Spain elections 2019: Small parties take center stage | DW News

It’s being described as Spain’s most divisive
general election in decades. Voters head to the polls again today – for
the third time in four years. The party of Socialist Prime Minister Pedro
Sanchez is expected to get the most votes — but may not garner enough support to form
a government. That means he’ll need the backing of smaller
parties, which are enjoying a surge in support. Many voters are still weighing their options. There’s still plenty of indecision on the
streets of Madrid. Polls show about four in ten Spaniards don’t
know who to vote for on Sunday. For many, it’s no longer simply a choice between
the two traditional parties – the center-left Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, or the center-right
People’s Party. “I am going to vote for the left wing party
Unidas Podemos, because the traditional parties have deceived us too often. They were involved in so many corruption scandals
and have never delivered on their promises.” “I think it’s great that there are now more
than only two alternatives. I couldn’t identify with any of the traditional
parties but there weren’t any other real options.” The far-right Vox party looks set to win seats
in the national parliament for the first time. It’s predicted to win at least ten percent
of the vote with its populist, anti-immigrant and anti-feminist message – a sentiment that
resonates with many. “I like how they defend Spain and our civil
liberties, they want to cut taxes and put an end to the gender ideology that promotes
abortion and criminalizes men. We young people are sick of our traditional
politicians, doing the opposite of what they promise.” 40 years after the end of General Franco’s
dictatorship, Spain finds itself with a resurgent far-right – just like many of its European
neighbors. “Spain’s traditional parties will no longer be able to form a
government on their own. So it’s the small parties that will determine
who will run this country for the coming four years.”

  1. Lefties are scared of vox party because it is achieving many people support them, that is why lefties are trying to remember franco in order to prevent people vote to vox party, but it has nothing to do, it is just fear.

  2. I think VoX party rise as a result on migration which avoids the sentiments of common Spaniards
    Stay safe and strong Espanol

  3. Cheering for VOX, I’m exited to see if they’d do better then they’d expect which honestly I really really feel like they might actually get more then expected 😀

    Down with the leftists internationalist establishment 👏🏻👏🏻XD

  4. Spanish in-fighting is famous, be it elections or some local bar. However, the nation is pretty much sold out between Germany, America and tourism (economically and fiscally) And by the way, Catalunya is still up for Independence, screw the ultra-right wing Vox and their bible hugging xenophobes.

  5. Everywhere in the world you will find Spanish immigrants and their descendants. Then this party seeks to spread messages of hate against others. Strange.

  6. Root problem: Evolution has been proven true. So going back, hanging on to the past is not Realistic.
    Change, turmoil, and religious violence; but Humanity moves forward and the Fantasy World of Religion fades away.
    AND: Largest Child Sex Abuse Ring in Human History = Catholics, not a good thing. mcg-truth

  7. The recent history driven by fragmentation and independence is probably the main theme for the elections. So the big question goes about if they are willing for Multilateralism or bipartidism. Many political parties or rather just a few. Whats the political best formula for the times of Europe.

  8. What many people who are supporting this type of trendy right-wing( if we can even call it right-wing)
    nationalism fail to remember is that most European countries
    have their own cultural differences. You can shout '' let's make Spain great again'' the same way the Catalans and Galicians can also do the same for their ''countries''.
    It's just like the Brexit referendum in the sense that the arguments used for and against leaving the EU can also be applied to the Scotish referendum. You're legitimizing future nationalist movements that will work against you and your country.

  9. Very tight elections for sure! First after-ballot polls published less than an hour ago give the left block a slim majority, but they would need the seats of periferic nationalist parties if they wanted to surpass the majority benchmark.

    However these polls award Vox 36-38 seats and I believe it's the party with the most hidden vote and I think they will get a few more seats, probably surpassing Podemos.

  10. Lol the right are such pansies. They think that there is an attack on Men and that Islam is going to ruin everyone. Can't wait for the videos of the right getting into a massive orgy.

  11. Anybody watching main stream media in the UK (BBC, SKY TV) recently, would have thought that the Socialists had already won (even before Spain voted) and later, that they had won by a HUGE majority, eclipsing all other parties. As we now know, this is NOT the case; there ARE a sizeable number of people in Spain who don't vote for the left. The totally biased BBC et al., need to stop pretending otherwise and spreading false pictures to suit their own agenda.

  12. I am spanish and Spain is not a democracy, its a dictatorship ruled by the socialist party, they cheated in the last elections giving almost the final results just a few minutes after the places where people give the votes closed, which is impossible to count million of votes in a few minutes, there is not innocence presumption for men if women are involved, which is illegal but here law means nothing, a woman just have to call police and they take man to jail without any judgement, and now they made another law (Real Decreto-ley 14/2019) 2 days before this elections where they say they can censorship the internet without the need of any judge, which makes this country like China

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