On this episode of China Uncensored, this advanced technology could secretly make
you sick, and the whole time you’d have no idea what’s
going on. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your… wait do you hear that?! It’s like some kind of subtle and vague, but abnormal sensations of sound and pressure. “…we got a health alert saying, I can read you part of it, a US government employee in China recently
reported subtle and vague, but abnormal sensations
of sound and pressure.” Wow! Are they sure it wasn’t just from watching
CNN? On Wednesday, an embassy spokesperson reported that an employee in the US consulate in Guangzhou …experienced a “variety of physical symptoms” between late 2017 and April 2018. The employee was sent back to the United States, and diagnosed with a “mild traumatic brain
injury.” This statement from the embassy warns, “While in China, if you experience any unusual acute auditory
or sensory phenomena accompanied by unusual sounds or piercing
noises, do not attempt to locate their source. Instead, move to a location where the sounds
are not present.” Which sounds really creepy. Especially since it’s consistent with what’s
called a sonic attack. And no, that’s not the newest burger from
Sonic. A sonic attack uses weaponized frequencies that can’t be heard clearly by the human
ear, but can trigger very real physical responses. The BBC says some of the symptoms include, “vertigo, vomiting or uncontrollable defecation.” Which is also a symptom of your late night
Sonic Attack. According to the US Secretary of State, what happened to the US diplomat in China
is medically similar to what happened US diplomats in Cuba back
in 2016. “We had an incident in Guangzhou that was, that the medical indications are very similar and entirely consistent with the medical indications that have taken place to Americans working
in Cuba.” If you’re curious, Gizmodo has uploaded
that sound, which seems like an incredibly bad idea, but
hey, it’s the internet. Let’s take a listen. Yeah, it’s definitely Yanny. What’s that, Shelley? What do you mean, it’s Laurel? Ugh, well you’re obviously wrong. Anyway, enough of that! It’s time for another fan question. Brett, Uhh, Brett asks, Has China Uncensored gotten any offers from
Superfunds, SuperPACs or other geopolitcal groups to push
a specific political agenda? Good question. Let me put it this way. The other day we reached out to Audible for
sponsorship. You know, Audible, that advertises on everything. Well, apparently they felt China Uncensored
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  1. You bounce a high frequency signal off the room window glass, and it is modulated by the audio in the room. This is how to eavesdrop long distance, without installing microphones or other bugging devices, in the target room. In the 70's I made such a device using light. The problem with light is: you can see it. Why they don't just use microwaves?, I don't know. Maybe they will after reading this post?

  2. Cannot trust a word the libtarded corrupticratic television station, CNN, says. I am surprised it hasn't been blamed on our awesome President, Donald Trump.

  3. I noticed that when there's nothing realistic going on, fairytales based on scifi movies now take realism's place. I wonder if this is going to be the next magical device which totally works because we want it to, right after "Artificial Intelligence".

  4. Why did they go back to the USA for medical evaluations when china has awesome globally rated hospitals especially in tier 1 cities like Guangzhou

  5. Waiting for the 50 cent goons to start fighting on here for more restrictions… on themselves and their families.

  6. It's not so credible that only one worker of the US embassy got attacked by this sound wave….in all case it should be a bunch of them or the ones in the office

  7. Lol….Kinda remind me of my Manpack that we carried for Sonic Deceptions and loud speaker messages that we did in Psyops in the US ARMY.

    So this is highly plausible. We were able to aim our manpacks at mountain ranges and play sound bites that made the enemy think Apaches or drones were coming in for an assault. It was called a "Sonic Deception force multiplier." And for riot control we could amp the volume and send a feedback signal that led to a high pitched noise that hurt the ear drums of anyone we were targeting.

    Fun stuff. Sadly, we never starred at goats, or learned Jedi mind tricks as mentioned in a rolling Stones magazine article. Seriously, Rolling Stones did a cover story on how us psyop soldiers were being trained to learn Jedi mind tricks to persuade US Congress. As psyop I did meet many Congressman but it was more as a color guard for the flag. Congressman dont have time to spend more than a photo op with a soldier. Their Secretarys are pricks and extremely rude, and will stop the conversation if it last more than a "nice to meet you………"

  8. Just looking at how the CCP abuses dissidents in prison and uses facial recognition technology to surveil all citizens can explain that it is absolutely possible for China to perform a sonic attack.

