Spain Is Not A Federation: Autonomous Communities of Spain Explained

Spain is a country that functions a lot like a Federation without actually being a federation when the country is the Federation what that means is that it is a union of partially self-governing States under a central government this sounds like Spain which along with countrywide government has many autonomous communities that are self-governing these include not only the communities in the Iberian Peninsula but also the inflow territories such as one community for the balearic islands in the Mediterranean and another for the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa the cities of soy de Emilia on Morocco side of the strait in North Africa has special status as autonomous cities while Gibraltar on Spain side is not a part of Spain and is instead an overseas territory of the UK the autonomous communities were established during Spain's transition to democracy following the death of dictator Francisco Franco the framers of the new Spanish Constitution in 1978 wanted to maintain a unified indivisible Spanish state so they were careful to deliberately not make Spain a federation but at the same time needed to keep the Galicians Catalan and Basques happy who wanted more autonomy after being suppressed by the highly centralized Franco regime those communities can sometimes have powers that even exceed those of states in Federation's some have recognized distinct nationality have their own official languages and some even collect taxes independent of the Spanish government so in practice Spain behaves like a federation but in theory the Constitution only guaranteed a process the rich regions could become self governing but not itself established or list the powers of these entities instead the regions would later gain their right here a statute of autonomy which is similar to the process of awarding devolved powers in non Federation called unitary States this is an important distinction because in general the Constitution's of Federation's clearly outline the division of powers between the federal government and the members in unitary state the central government can change the powers of its sub-national divisions while in a federation the federal government must respect the members right and often constitutional reforms require consent from the members but at the same time the members must respect the powers of the federal state and cannot unilaterally succeed this distinguishes Federation's from Confederation which unions of sovereign states which retain the right to secede at any time for example Spain is a member of the European Union which is like Confederation since member states can leave by invoking article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon which established the EU Spain's complicated internal structure is a result of its history after the fall of the Roman Empire the local priorities of Latin used by the common people known as vulgar latin slowly diverged into the various Romance languages for centuries the north of Iberia would slipstream many Christian kingdoms while the South was under Muslim rule in each of the Christian kingdoms vulgar latin diverged into different languages such as coalition which is related to Portuguese Leone's air guineas and Castilian which are related to each other and Catalan which is distantly related to French but is more closely related to the occitan language that existed in southern France before being mostly replaced the French the Basque language in the period mountains is not a Romance language it's not even in the indo-european language family of most modern European languages and so is likely descended from a language that existed in those mountains from before indo-european languages spread into Europe the Castilian language became dominant following and spread during the Reconquista and became language of a unified Spanish Kingdom and is commonly known as Spanish in other languages as well as among some Spanish speakers however Galician Basque and Catalan identities remain strong so they were allowed to quickly establish autonomous communities by the method outline in the Constitution when Spain became a democracy the rest of Spain gradually created their own autonomous communities and now they cover all of the in territory the autonomous communities are composed of one or more provinces of Spain which are themselves composed of municipalities this means most of Spain has four levels of government municipal provincial the regional governments of the communities and the national government the autonomous cities in North Africa take on the powers of a municipality province and a community some communities are large and cover many provinces but some like Madrid established specifically to make administering the capital easier contain just one in general all the communities have control over their finances and are in charge of education health and social services but other powers are on equally distributed among the communities some communities have their own civil code which means they have their own method of dealing with non criminal legal decisions and these communities have co-official languages along with Spanish delicious delicious and Basque is a co official language in the Basque Country along with the bass speaking areas of neighboring d'Ivoire Valencia has a variety of catalan called Valencian and Catalan itself is co official in the Balearic Islands and Catalonia additionally Catalonia recognises occitan as co official as is spoken by some in border regions as well Aragonese and Austrian are considered protected languages in their namesake region and both Eastern and Galician are protected in castile and Leon Catalonia Navarre and the Basque Country have their own police forces well Navarre and the Basque Country are communities of chartered regime which means they collect the taxes within their territory and then send a portion to the national government to cover its responsibilities all the other communities are part of the common regime where the situation is reversed some communities notably Catalonia want more powers devolved and there are some desire in Spain to become fully federalized but currently stain is still technically a unitary state if you enjoyed this video you might like this one about Russia or this one about Spain's tiny neighbor Andorra which makes Catalan and has two princes one is a bishop in Catalonia and the other is the president of France

  1. Videos like this for Indonesia, India, and China are still coming. I'm also thinking of doing a video about the origin of the name Middle East, as well as explaining the difference between Arab and Muslim with Venn diagrams, since a see a lot of people in the comments of my previous videos getting those two things confused so I figure its something that would be useful.

    If your country has really complicated subdivisions like Spain and Russia then I might also do it as well.

    What do you think about the audio? I tried some new things while I'm waiting on the good microphone I ordered to arrive.

  2. Really nice work. There are just so many videos out there that lack any substance and it makes for good explanations hard to find.

  3. Finnish, not Finish, Finnish language, Finish Line, other than that a good video, educational and easily understandable

  4. As a Spaniard you actually did a pretty good job. I am surprised that a foreigner knows a lot about Spain since even us Spaniards don't understand our country.

  5. Wouldn't this also make the US not a federation, since the 10th amendment gives states literally every power not granted to the federal government, instead of listing them?

  6. Woah… I've been convinced that spain doesnt exist all day. And this absolutely affirms that. The subconcious is a strange thing my friends..follow it and you might just learn something.

  7. The tittle in spanish is wrong. It should be "Espa帽a no es una federaci贸n: Comunidades aut贸nomas de Espa帽a explicadas"… or, if you want a shorter tittle, "Las comunidades aut贸nomas de Espa帽a explicadas"… The traduction that is on right now, says "explicaron", as if the communities were the ones explaining something.

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