Spiritual WARFARE: Are You a SOLDIER (part of a COMMUNITY) or a GLADIATOR (fighting alone)?

now this is really an early church type of meeting because the majority of the early church were slaves they could only meet at night and that's why you know they'd fall out the windows when Paul went too long and died because they they work from sunup to sunset I mean the ones that had normal jobs that had any freedom at all and so whenever people gather you know on any night service it is so much like being conferred so what a blessing well let's see we're gonna have some question answers I started writing down but Holly right there has the microphone she's going to turn it on and then has one over there and if you have a question I'd like to just hear a few well I like to get three or four and then I could put the easier one and just back into this actually good what else this ones you did anything else there we go oh I am hello I am like see your tape like to see sorry Michael just five you how to do this fantastic see am okay no more I got that right stop these good questions the second half the reason I like this is because then I don't forget what he said and I don't forget what I remembered as you were talking I think and you have anybody else good we have one good a long time ago when I was far away because you know they sleep in erudite put two people and an in Calvin and Luthor's time they always saw the Pope in revelation and so it's just an anti-catholic fomenting of the anti Roman Catholic and so they strayed away from it and so because of that almost all denominations your way except for the ones that we would say a little some of them eccentric you know they're the ones that that are conspiracy people they're like you know I'm not trying to generalize or slammer anything but there just seems to be this group of people that like they read the newspaper looking for the New York Times or whatever and you know there are thousands there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions basically I got this if this is means an angel from the presence of God came down from heaven to the earth and all of those who are in your Bible with destroyer right you know happened in the y'all know the Passover in the exodus event one angel in one night could sign the firstborn of man and animal in the dark in homes with no electricity with no GPS and in one night without anybody hearing anybody we opened and there are all different and flames of fire actually it says it's the angles before the face of God they are the ones that stand there there are seven teams that obviously stop there like flames of fire around this room so there are demons in Section 412 in Revelation tells us that Satan in verse 4 through a third of the stars of heaven to the earth what I represented Revelation angels of stars and so Satan was a third of all the Angels and the dragon which we know interpret clothing that is it says in verse 9 the dragon who is the serpent from the Garden of Eden who is the devil from Matthew 4 who is Satan who deceives the whole world is the accuser in verse so yes sir a lot of angels probably seven orders of evil ones which exactly paralleled the seven orders of good ones which would be the highest name for the greatest preacher God ever created the greatest creation of God as far as power names like was Lucifer and it says in chapter 14 of Isaiah chapter 28 of Ezekiel he was the covering cherub he's different than all the rest and his speech of the fact that he was above the throne of God and next time you don't have a picture name of a parabolic flash you know one of those time it's like a an umbrella with light in it and before he fell was a respecter back of his own glory so furious up with his with his wings or whatever he has by the way if you read about it he has his wings I will be if you want subscribe with formed opening words uses like seven Wayne Grudem as a chapter in there how to deal with them and now he wrote this thing I don't know 20 years 15 20 years it was just at the beginning of the video gaming stops and mustard before the but 20 years ago but I mean it was just at the dawn of where we are and what he was saying is that there is an occultic influence coming through not only old games you know the tarot cards we keyboard you know the seance stuff in my crystal balls but he says now it's coming through in the games of demons like a band like Apollo like the destroyer and much more verse 25 therefore putting away lying like each one of you speak truth news neighbor never approach teaching of Ephesus we're leaving the content of his teaching in that school Terrenas in his his mentoring and pastoring in the cycling and he just wrote it down from when he was in prison so they'd remember what he taught him all those three years to his neighbors of one another the word because you put it in bold or highlighted or speak you just put the a cup ending on it's just very simple little and it's command so verse 27 Paul says in an imperative form nor the place that's interesting that we just built that he may have something to give it but no corrupt speech we know that verse 30 and do not leave the Holy Spirit of God so what he's saying is we have a choice every day here we go this is Brad left off in 2016 in you know we're supposed to others talking about this it's like we're running a or Beliebers and we're teaching about doing brain surgery and all they do is go to lectures but no one sees whether they come and most of them don't come very lecture they just churches the med school they kind of come when they and no one ever asked him what they heard in the lecture and certainly almost none of them have ever done brain surgery right yet they're going to med school and we graduate them no one is the modern Americans artistic tutorial it's just like football game we love to entertain and that's pride most roots is the better the front is the bigger the church gets I mean if the guy can you know be short and sweet to the point they like you out there every church ever pastored all the time how do we stir others and ourselves by talking aloud among ourselves number one and the ones that were believers we're talking about the Word of God and that's why Paul says that you need to serve the spirit which is the word you've got to get the Word of God into your life let the policy was the most important thing for spiritual warfare that's the original questions on that's been going very long and one question he said spiritual life is the greatest prevention of being absolutely absolutely filled with the spirit it's like they know over 100 about it and he read the next hundred times and he was not a passive reader in his office they have this this amazing fountain pen micro writing in his Bibles and you can just turn the pages and he's marking and highlighting in the eighteen hundreds with the thousands of workman's he had the seat in both antique Sally did the others journals there and he numbered every one the children wrote their name down wrote what they were like when they came wrote what he taught them it was all in different writings and it was over the course of time there and then he wrote whether or not they were able to lead him to Christ during their time in the orphanage the page that was open near there was worth the number four thousand eight hundred and it was early on this career because he got into the what are you praying in the seat from God for this prayers are legendary we all know that go who you seek to share the gospel with an evangelist when you're going through it happens to me all the time we get our passport pictures at Walgreens we travel so much I have too many stamps and I know on some pre-open page I think they want to open pages they don't want anything around there there's you know they want clear space double fold open for their visa so I met Walgreens get my 8 the our picture you know and the manager came and he said the pictures like the 10th question and I said well you know but I do like all over the world preaching the body can't meet a person she has landed you see are you interested in talking to them if you have a heart of compassion are you going to those people around here we were never designed so they help us by begging