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right after the New York Times reported on Sunday afternoon the Deutsche Bank flag Donald Trump for foreign money laundering in 2016 and 2017 Trump suddenly decided that he needed to create a distraction by threatening Iran the thing is we've seen him do this before to a different country and he's even recycling his own verbiage here's the juvenile idiocy that Donald Trump tweeted about Iran if Iran wants to fight that will be the official end of Iran never threaten the United States again sound familiar back in September 23rd 2017 when Trump needed a distraction he posted this tweet just heard foreign minister of North Korea speak at UN T echoes thoughts of little Rocketman they won't be around much longer we all know how that one ended up playing out had been bluffing all along when it came to his threats against North Korea not only did it work as a temporary distraction from his scandals it set things up so Trump could later swoop in and save the day by cutting the world's worst deal with North Korea so much for Kim jong-eun not being around much longer it sort of puts a damper on Trump's threat to bring about the official end of Iran we have no way of knowing what Donald Trump will end up doing with regard to Iran but thus far every bit of it has come across as a convenient distraction to his worsening criminal scandals and an attempt at setting the stage so he can eventually take credit for fixing the Iran mess he's creating we'll see but Trump has played this game on us before

  1. trump in action. When you get caught. Change the subject. Put tRumpf in jail where he belongs! Money Laundering for the Russians. Now you know why when Putin calls, trump jumps. Put trump in jail. He is a traitor!

  2. He better not take America to war he has no allies left if America needs help even then I doubt they would want to be involved in a war which nobody will wi

  3. Nobody on this planet is scared for dumb donny but the American people.
    Don the con is corrupt and time for him to go.

  4. This toxic criminal will eventually alienate those who are enabling him.
    Lying about absolutely everything tends to catch up with you.

  5. He will start a war and kill our children and other people's children just to cover up his crimes as the GOP stand by and watch!

  6. In a perfect world, his statement about Iran would be an absolute case for the 25th amendment.

    ANYONE who has reservation about Trump being insane; because they are not a trained professional; because he has not been examined by mental health professional, anyone who needs all that to know Trump is INSANE is selling themselves short.

    Trump is insane. No question, no reservation, pure and simple.

  7. If you really want to make America great again go on live TV and blow your fucking brains out you worthless scum piece of shit the only way you could do anybody any good is if they ground you up to fertilize Michelle Obama's vegetable garden

  8. Donald Trump is reckless and dangerous and a stupid mother fucker this president is not fit to be in the White House or to make decisions he's a fucking moron.

    He needs to be locked up in federal prison for his crimes.

  9. Just about everything he does is designed to distract people from his criminal activity.
    In the case of Iran, knowing tRump's history, just start with the idea that the president will not be hidden away in a secret bomb-proof bunker, but will actually lead his troops. He can prove his leadership AND make up for his 5 draft dodges, PLUS…he will get a uniform, just like all his other dictator buddies.

  10. Like most bullies, Trump is a coward and no American should be comfortable with this imposter of a leader involving us in an unnecessary war concocted for political purposes that would allow him to hide behind the lives of our young men and women in uniform. He has no legitimacy or credibility as our President and he sure as hell has no legitimacy and credibility as our Commander and Chief.

  11. Iran has never threatened the USA instruction distraction distraction the only country threatening anyone is the USA your the ones sending war ships and bombers your the only only ones on a war footing trying to provoke Iran the the draft Dodger acting the big man if you start a war the blood will be on your hand and that of that shithawk Bolton.

  12. Trump is a CHICKEN-HAWK If he has to fight he has a spur on his fee = coward. E=When someone else can fight for him he has talons for fingers.

  13. take all his power away from him now before it is to late he has proven time and time again he is sick. with dem. he a liar a cheat a dead beat con man a draft dodger please for god sake do some thing now. g.o.p. needs to stand up now and get the rats off the ship.

  14. The fittest president ever to serve office, HAHAHA! My GOD, his head is the size of TWO BOWLING BALLS WITH FLAPPY JOWLS!!

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