Social media advertising in the hospitality industry, the nightlife Podcast season 3 episode 3.

season 3 episode 3 welcome back to the night life podcast and here we have our special guest our expert I know you remember his face because you've probably seen him a few times or so actually I think I think it's the third time you're here this is the third time yes where can people find you because I keep forgetting that and with you I promised myself I was I'm going to forget the hashtags and all those things first looking pop everywhere looking pop on Instagram Facebook and online as well you are looking pop – thank you so much I like the color of your shirt but I never imagined those of the show anyways guys we are here from Exim bakery here in Brickell Miami and today we're gonna continue what we've been talking about kind of in the past couple of episodes the first week we spoke about an app and nightlife app and then on episode 2 we spoke about chatbots and in both cases we ended up mentioning social media and social media advertising okay and that's the one thing that I want to make sure that every time that I have anything that has to do with that subject I got to bring the guy who knows best so first of all my you can find the book on Amazon you can find me at the nightlife entrepreneur on Instagram and you can find all of our episodes on nightlife podcast calm remember iTunes automatics qualify YouTube wherever you like video audio all the versions this is actually episode number 53 in totally that amazing man and I see when we talk about social media advertising stuff when we get into that we'll talk about that about consistency and and and and also prepping for yourself for write for for all the content that you want to put out and we'll talk about that later but so on that episode 53 that says that that shows that you have big think that a lot of people miss which is being consistent in an idea and making it happen right and it hasn't been easy yeah I mean you know and you understand you know the whole you know from the creating Kahn's content to to you know being able to find the place as the people that you're gonna interview and it's it's complicated when it gets out of your hands because it's not all up to you yeah you know if there's other factors that affect it makes it more complicated but yeah so the main thing I want to talk to you about video is that is anything that has to do with paid advertising I don't I don't want to focus so much on the organic posting on social media but I want to talk to everybody out there that's in the industry in the hospitality industry whatever area may be food and beverage in general you know restaurants clubs bars hotels just you name it promoters from owning companies event producers whatever it may be I've been seeing more and more that a lot of the people that are out there are not actually using paid ads or that if they are they're using them the wrong way or okay you know or what I see a lot is like boosted posts yeah for example and and the main thing is that all of the effort that I see is only put in like 99 percent on Instagram and of course we'll get into Instagram but we're getting to ensuring as the main thing is obviously a lot most of the people that are probably watching here are very concerned about how to do Instagram but right because it is it is the number one platform at this moment that you know it depends on on your target who you talking is it so we start from there first we have to figure out you know what are the ages of the people that are going to do event or booking your shows or go into your restaurant or going to do it or to your place of entertainment per se no right so after you figure that out then you have to know which form applies because if you have a young crowd then you know even Instagram will be out of style or even a better idea to do a little bit advertising on a snapchat for example so I know for example when I wrote the book it was 2 years ago so when the book was written yeah things have changed from that moment on so that's one thing that I mentioned in the book that you have to keep updated with social media and when I say updated with social media it's not what happened this year and last year no it's what happened two hours ago yeah it's crazy how it moves how fast it moves and you know everybody talks about the challah rhythm and algorithm an algorithm which in the end is that one thing that nobody understands nobody knows but algorithm reviews and you got one guy up there going great you know having fun with the algorithm yeah challenging to figure it out because you know but I think if you focus on it's hard to keep up also right what were the changes but you know that question is this when you are and like you said we're gonna stay off from Instagram for now but yet yeah we're always end up there when you are using paid ads you know in whatever platform does the algorithm still apply to pay that well I mean if you are having organic engagement right to your good content it in and I'll go back to – first of all I started with the audience so knowing your audience is number one the number two that I would think I will do is is figure out what the what the content is gonna be so you know we're platform to place and about audience you're talking about who your crowd is your knees your people your target audience 100 obviously I mean you if we turn into business owners or promoters you you're starting for something that's already been done maybe if you have owned a business and you own a pressure on you know who the people are so you it would be a good idea to target people similar to the people that are actually visiting your your spot or going to the parties already right so if you have parties every Friday and you have a crowd of 21 and 20 21 to 25 or 27 right or on their 30s you know I will find a different platform than 30 plus right and then on the engagement on the engagement side if it matters or not when it comes money when it comes to doing paid ads they obviously does because if the content is good and if is engaging organically it would be a much cheaper way to put an app and advertising budget not a boost for like an advertising budget to good content throughout all the platforms correct right so yeah so I did mention actually something in there regarding for example snapchat I always saw it as the youngest demographic game you know it's it's a little more of a funny