for whatever their cars or their boats for the kids we're all supposed to be the basis for me and the sorted using God's Word the combat and unbelief in my life they're really simple and the other parts the breastplate of righteousness over there over there he knows what we can bear he knows why he wants us to grow in trusting him and spiritual warfare the devil is shooting every dark need in trying to get as many fires going in our heart as possible that there are four attributes of God overwhelmingly when we go through to work there all of our life's challenges whether they're demonic or just financial or emotional God always loves it so God is not going to bring anything into our life to harm us God does not intentionally harm us you know any childish without reaching God always knows his wisdom means that God knew what that test would be he knew what that child would do he knew everything so nothing surprises that he doesn't learn anything God is always loving he is nothing he does everything else really your old spirit soul and body now bad look seven opposite of how we say we say body soul spirit because the body is big to us vodkas spirit soul and body the spirit and so it's the order so God thinks of us as a spiritual creature that has emotions and attitudes and the body and what he wants to do is he wants to move in he says give us a new heart a new spirit take away the stony heart and he wants to start producing a crop of the Cuban spirit the fruit of the Spirit is every part of my life that the ground is turned over to this cultivation and when I have emotions and attitudes of love joy peace long-suffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control and humility and my body is characterized by a humble walk and selflessness and hard work and those are attitudes he talks about her flesh and our body is always tied to our flesh that is kind of the old me it's it's the enemy of God you know it's kind of like the rebel the soul is almost neutral that's our emotions and attitudes and the spirit lost people are bad they don't really have this this indwelling presence of God and so the Spirit of God moves into our spirit and we were born and whenever we're jealous we have surrendered that part of our and how does that happen that season 6 season 6 says beware of the flaming darts of the devil remember that's what that field of papers for Satan knows our flesh is always there if he shoots the dardan he'll start making us jealous have you ever out of the blue we leave a place for the deadly bursts 14 and therefore having girded your way to the truth have your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace which means you live it the preparations you're living you want to share about take the shield of faith with you promises who stands behind his promises in fact the Scriptures tell us that God is watching and that's the shield of faith that God is there with verse 16 you will be able to build your life on stuff that's gonna burn irritation from my circumstances we have to work who asked the question to the Romans living in Rome we're supposed to be we must shed the old and put on the new through Christ every day and then a lifestyle of renewing our minds they say we can wear on us work we're withered by the media or most people you are you have the Internet where you are but we are supposed to not let the outward flood of stuff conform our minds but we're supposed to take our minds every day and give them that and be renewed by the Lord by presenting them back to him so the full armor of God is spiritual warfare and it's truth and righteousness and peace and faith and salvation and the Spirit is the word sorted food is the word and you notice the seventh piece most people even leave that out it's verse 18 you pray always what is prayer there is meaning God fastly denying myself player is mean even God seeking them and we pray in proportion to how much we think we need iam and so the bottom line is either we stand in the abundant life tables into the empty life of grieving we stand on the life of peace surpasses understanding which is ours already or we fall back into anxiety and the cares of this life Jesus said we stand in the life of God's all-powerful attributes the offers 100 about God's Word God's goodness God's plan it's Satan's playbook well I've exceeded our time I'll just answer the other questions in 30 seconds hardening hearts you guys if you read romans 9 there are two different words when it says that that infected body never just assume everybody knows look at romans – is the vessels fitted for destruction that is in the past tense in the Greek language people pardon they fit themselves for destruction verse 22 but if God one who chose wrath to make the power known endured with much long-suffering the vessels of Wrath prepared for destruction themselves you can't even see what I see so damn hardening the part does God harden the heart well since he hardened Pharaoh's heart but he hardened Pharaoh's heart because Pharaoh had denied directly the finger of God and so God hardened his heart and kept showing the more and more power and I will hug him to see stuff that no one else was seen but the indications was in Romans nine that God never actively hardens a person to destruction to damnation he allows to do that by the way when Chris John's head in Hebrews 6 you hit the bingo but the best way to understand Hebrews is this it's simple there are three hundred and three verses in Hebrews and in those verses you'll find two designations writer Ebru says and the writer of Hebrews is all the way talking about two groups he's talking about the believers and he's talking about them and what he says in Hebrews chapter 4 or chapter six four two eight two eight weird is impossible for those who were once enlightened a particular the heavenly gift and become partakers of Holy Spirit and tasted the good word of God and of the power it's all the way against them it's already clearly John 10 and Jude and everywhere else Jonah who nine is salvation is of the Lord how can you undo something God has done but if you believe that you saved yourself serially but this is not about is saving losing salvation is whether man initiates our salvation or God I mean that's the real question and the Bible by the YMCA this is doesn't mean that God double predestination people because it never says that the Bible gathers a predestined something some people to help God allows people to through their sins passively harden themselves and prepare themselves for help God is at work in the believers but he passively but the unbelievers will do their thing in this in be bruise it says that there's two degree the Hoboken fevers it's beautiful once you see it when he starts talking about them would look like losing he doesn't say you lose he says lady and so if you know that historical background is a group of people that leave know the gospel kind of knew the gospel they've been involved with Judaism when they kind of said that's kind of a nice field and then reading and this two verses later it's test go past your what before what and so is just like some people have directed their desires to hyper heterosexuality I mean it's just like salivating and lust court everybody others have then can like the greco-roman world where they worship the the toned muscular perfect but struggling with desiring homosexually satisfaction and desiring heterosexually satisfaction outside of merriment and not a loyal homosexual marriage marriages that designed it to be and in the u.s. is a cultural it's interesting that homosexuality is the only thing that's covered from Genesis to Revelation through and through in the Bible consistently as a skin I mean it shows up from Genesis 14 all the way through revelation 21 it's not like an Old Testament thing that's not from good writings not just from exercises from Leviticus it's all the way through in fact even in the minor prophets and in the major prophets there's always and so we have to be very careful about those that kinda make it to be a Jewish spring no it's a universal thing in the room in the world and so okay let's get the blood going I'm sorry father I thank you that before your presence with exceeding joy be glory and Dominion power

