Solano Community College

set your path to Solano Community College and allows Solano Community College to define you flying in the rich Green Valley Beauty Solano Community College is where futures are made and lives are transformed our campus has been an integral part of the local landscape for over 65 years currently offering a diverse range of two-year associate degrees and certificate level courses students of all passions and interests can discover world-class education in their very own backyard SCC opens the door to a lifetime of opportunity and success we are so happy to share with you the good things at Salado Community College means to the community and to anyone who really needs our services whether you're high school students just graduating on employers who need training we are here for you our coursework includes something for everyone offering programming and nursing cosmetology biotechnology green technology robotics Aeronautics and theater and CC offers the most award-winning departments in Northern California SCC film students can follow in the footsteps of esteemed alumnus and acclaimed Hollywood director Joe Carnahan learn all you need to know about the entertainment industry from George McGuire Hollywood actor and director famous for Fight Club Pursuit of Happyness and the sweetest thing many SCC graduates have prevailed into established universities such as Berkeley Stanford Harvard Julliard and Yale SCC has become the Gateway to the growing technical firms in the expanding community and beyond every student is given the chance to have their dreams realized and potential maximized offering to campus centers in Vallejo and Vacaville Solano Community College is a launching pad to a bigger and brighter future Solano Community College transforming student lives

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