kind of fun thing people making funny faces all that guys you know I still I don't use snapchat much I go in there I check it about currently I don't understand it let's start with snapchat if you guys have a young crowd even it's funny cuz in the advertising platform if you guys don't know what it is you what I'll do is just Google like spot em snapchat ads and I think it's ads that snapchat or snapchat ATS to do something like that but if you google it will pop up sign up to Sam sign up on that you have to apply and then they'll they upset you and then you get a submission email okay or whatever then when you're when you have a set up an asana and again able to advertise advertise on snap yeah it's gotta be approved yeah you once you're approved then you're able to set up these ads and the funny thing be an agency like you were I mean I applied as an agency I haven't applied as a single in like as an individual but I'd most likely they if you could you have to like write what your what your company is about are you gonna advertise it so after they once you have that access right it's funny cuz when you're gonna set up your first ad oh sorry I'm eating this don't worry amazing cake while you talk you see that that the ages the age group comes up to 30 okay that's the vault really yeah no wonder when I saw that I'm like wow it's a good thing as you know if you target is on the 30th this is a good platform to me so what I will do there and just create content for snapchat you know a lot of selfie videos using the filters try to come up with a filter of your place that would be a good way I know you want to talk a little bit about technology you know right now you can create the BR filters and and in there a lot of websites that you can go to our filter is a filter that when you you know like when you put your face it that's something on your face like a mask or something okay that's what snapchat though you can do it also on Facebook and Instagram as well but try to use the resources on the snapchat for example that are for snapchat right don't create your filter Korea your your when people come they can use your your your place or whatever and then you know focus on marketing budget for that okay I mean and then you can jump from off to other platforms but as reminders I use them you know if your main target is on the 30 then I in my opinion you can take a lot of advantage using snapchat and then write supporting with Instagram and then a little bit of Facebook as much how about YouTube what do you see on YouTube for when it comes to advertising for the hospitality industry is that a platform that that you see any advantages on or I mean cuz I know you for example you can do well you know the fact you can do a lot of video that's one but the second thing is understanding that YouTube is owned by Google yeah the fact that there's together I mean Google is Google yeah I mean it's like so anybody that's gonna Google something you know your your video is gonna come up if they're good you know the right terms or whatever that you were posting on if you guys want to start advertising on YouTube and Google also the same thing as snapchat you have to apply for like an advertising account Google literally YouTube ads or YouTube so out of all platforms you know out of all the main platform so we don't go crazy talking about yeah twitch and all the other but but if we talk about okay so so Google YouTube Instagram Facebook snapchat yeah let's do it at that main platforms which ones you need to apply the three that you mentioned you apply snapchat you don't apply to Google but you have to like a create an account and it'll feel right your your company information sense is our fault it's just ads now just add that Google okay and because they just updated a platform not too long ago but they're the difference between running an ad on YouTube which you can is that you have a better more precise about your audience through Google so through the Google platform you create advertise on YouTube and then all the Google platforms that are there like blogs like it like your ads will show up on local websites like the Miami Newton's right here we have a pub website if they have the ad send you know for a code on their website and you your ad if you're talking in that audience then that your video will even show up those those kind of blocks and so from what I'm hearing the first thing you need to define is what your target audience is yes after you define what your target audience is you got you got to figure out where they're at what where they are the most most of their time so you know after you know what platform they're on then you got to figure out how that platform works yes so you got a you know apply for that you know whatever it is that you need to apply for and spend some time on it you know if you want to advertise on snapchat most likely you're gonna spend time on YouTube learning about that other plats why you guys are here exactly so so that's the way now after you decide and you are approved and you have everything set each platform probably has a different way to advertise on it all right so meaning you know there's video there's audio there's you know written word there's stories there's posed there's you know the video it all really depends right there's blood so on each one of the platforms and and let's leave Instagram for last because I think we're gonna end up dedicating a little more time to that okay long what what what do you see like on YouTube what kind of content would people have to create in order to place an ad on you can literally create an ad for your business like if you are a restaurant like right here I will just do a video of the food and the stuff that I think so here right you actually like what I'm trying to say is that you don't have to actually upload content like this right you know to be able to advertise on YouTube you can just so you said I'm an ad so you do it basically kind of like the way a commercial on TV yeah yeah yeah you can see but you do it yourself you can do it with your actual phone actually I mean if you don't have the budget to hire somebody sure to do so well is it's easy nowadays to do actually but you know give you a good tool for that there's a tool that I my team started using now for like quick videos animation or like videos we're like for animations or stuff right with the photos and stuff correct it's by Adobe's which is a