. You want to… land her a plum job. That is not a nice word, Mendon.
Such thinking is not worthy of you. My apologies, Commander.
I think I know just the thing if I may be so bold. You, Mendon? Current Ktaris ambassador at the Federation Council
ends next month. How about we offer her this post? But that’s one of the most prestigious titles.
How could I possibly arrange something like that? Ambassadors are selected by a committee of experts
led by an independent chairman. If you could find one that could be convinced… I thought these experts were supposed to be impartial. Railway trains are impartial too, but if you lay down
the lines for them, then that’s the way they go. – I’m not versed in such things.
– You don’t have to be, ma’am. As I discovered, the current chairman
of the commission is a certain minister Pherson. Bob Pherson? Former Admiral? I was in his class at the academy,
I know him pretty well. If madam were able to convince Mr. Pherson it was in Federation’s interests to appoint Mezona Jal, I believe the rest of the commission would not oppose him. Get me in touch with him, Mendon. I already talked to his secretary, two hours ago. Mr. Pherson will call you at 20:00 ship time. Mendon… have you ever thought of going into politics? Oh no, madam. I once looked it up in my thesaurus. What did it say? Intrigue, wirepulling, evasion, lies, demagogy, manipulation… I don’t think I have the necessary qualities. Never underestimate yourself. Sir, all systems are in order,
the ship is ready to leave. Thank you, Commander. Everything dealt with on the surface? Yes, the new government took office.
Further development is up to them. I’m glad it’s over. So am I.
And don’t think I enjoy it. I understand your position and, believe it or not, I appreciate it. It’s good to know that you have strong morals
and that diplomatic intrigues are a foreign world to you. In a way, it’s a relief. I think that my pragmatism
and your consistency will complement each other well. Yes, Captain. Written and Directed by Production Camera Editing Props and Makeup Music and 3D Animation Sound Star Trek: Diplomacy
Government Gambit Cast Crew Opening credits Set Building Crew Special Thanks To Filmed in a fan-built set in Berunice in the Czech Republic English Translation
Eva ‘Barevna’ Zelezna English Subtitles
Dagmar ‘Ziina’ Vizdova

  1. Is there a chance you'll be doing English subs for episodes S01E02 and S01E04 like you have Diplomacy S01E00, S01E01 and S01E03, would be very much appreciated, I posted Diplomacy S01E03 on my facebook feed and got an overwhelming number of likes and appreciation of this episode, others like me love your Treks, especially being able to understand them more so, thank you

  2. Thank you very much for the subtitles. Technically awesome, again. And a controversial episode, again. I like the political dimension of the story and especially the moral dilemma of Commander Laverna. I could discuss the story for hours but I think this comment section is not the best place for that. 😉 So I'll just say thank you for all your efforts and please keep on trekking. I'm looking forward to the subtitles of the other episodes. Best regards from the USS Atlas (from Germany)

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