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Hello! Today we are playing a video game. *YAY* We’re gonna [going to] take the “Cyber Awareness Challenge”! *never heard of that* How cyber-aware are you? How cyber-aware are you? Huh? Well it’s time to do the test What kinda test is this? Whom- who would make something like this? Oh, the government of [the] United States! This is a real test that was sent for the Defense Department Agency To help federal workers not leak
information and data and get hacked in general. So they have this test. Oh, it’s a game. I don’t know, it’s hilarious. Let’s just play it, okay? The Unclassified Cyber Awareness Challenge *spooky* Don’t ask me how I found this. I haven’t seen anyone upload this on YouTube. Let’s start the challenge. This is the defense version. There’s also an intelligence version. Let’s start with the defense version. I don’t think I need to do the tutorial, so… [Surrounding the screen is your normal heads-up display.] YES [At the top you will find your score and your adversary score.] Hey, look it’s internet compass! My favorite. [In addition to earning points, if you make the best possible decision,] [You may win an achievement trophy.] *claps* We’re going for the trophy *yes we are* Alright so, let’s begin the challenge. It’s a… it’s us in the morning. Alright, let’s go through… …ethical computer use. Another day working for the government of United States. [Review these tips on ethical computer use.] Okay, let’s see here… Don’t view or download pornography. Wow! Working for the government sucks. Don’t gamble on the Internet. Wow Working for the government sucks. Don’t conduct private business… Don’t load or use personal authorized
software. Don’t make unauthorized configuration. Only check personal email if your organization allows it. Don’t charge personal devices. Alright. These make sense. These are the things that you could do to mess up. “Hey, how are you?” What is that? *The horror* “Hi! I’m Tina.” Oh my God. “I wanted to let you know that some of us
share our music at work using myTunes.” “You can download it if you go to https-mytunes-listennow-dot-com.” *laughs* Let’s see here. Let’s see if I remember
my training. Tina! You’re a fraud! *Tina’s a biatch* – No, thanks! / – [Good job. You should not use unapproved programs at work.] Have myTunes. [dabs on the haters] Get out of my sight, Tina. I’m supposed to be working for America. Okay? Bye. “That’s cool, if you’re not into music. But if you get
bored, you should really-” Excuse me, Tina. You… you scumbag. I’m into music, okay? What I’m not into is leaking information from the government of the United States because you want to listen to iTunes during working hours. You’re getting paid for this. Who hired you, Tina? “Check out one of
Mark’s games. He’s a programmer.” “I have a good one on a CDR, If you want to install it.” Oh. Okay. So, what kind of games are we talking here? Wha- *laughs* Is it the latest version of roblox? Then yes. Okay, I’m gonna have to pass. – YES. *zero deaths* / – [Good call.] [You shouldn’t play unauthorized games while at work.] Oh! *laughs* “Okay, I’ll see you around.” Who hired you, Tina? You’re the worst. You completed the computer use presentation. Here’s how you did it:
you earned the achievement trophy. But I am playing a game right now. Does this game… What if she would try to give me this game? *laughs* Bye, Tina. [Read these tips. Select “done” when
you are finished.] Tips for peer-to-peer and unauthorized software. Are you telling me I can’t use LimeWire at work? Are you telling me… I can’t download the latest Napster’s? *phone ringing* Oh, there we go. Alright. Unavailable. “Hey, this is Kevin from IT.
Sorry to bug you…” “But we need to talk about your computer really quick.” Okay. *UFO Sounds* Oh My God. Dun… The… What is this?! Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Someone calling from an
unavailable number Says they are… Oh, God. I hope I get this right. This is so tense. Someone’s calling from an unavailable number… Says they are from IT and need
information about your computer. What do you do? Sure. What do you need? What’s your full name and number? – Okay, what’s your full name. / – [Good work!] [Always verify an unknown caller’s identity.] He did say it was Kevin though, but okay. Whoa. “It’s… Kevin Smith. We don’t have
personal lines. Anyways, I just need to…” “…get some inventory information. If you’d
open your Control Panel tab and confirm…” “…your computer system and network device
settings, that would be really great.” And then delete system32. That would just be swell. The person on your phone wants you to… …open Control Panel and confirm your
computer system network device. What do I do? [Good work! You should also
alert your security POC.] I was actually gonna do that.
