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 The leftwing grassroots organisation campaigning was a huge reason behind Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to become the leader of the party in 2015 Now Momentum has transformed into the main group leading the way for Mr Corbyn’s election campaign  However, a poster on the walls in the group’s headquarters boasting of the implementation of a socialist government under Mr Corbyn  The poster says, “Days till Socialism” accompanied with a countdown to the election date  The group has grown from around 13 employees to at least 30 staff in order to help surge Mr Corbyn to the office next month  The organisation gained widespread attention for helping the Labour party take away a Tory majority in 2017  Speaking on the group’s purpose, national coordinator, Laura Parker told Vice: “The story of the 2017 election is that essentially, Momentum, along with the leadership, had a very bold, positive, energetic approach to campaigning which wasn’t based on simply defending Labour seats  “We did much, much, much better than anybody thought we would, and a large part of that was down to the fact that Momentum members just thought, ‘Stuff it’ ” Despite its electoral intentions, the group has also been criticised for its aggressive campaigning strategy  The group was thrust into the spotlight in September after its founder, Jon Lansman attempted to stage a coup to oust then deputy leader Tom Watson   Before his resignation, Mr Watson had clashed with the Labour leader over the party’s Brexit stance  Speaking of the group, member and director of the centre-left pressure group, Compass, Neal Lawson said at the time: “There were always two Momentums  “A praetorian guard for Jeremy Corbyn, and a vanguard for a new politics that is bottom-up, creative and participatory ” Mr Corbyn’s and his former deputy’s clashes over Brexit have symbolised a rift within the party of how it should angle itself on the matter   Ahead of the debate tonight, John McDonnell was quizzed by Sky News host Stephen Dixon this morning on how the Labour leader would respond to questions on Brexit  Mr Dixon said: “The first half of it is going to be about Brexit, what on earth is Jeremy Corbyn going to say? “He can’t tell us what he wants to see happen ” However, Mr McDonnell replied: “Of course he can, he’ll say very straightforward what our policy is, we go in we negotiate in a very limited period of time a sensible deal that we can put before the British public  “We’ll put that before the British public, they will also have the option to leave and remain on the ballot paper so, therefore, the people will decide ” The exchange between the pair comes as Boris Johnson shared a letter on social media claiming that the leader of the Opposition had avoided questions on Brexit  On Monday night, Mr Johnson wrote: “Tonight I’ve written to Jeremy Corbyn to ask him whether he’s made up his mind on Brexit Trending  “Because that is why we are having this election, to end the gridlock, get Brexit done, and move on as a country ” The Prime Minister also urged the public to vote for his part in order to break the current Brexit uncertainty which is hurting British businesses on Monday  Although the Labour Party has clearly stated that it would negotiate a new deal before holding a second referendum, it has also insisted that it will not define its Brexit stance until after the election

  1. Who remembers " Militant " back in the 1970,s in Labour..
    Here we go again, pinko Trotskyites… We used to have a car industry, remember Red Robbo ! Fifth columnist and the wildcat strikes , didn't he do well. Wrecked it .. Bet his master's in Moscow were pleased …

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