great they have like really good tools and integration with other apps it's called spark post post spark post and then there you have it on your phone and then you can you know record on and selfie if you don't have a big budget and then add some words to it you know yeah and then advertise that on the black you wanna advertise for if it's if it's snapchat I think it's less than ten seconds sure it's not like Instagram which is 15 it's 10 seconds and then I would do like a quick 10 second or so on every things I like about you to that video wise it's just I mean it works on a longer not really you have five seconds okay you don't even have ten on YouTube yeah yep countdown gives you five seconds okay so you have to your ad needs to be nice to say everything you need on five seconds Wow if you do if you wait to like this will come here basically we need someone like literally it's like the back in the I was a video app I even forgot like how a significant change you know well that it was like five seconds as well so it's the same thing if you do in snapchat it's ten Instagram is 15 Turk talking in the story you know vertical thing if you jump to to YouTube it's fine even if you do a 25 minute 25 second ad right you have five minutes for five seconds right you can be like whoa stay there for an extra two you know then you have like an 8 second 10-second you know effective advertising video right so what that's one thing if you advertise on YouTube think of your your information then you relish relevant information and cash to be in the first five snapchat 10 and then Instagram what do you think people should take a jump from doing it themselves to hiring people to do two things number one the video yeah production on number two the actual social media manager I mean and we jumped because you know one of the things I wanted to mention after the whole article go back to other created the audience when you decide with which platform where your audience is huh then you know open all the advertising platforms or whatever after you've done that then you have to decide what your marketing budget is all right okay this is like the one number one thing you know after all of that you know okay how much money can I put down does that money allows me to only pay for ads and do them myself and learn on the way or the dosa does that budget allows me to be efficient with the budget I'm gonna spend on these platforms but also have somebody you know taking care of that that that's where you need to figure out what your budget is do you I mean of course there is no number when it comes to marketing budget it's like I you think exactly it's up to you it's really up to you and and you know i I've seen and learned so many different tactics techniques percentages and you know you just take your series and don't go over this amount or percentage of what you you know you're producing away but the reality is that you want to grow and it really depends on where your stomach says I'm ready to do this or not I feel it that it's you know nowadays especially the fact that any of these platforms Google YouTube instagrams I don't know about snapchat when it comes to their ads yet I haven't used myself and Facebook all of them are under priced for what you get in the end it's the way that I see yeah the price even though that Google and YouTube are a little more now than they used to be yeah back in the day like today and still Facebook an answer I'm already went up also but still you can still get so much out of nothing well I think it's better you you'll get more out of that than pain I don't like a bus stop yeah yeah liar nothing works in that sense you know money-wise it son worth it for sure hey you get more for your books which is great and the reality is that if you if you decide the correct content for which is probably the next thing that you got to do well so yes exactly what that is gonna be and you have the target audience and you know you know you know the budget you have most likely after the first ROI the first return on your investment you're gonna all wait let me double that budget I think that's one of the things I wanted to mention about the budget thing right applies a lot to businesses I guess or like or like yourself like promoters mm-hmm because it's not like a conversion like you're not selling like you know this cup for a dollar so right you set in this cup for a dollar plus your marketing you know you can decide whether your marketing budget is on a percentage wise it's easier because you can say okay for this amount I sell these amount of cups but when it comes to like promotion you know I mean you can keep count you you keep count of what the people come into the door or whatever right but if you do figure out a way which is one of the things that we did for lmg of how to do a conversion then you are more precise on where your money is going right water can be a conversion a lead it could be a conversion how many how much money do I pay for this person to click on here and go to the choppa right you know that would be okay so each person is I don't know $3 $4 or whatever then you can go back to your you know budget and say okay how much money for 200 bucks I can how many people I can get to leave your phone number or whatever I'll go just go directly to the button right and interact with the button hey by the way and budgets on on Facebook for example there's people but just stop like five dollars a day yes I got and those budgets make a lot happen you know III know I've mentioned before that the three parts that you want to do with with any with advertising and organic also pay which is you know to commit to to connect to commit and convert yes all right so so now the ads I think also you should split that budget that the whole budget that you found into those three things yes the way that I usually do it you know I do that one I do percentage-wise and I usually stay more on the on the I'm sorry 20% on the Kinect yeah and about the same on committing yeah and then the rest the other 60% on actual converting because I'm attacking the people that have been you know connecting the people that are already committed and called you know traffic new complete new traffic that didn't know where so so that's one of the important things to that that you need to know who are you targeting and what do you want to say to them you know I mean and where you're gonna find them so so the way I see it