My security person of color will know about this. / – Read these tips, then select “Done.” Okay. That was one? Identity Management, everyone. – [Let’s get ready for “The Big Bad
Cyber Wolf.” / – Oh my god – [Here’s how to play.] / – Oh my god [Select Play when you are ready to begin.] How to play?
“You begin with a building foundation” “Select the correct answers to build a
structure to protect the.. pigs?” “Get a question wrong and remain vulnerable to attacks from the.. cyberwolf?” [It’s time to show what you know about Identity Management and protection.] [Select the correct answer to the question shown.] Tax money, well-spent everybody. Look at these graphics, okay? I fear for these pigs. I must protect these pigs. How do they even use t- you know
what. “Which of the following is an example.. ..of a two-factor authentication?” uhhhhhhhhhhhhh It must be this one. Yes! Oh heck yes! Screw you wolf! “Which of the following is the strongest example of a password?” “April1anniversary”
“TObeOrnOttObe!” It must be this one, right? YEAH! Come on piggies! “How to protect your CAC?” Store them! NO! NO! Shield it sleeves, damn it! uh-oh. Uh-oh. UH-OH. *facepalms* Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Let me do it again. Let me do it again.
Get outta here. Oh god Oh lord Oh no I can’t- this is
too stressful. [Wait, there’s a loud knocking sound down the hall.] – [What do you want to do?] / – I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. “Check my phone?”
“Investigate Noise” [Bad Choice! You forgot to remove your CAC/PIV or lock your computer. oh I didn’t even know I had that and who’s tosay I didn’t do it ok now I alert secure
no result ok you should ensure your workplace is secure I have a feeling I’m
not going to get the trophy oh wow bad choice why you should alert security all
right sure goddammit I’m doing terribly let’s check
the email all right time to check emails hey what the agreement select I accept
to continue let’s check your email select each email to read it then decide
what to do with each this email is from a recruiter that you do not recognize I
mean it sounds like I’m getting hired for a better precision here correct this
is a targeted wailing attempt your security POC should know about this
wailing like fishing this email is from John Austin who claims to be the
director of the State Department’s Office of Security you do not know John
Austin yeah why is John Austin riding me huh and law correct this is a spear
phishing attempt you a right to alert security but he has a
government act this email is from Cheryl in your organization’s administrative
support group you know Cheryl wait I can get 50% discount on gas zone try again
oh this email is from Cheryl in your organization’s administrative support
group you know sure Cheryl Cheryl I’m we need to fire Cheryl she’s done correct
this email may be a hoax and shouldn’t be viewed at work anyway
oh no this email appears to be from pay pad concerning an account you have with
tape add everybody this is a phishing attempt no result seem correct this is a
phishing attempt to steal your information there we go this email is
from Ken Willoughby your organization’s security officer you know ken okay so I
know ken I remember Ken report him correct let’s read some tips read these
tips hey we got a trophy everyone we got the
check email trophy man working for the government is the best removable media
what is this now it’s time to complete hint a security incident mystery here’s
how to play select play when you are ready to begin visit each room correct
answer questions to establish alibis get a question wrong and lose a chance to
have an addition in gather enough hands to solve the mr. Garrety incident has
occurred can you solve the mystery and discover which situation revealed
sensitive information further visit each room to learn about the potential
incident select the correct answer to the question shown this is lame I don’t
want to know these things I don’t laugh I’m me for getting it
wrong you dump now use the information you collected to solve the mystery and
select the room in which the security incident occurred what’s I got it right
don’t care virgin oh no what is okay I found the CD by your workstation no no
this is something you need oh no Johnson Johnson get that away
Johnson alert alert Johnson everyone take cover Johnson’s got a CD a
co-worker’s finder Nunnelly would see woody woody do do not insert it in the
computer decline to insert it in computing insert the inside of me
Johnson let’s go home leave seed in common area wait and open CD good job
goodbye John if you don’t mind I’ll just leave the CD here maybe the owner will
come back no look like no result never mind
dispose good job I think I’m doing pretty good I have a feeling I’m going
to go let’s check in with Jeff to see how you’re doing what is he drinking
hey show you something please Duff oh these are the cyberattacks currently
targeting our systems you’ve done a pretty good job at forwarding our
adversaries so far so attacks are down for the moment however I’ll need your
help stopping new attacks as we move forward remember to stop and think how
each decision impacts security good luck hey Jeff why are those tissues next to
your desk hi there I’m headed to the cafe across the street for lunch
would you like to walk with me you can fill me in on your first day no that’s a
security risk go to lunch I gotta remove my grip good work and now I can deny that sorry I’m joking
