Spanish Populist Party Vox Gains Foothold in Parliament | Janice Atkinson

first some really good news today but the populist party of Spain and friends of mine have shot from zero C's to 24 seats in the Spanish general election this party founded just five years ago has taken Spain by storm funded by great patriotic and hero santiago skel formerly of the Conservative Party he decimated the Conservatives yesterday and has stopped the extreme left for Mia government because sotas lost 71 C's so what does they believe it Vox believe in a small state lower taxes on controlling immigration just like the parties winning across Europe parties led by marine lepen Strucker salvini and builders the populist the parties of the people for the people just like Donald Trump they're against globalism and the funding of NGOs that work against the nation-state taking a phrase from Donald Trump's campaign and one of my they aim to make Spain great again there is a hard lesson here for Europe and the UK is tired and after date conservative parties the populist are coming to get you take Italy salvini is polling at 37% with the Conservatives trading at 9% Frances Conservatives have disappeared Nicola pen is national rally topping the European polls in the UK the brexit supporting parties are leading the polls the Conservatives of trailing the EU elections will see some huge changes conservatives and socialists will lose out to the populace it's delicious to watch it's time for conservatives to become conservative again I'm joined with the populist otherwise the dreams of lower taxes small estate and closing our borders and protecting our Western values will be lost so I say Viva Spain Viva Vox this is Janice Atkinson for the record medium I'll keep bringing you updates on breakfast and reporting that you won't get from the mainstream media please like and subscribe and hit that little bell soon rule never to miss another rebel video thank you very much you

  1. The U.S. media, especially digitally in the search, were extremely propogandic with headlines of "far right extremists taking over." The bias is unreal.


    Felicidades por los 80 escaños!!!

    Ahora vienen con tongazo en las elecciones, que duro es volver a la cruda y latente realidad.

    Lo mejor de Vox es como se creeen de manera ingenua "los votantes de este partido" todo lo que dicen sus líderes de 'extrema necesidad para sus propios bolsillos', no saben pensar, discernir o analizar cualquiera de las verídicas informaciones acerca de un partido fascista, misógino, homófobo, racista y xenófobo, dónde prima por encima de todo el interés personal por encima del bien común.

    Para ellos es todo Fake news, insultos gratuitos, risas manipuladas, cortinas de humo, engaños y manipulación por parte de el frente popular progre que son el mal de Hezpaña, manda huevos con éstos salva patrias, pero al final todo cae por su propio peso y la verdad sólo tiene un camino cuando vuelven a la verdadera realidad, después hablan de tongazo electoral.

    Sieg Heil Javier pistola Abascal, Rocío víbora monasterio, Javier Ortega Goebbels e Ivan Hendaya Casaplon Espinosa de los Monteros!!!

    Con 80 años de atado y bien atado de Franquismo; Borbones y los minoritarios poderes fácticos que siguen repartiéndose el cortijo nauseabundo y podrido ya tenemos suficiente.


  3. C’mon….Spain has Never Great!…Murdering Butchers and Thieves Yes!….Just look at the difference between the countries England founded..All stable ,prosperous nations..every last one of them..even India …then look at what Spain has created…Mexicans(generic term)…third world Shitholes from the US border to Tierra del Fuego….

  4. Im so glad to see at least one place on anglo speaking media that welcomes vox into spanish politcis, ive voted vox and ive to say that here in spain could have got even more seats but spanish media has completly boicoted vox propaganda and speech, also european left media

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