also is like this and I'm gonna get to Instagram now which is where everybody you know what everybody uses and we're getting I think it's time to talk about them so people are on their phone most of the time right now now it's crazy it's it's everybody has a phone in their hands and everybody has access to it he's trigger means an app that I don't know I don't know if you know how many million people have it it's crazy numbers so the amount of people that you can reach well of course you're gonna target it down to the people that you want to reach or whatever but you need to think okay so what time do I want to reach those people you know what do I want to say when I reach them are their ads better if I do a produced ad or if it's me talking to them specifically so all those things you know coming to factor and I think in the hospitality business although I mean people do want to see a little bit of the product for example if you're selling food if it's drinks that you're selling I want to see a little bit of your party or what's going on or the a me is the actual drink but they also want to see that person that's in minding that that you know you want them they want to feel that they're not invited being invited like by a robot or you know it's just the ad per se it's that person behind bringing them over and you know actually saying come I mean it thanks for example what we do for LMG we do a little bit of everything right we have a the party monster which is like a like like at like an iconic thing that people see and then they relate to to let them you know the party we're it into energy then we had Josh which is like a the poise of this the like inviting otherwise those are those are gifts that you can find on Instagram yes go to Instagram yes you go to the gift part and you go look for party monster and you see our island you know and that's something you know using a platform let's go back to using the platform right iffy right now we you know one of the the gift that we have for the party monster is almost to 800,000 views because people like it and use it on the story so you know going back to the whole Instagram you know you have to do everything a little bit of everything you have to do the flyer you have to have the video you have to do this selfie Invitational if you're a promoter then you have to be engaging you have to do you know certain things that people connect with you right like experiences like like I'd left for example like the Josh and the party monster but I think you have to target in a way where you are planning your days ahead which is one of the things that I want to close about especially especially for Instagram you have after you figured out your audience and your budget you have to plan you can just posted a whatever you like and then just boost it because yeah you know cuz I bet you without you know they obey you that people will click and people will you get a bunch of likes if you set up your audience correctly but it's not gonna be as effective as saying okay I'm gonna do you know one pose a day or two poses a day so I have these 60 pieces of content that I'm gonna be using for the next 30 days right with this amount of money alright and then on the way if you're learning you'll be able to you'll be able to tell what works best in what works best is where you most of your money will go all right and then everything else is fillers so because one of the first thing people do when they see you is forget about you you have to keep reminding them every single day know with all the different kinds of content so especially for instant so one thing I would love to add to this so cuz everything you said is you know on point 100% one thing I would love to add to is those Instagram ads make sure and any other you make sure that besides the content besides the information you're given to the client besides what you want to you know come Bay as a message you must have a call to action oh yes yeah and it's it's that the call to action is one of the parts that a lot of people for you get on a percent it's like okay so I'm seeing a flyer and it's a sponge I see that I sponsor so you know that it's an AK yeah you know it's not a that gets hidden and people don't know it could go you know if you slide fast yeah but if you know it's an ad and it's a flyer and all I see is a flyer and it says that an event is happening and there's nothing there for me to do you know like when I actually click on it or I go there's no point to that no is it just like that the flyer we talked about people just write even by exact you know I'm just so so you need to make sure can you explain call to action yes number one you learn more if you're not sure what to do or if you not sure people are gonna sign up or subscribe because the call to action is what the text that shows when people see your hat so there's a bunch of options the number one is learn more worse case scenario lead them to your profile don't just don't add like you said that's one of the things that people do miss add something if you're not sure learn more will be great to your profile if you have a you know a website or mailing list then you can change it to a subscribe and then try it out I'll do I always do a bunch of them I do like subscribe learn more a sign up and then different call to actions have different results Harborside so with that last thought I think we come part today's episode and there's a lot of information you guys can use from it go back and reread listen but that's one of the last things also grab that budget and make sure that you test you have two yes tests on all the platforms see what works for you you know besides everything that who you said to you besides all those things make sure that you're testing if you're not testing there's no way that you're gonna know what works for you because whatever you have might be different than anybody else's there's no one way to do no and bit different you know and you might surprise yourself with what is something that you're gonna discover after your testing so thank you so much thank you coming today they're about to close and kick us out of here so see ya one more time the book on Amazon you find him and looking learning pop you find me at the nightlife entrepreneur all the episodes on my lab and you got to come here at X and bakery on local come try this Nutella type cake see you next week

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