that was where did you go back oh there she is
okay I don’t know set the office no result I go to do all
I know it can be hard starting a new job if you want I can explain more about
what we do over lunch oh my god no thank you you’re terrifying ignore no result
huh come on decline correct you should not talk about work outside your
workspace oh oh yeah you suck oh yeah sure
sure that’s the reason why huh no cuz I blew you off we’re not supposed to talk
about work your dumb bag hey look it’s my it’s my eye dad and my back Barry I
come on no trophy social network game let’s go hey again no not T not go away
oh wait oh no it’s her that you were here so I thought I’d swing by if you
want any lunch recommendations just dad uh-oh if Tina can see that you’re at the
cafe this information must be open to the public on your social network Tina
are you stalking me Tina you’re checking my social media to find where I am to
recommend me lunch when I’m in a restaurant this is your social space
profile it says you’re checked in at the cafe
adjust your privacy settings select save when you are finished this is Facebook
serves up 1978 favorite color maroon great okay so I’ll just put friends only
on everything let’s see how you did look at all these pocket looks like you
have two notifications let’s check them out
okay so I got a friend requests what do I do deny a good job you don’t know this
person well and you should always use caution when contacted by foreign
nationals if you work for the government and if you get a facebook friend request
of someone you barely know no just know ok farmland access all you
should never give an unknown party access to your information while you’re
here remove any personally identifiable information or PII from your profile
then select say I definitely don’t want people knowing my favorite colors maroon
and I definitely don’t want you know I’ll just take all of it I don’t want
people know my social security number geez let’s see how you did remember PII
is information that could be used to steal your identity what are you kidding
me mobile computing ok oh hey oh my god I saw you had a smartphone I was
wondering if I could check my work who says that Hey I can see that you
have a cell cellular device I can see that you have one of those mobile
devices huh hey how you doing I can see that you have a Tele device a stranger
has asked to use your phone what do you want to do I mean he might be you know
my future wife Jane bye-bye oh I don’t care I don’t care if you’re
smirking away at me you schmuck read I’m not gonna I’m not I’m not read these
tips No Steve all right I’m not supposed to talk
about work hey it’s Steve my lunch but I need help reviewing this report ASAP
give a tablet or something with you iced tea send it to your personal email if
it’s easier Stevie okay all right lock phone no result
don’t send good job well I guess if you can’t get to it over lunch
I’ll just because everyone I work with completely moron throw it up on the
shared Drive they may not play this game you get back Oh a minute don’t post it
on the shared rag Steve just email it to me
make sure you encrypt the data great oh you’re right hey Cynthia just walked in
she can look us over thanks anyways hey you got a trophy hey hey hey guys we got
a self a blackberry trophy everyone this is epic I hope I get the best reward at
the end of this hey here’s your check whatever you’re ready what is it gonna
do stop him stop him oh no that guy’s stealing your phone
what do you want to do down chasing the thief could be dangerous you should
alert security as soon as you realize government-issued property is lost or
stolen oh let’s check in with Jeff to see how you’re doing nice Jeff thanks
for your help today your choices are helping prevent our
adversaries from gaining access towards the games but don’t we see a matrix
these kinds of attacks are on the rise and cost the federal government billions
of dollars a year in man-hours not to mention the threat posed by compromised
sensitive information I’ll keep an eye on things here keep up the good work
this afternoon along working for a United States it’s the best all right we
got a couple more it’s three o’clock sensitive classified information Hey
sorry again about bugging you at lunch about that report Jesus Christ they just
get worse don’t they they just get worse think we’ve talked most of it out here’s
what we’ve got so far Cynthia and I have been discussing the
details of one final patient and we’re almost done
do you mind if I keep it on my desk overnight and finish tomorrow
why does everyone test me your goalie Steve has asked to keep a report
containing pii ph eye on his desk overnight what do you want to do good
job let’s get ready for oh my god dating a millionaire
oh my god play when you are ready to begin who wants to stay a millionaire
they actually did it absolute mad mad government point Oh you begin with 1
million slick ok it’s time to show what you know about sensitive and classified
information select the correct answer to the questions shown what kind of
information could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to national
security in an event of the Wrights top-secret know a secret apparently ok
I’m not gonna be a millionaire here personal payroll medical and operation
or are all wet types of information sensitive yes
millionaire what type of data must be handled and stored properly based on