  1. I'm a gladiator.
    Gandhi said when asked what's the problem with Christianity? He answered "Christians".
    So true with so much corruption, hypocrisy, and immorality in most of the Christian faiths.

  2. These videos are so good. I learn so much. You've got a great way of explaining it, so even a simple guy like me can understand. God bless

  3. My family cannot find a church that isn't corrupt or haughty or whose leadership allows for correction; we keep church ourselves every weekend, we preach Christ crucified and repentance whenever possible, lead Christlike lives that can be observed, and admonish Amillennial madness as evangelism. John Barnett himself has recognised that there are only five seminaries (all branches of Masters Seminary, John MacArthur) that even teach the bible is real and inerrant. Corporate Churches are falling to the sin of Jeroboam and resemble Bethel 1 Kings 13 in the time of the Old & Young prophet and should be admonished but do not have ears to hear. Bless those that God has given a refuge in church; Calvary and Pastor Charles Lawson in Tennessee spring to mind.

  4. Now I recognize that somehow I was attacked…I use to work midnights and as I would get ready, turn on upbeat Christian music and sing along (which is odd I knew the words = ) not my genre for sure) anyway, by the time I'd be done and ready to leave I would be in a fit of rage because all while listening and singing little thoughts of what my partner did, said or didn't do would creep into my mind…by the time I'd leave for work, my partner would be wide awake, I'd be angry yelling, storm out the door like a tornado! I quit listening to the music because I'd always be put in a bad mood even though I'd start off with the best intentions. I just had an "ah ha" moment lol
    Thanks for all you do! God bless!

  5. Like #8 the forever soldier of soldiers praise high priest Jesus Christ prayer warrior's prayers up

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