1. ഇൗ പരസ്യത്തിന് ഡബ്ബ് ചെയ്തത് ഭാഗ്യലക്ഷ്മി ആണ്… ഓട്ടോ ഗ്രാഫ് പെൺകുട്ടിക്കും ശ്രിദേവിക്കും…

  2. So divine beauty…..there's a big future ahead of her to do….but fate decide that she belongs to heaven not earth….

  3. What ever you earned what ever you did you never enjoyed All your wealth boney kapoor and his brothers his ex wife family enjoyed
    While I was giving warning you never did listen to me
    I might have in my old computer that warning letter if I find it I post it .
    I know you have gone through lots of pain in your life and beaten by your step son

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