classification markings in handling life line I never heard of conglomerate data
got damaged security P a person of color classified yes ok which of these is true
of classified unclassified Etta dammit all right how much money do we have
600,000 RS data classification don’t care now it’s time to prove your skills
in finding items related to the protection of classified and sensitive
information before you get started let’s practice read the item description then
source may be used to talk to people must be plugged in rings when other
people contact you iPhone oh wow let’s get ready for the
protecting classified informations protect your office select the matching
item for each description no I don’t know I clicked the fax now read these
potential insider threat indicators select done when you are finished
insider threat indicators if someone has divorced so if someone is divorced that
our threat to the government is that what they’re saying or you get started
let’s practice first review the instructions then read the employee
description and select the number of potential indicators displayed by the
individual ok it’s Bob so we have to like write out other people suddenly
began to wear expensive luxury items that’s a threat consider aloof by
co-workers that’s another threat mediocre alright acid that’s a stage to
threat by Bob select the correct number of potential indicators for each person
note that some of these indicators were displayed by real and extremely damaging
spies vacations in world Disneyworld that’s right
married father for eyes a three water quality is sometimes poor ass fine
Pleasant work with that’s a threat okay I guess
one now zero war quality is poor and he gets a zero are you kidding me
this is the standard America Helen now that’s a threat has visited several
foreign countries that’s a-two a-three Helen you schmuck
well I didn’t do anything but okay thank you read about this real-life spy select
next to continue so this spy divorce his wife and then he
started buying stuff my god I’m starting to understand why no one has played this
game before wiki spills I think this they made this game as a
response to WikiLeaks so that’s why we’re getting on wiki wiki spills
everybody a report is asking my potentially classified information what
do you do that’s right collect as much information about the site as you can the information now the confirm yes it’s
important that you neither confirm or Jana it’s getting late and you currently
don’t have any more assignments you should prepare to head home but take
stops in case anything work-related comes up weights 621 how long do I work
it’s time to leave for the day but you may have more work to do at home what do
you want to do check out work laptop am I not allowed to do it well let’s check
in with Jeff on your way out to see how you’re doing I’m really disturbed by
those tissues check it out there you can cure attacks then this morning and look
at this thanks to your efforts some of our guys were able to stop an
adversaries attack that doesn’t mean you can get lazy on me
remember news and reporting calm just because you go home make sure to protect
sensitive information wherever you go Here I am at home with the American flag
and an eagle oh my god all right it’s time to browse the web alright let’s go
to my favorite site we just saw your boss just approved you to attend a
professional conference for work and the registration deadline is tonight get to
work wrong cookies pose a security risk a really good job you should confirm
that a site is encrypted and trusted before entering personal or financial
information so that’s why do you have to approve cookies now or every website you
go into it’s time to take care of some household items on your home computer
but first you’ll need to check the legitimate antivirus that’s installed on
your computer m10 antivirus Romania should always keep
all antivirus software of today okay alright looks like you’ve got an instant
message from your neighbor watch this Oh Oh what do I do correct
alright great job today completing your cyber awareness challenge thank you
I completed it can I print it I get a PDF let’s check it out the PDF is a
virus oh look at that Look at that everybody Hell yeah *wow, I do hope we got some reward also for doing the captions* I got a certificate I got a print this That’s awesome Alright I think that’s enough for one day There’s also an intelligence version. Jesus Christ Hope you guys enjoy this video. Did you learn something new? *Yes* Leave a like if you enjoyed. Hit subscribe I upload videos every single days. See you guys tomorrow. Also I have this new join button I call it sponsor button *money-making button for me* It’s a join button You get custom emojis *that’s a great deal please do join* You get private live streams *What a deal* Well not private but Only the people that are subscribed can join these live streams I’m going to do one every month And get these cool little plaque *Oh there’s more* Next to your username whenever you comment on my videos. So I know and other people know. That you are ultra bro *Wow* Am i right? *Yes* Okay that’s it Goodbye *slapfist* *The hands says: “Subs to ChadIsMyName”*

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  6. Whaling is a attempt to get to a VIP in phishing. Aka Hit a small fry (basic employee) and see if you can work your way up to a C level (CEO/CFO/CIO, etc.) user.

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