  9. This has happened to a lot of people in the states it's called electronic harassment my neighbors have used the hi pitched frequency to harassed my family to sell their property

  10. On future weapons the US has made directional speakers and microwave non lethal area denial weapons so China may have made a version of these.

  11. Uh… this is odd. When I search ‘China Uncensored’ it doesn’t come up in the popular search. It used to come up, even when I just typed the word, ‘China.’ This is not good…

  12. I fucking the communist chinese we need to bring all industry back to the United States and declare war on those degenerate communist scum.

  13. "Sonic attack".

  14. Tell me…, why only US embassies and no others?
    First 'reported' in Moscow, then Cuba. Now in China?
    All only US embassies.
    Is tat strange?
    U figure it out.

  15. How long will the USA be silent with china and will say enough is enough and take everything from china?

  16. If anyone doubts the story just follow the link here as the US military already developed a weapon like this

  17. I hate to be that guy but according to scientist from the University of Michigan the “sonic attacks” in Cuba were the result of too many listening devices operating at the same time. The Miami Herald ran a lengthy article on it back in March. Of course it’s not as sexy a sci-fi sonic weapons so the report went no where.

  18. Does China have a strategy to systemically poison Americans (or competitors or non-Chinese) by introducing lead, neurotoxins, poisons into food supply or other means to make them dumber, less capable, etc? For example: lead in baby toys, melamine, fentanyl, drywall, furniture 'flame retardant', etc. Or is this all a fluke?

  19. Nothing is a threat to United snake of America except peace warring barbarian American hate peace and development in the world any countries which are rich in natural resources and oil are a threat to the Yankees

  20. No nation on the face of this planet is a military threat to America, and if you think otherwise.. you literally don't understand what military spending is

  21. You would have 12k in the bank if everyone who's watched this vid (up to now) donated 50 cents; 250k if each of your subs did.

  22. The next great challenge is: getting people to understand that the USA and other 'nice' countries are using sonic, electromagnetic, and other types of weapons on their own citizens, too.

  23. This has been happening all over Maryland. At the university and other locations. Some people seem not to notice the sound or nausea.

  24. When I complain about this, my doctor tells me it's tinnitus and untreatable and tells me to fk off but still wants $120. Man our healthcare….. Also, we could send Guile, and he could sonic boom it… especially if he was played by JCVD and could team up with Raul Julia (rip) to destroy the real commies

  25. Researchers think the sound that was recorded is actually the audible product of two different inaudible ultrasonic sounds combining, perhaps from devices installed by different parties unaware of each other. See: "Finally, a likely explanation for the sonic weapon used at the u.s. embassy" by Jean Kumagai, IEEE

  26. Chris (staff)
    I have been watching your show for quite a long time now and thanks to the non-stop great quality, your sense of humor and accuracy / truthfulness ( unlike CNN ), I will continue to follow you !! Thank you and your behind the scenes staff for all you do !!

  27. The Chinese have the highest intelligence on average of any other country. Wouldn't surprise me if this weapon originated there.

  28. I wonder if any agents from China have approached Chris in an unfriendly way since he’s uncovering some very unpopular topics and information of the CCP. They seem to try to shut everyone up.

  29. Sonic attacks are an urban legend embraced by the US government because it is run by idiotic bureaucrats. Subsonic vibrations loud enough to cause health problems would feel like an earthquake and the whole building would shake loudly – not exactly a covert attack.

  30. Wait since we heard the noise does that mean it would affect us now?

  31. In the past I have heard really annoying ultrasonic sounds produced by small vaccum devices that the rotating motion of the engine generates an ultrasound at a short or medium distance.

    Now my neighbour went out for a couple of days I think and a very annoying ultrasound comes from the alarm box. Its high frequency resonates to the most inner ear channel and probably resonates also to some parts of the brain if enough exposure is made. As the sound is stronger in one room and in the bathoom I guess it could generates dizziness and partial desorientation if enough time of exposure.
    Another person who entered the room and was unaware said that starting to hear tinnitus, sickness and dizziness.

    The alarm rpviders as well as the tv and cable providers can actually modulate and excert control from the headquarters to each of their clients with actual technology.

    I dont think that type od sound pollution s legal anywhere. That could well be a sound attack.

  32. My mobile phone attacked me with a high sonic blast it took over my movements and fried half my brain in the first U.K mobile phone sonic blast attack or weapon of mass destruction.
    Hi, public warning broadcast Smart Phones are a weapon of mass destruction with a High Sonic Blast to your brain & the phone can take over your functions and fry your brain.
    Please publish my story to warn others about these new mobile phones that can wipe you brain and turn you into a Dolly The Sheep or a terrorist.
    Here is my video just before the sonic attack
    Here is my video 3 weeks after the mobile sonic attack
    You can clearly see me before the attack i was happy and well & after the attack i am a different person
    I am under a medical team my G.P the crisis intervention team & mental health doctor they all are doing a great job looking after me, the medication i am on is very strong and i can only have 1 milligram twice a day.
    We are just waiting for a brain scan now to see how much damage has been done to my brain,
    Just after the sonic attack i was like a robot with no mind or soul or thoughts i am getting better but still have a long recovery ahead.
    I still have no thoughts and no short term memory.
    Please run my story so that i can warn others of the danger from modern mobile phones
    The people who monitor mobile phones must be the ones responsible for this attack, i fear it is A.i that logs what you are doing and it sends a high sonic blast through your mobile phone and it can view what you are doing in real time and see the attack being performed on you as my hand was being forced off my mobile phone and felt my brain being taken over,
    If this is what A.i can do we better shut it down now before it decides to attack everyone with their mobile phones.
    I think this is how they get people to become terrorists by taking over them completely.
    i have been trying to get my story published in the main stream media but i don' get a reply back.
    Please help me get my story to the masses.
    Shaun Kenyon


  34. MK Ultra sub project. Confirmed, known fact, based on verifiable US Gov released docs.
    As I go on please forgive the errors caused by voice to text…
    Nixon ordered it all destroyed but seven boxes of financial documents survived due to a clerical error, and made it out via FOIA.

    US government cannot admit to this being resurfaced cold war mind alteration technology for two main reasons… The first reason is that although it is already public information, they don't want to remind people that they were experimenting on the unwitting US public (by the millions literally) as well as torturing many many US citizens without any kind of consent Etc..

    The second reason that they can't exactly admit to this is because you only pretend to stop 250 advanced scientific brain research programs, you don't actually stop them. you rename them, you move them into colleges, you move them overseas, you start "private companies" and develop them under the auspices of something else..

    Also since the time when this stuff was revealed, there have been judgments that change the cia's ability to operate domestically…

    Even admitting that they know what the "Sonic attacks" are and how they work would be admitting to all of this horror which has led to and become the basis for what we are seeing with social media censorship and social controls in the post truth era that began in 2016.

    MK Ultra is even how we developed the doctrine for programs like the white helmets… It's where we explored the use of false flags on the human mind.

    One really sick aspect to think about is that the reason the stories of mad-men in the twentieth century always wanting to tell stories about "evil doctors implanting electrodes in their brain to control their mind"… it's because there was actually hundreds of doctors around the United States of America paid under "sub projects of ultra" putting electrodes in the brains of mostly unwilling patients in attempts to control their mind, this actually happened and these people were actually victims and the media covered it up by making that the modern case for what crazy person sounds like when most of these people were actually just someone that had maybe one you know "semi violent outburst". It was even a. Of time when certain organizations were working to spur the civil Rights riots in the United States and they were pitching this technology developed under Ultra as a way to make Urban neighborhoods nonviolent.. Their program was moved to the ivy leagues and funded by Rockefeller…

    Sicker even yet, is that despite this all being verifiable fact, historical record, even in US government documents, but if you try to tell anybody about it or make a big stink about it they will still try to put you in a hospital and mess with your brain.

    That's the country we still live in, the same people are running it today as were then. Those programs didn't stop. It's free will that is stopping. We aren't giving up all of our freedoms one by one by choice. the feedback loop that technologists are all describing isn't about serving you better use your data and advertisements it is about better controlling you, and they are even saying it outright, and everybody just claps….

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