Social Justice and Honesty

Social injustice is a real thing.
It’s not made up. People who say it’s made up are either being dishonest or willfully
ignorant. It’s really not hard to find if you’re paying attention.
For example Black People and White People in America use marijuana at roughly the same
rate. However Black People are arrested for marijuana possession way, way more.
In every state in America it’s illegal to refuse to hire someone solely because of their
sex or race, however it’s not explicitly illegal in most places to refuse to hire someone
because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. This has resulted in significant
discrimination among LGBT workers. These are only two examples, but they are
glaring overt examples of social injustice. And there’s tons more.
But here’s the thing, you don’t have to be intellectually dishonest to talk about
social justice. I’d argue that if you want social justice, being opportunistic and disingenuous
is counter productive. For example, if you’re still saying “Women
make 77 cents to a man’s dollar in America!” you’re being intellectually dishonest (or
ignorant). This is a misleading statistic, and it’s intentionally misleading.
However, if you’re saying “Wage gaps don’t exist at all and women have the exact same
opportunities for employment and advancement as men,” you’re also being dishonest (or
ignorant). Because that’s not true either. If you say that racism against whites is the
same or as prevalent as racism against non-whites, you’re being dishonest.
However, if you say that like black people can’t be racist against white. You’re
also being dishonest. Needlessly. The idea that the only thing that counts as
“racism” is Prejudice + Power, is semantic double speak.
The point is, you don’t have to lie or make up stuff to discuss these issues. When you
do you alienate people and make it harder for yourself.
If your goal is social justice, it’s important to be honest and clear. If fudging statistics
and making up definitions was necessary in order to convince people, you probably don’t
have a very strong argument to begin with. But that’s the point. I don’t think it
is necessary. Now if your goal is just to yell at people
and be a troll, I mean, fair enough, carry on.
My personal theory is that there are people like this that don’t really give a shit
about making the world better. They like being combative, they like having an adversary.
And this is on both sides of the coin. But I don’t think this us vs them mentality
is very helpful. Like if someone makes a movie that you think
is offensive, your response should not be to paint the director of a movie as a bigot
and try to ruin his career. That doesn’t fix any problem. All that does is serve your
thirst for vengeance, which is non-constructive and short-sighted.
The director of the movie is not your enemy. People who make art sometimes make stuff that
is brash or offensive or rude, either to intentionally shake things up or because they want to express
a dark side of their imagination. Everybody has a dark side of their imagination, even
you. Artists are different than other people in that they often express these parts of
their psyche through their work. It’s possible that Taylor Swift is slut-shaming,
man-obsessed, vindictive heartbreaker, but probably she’s just a songwriter who uses
her art to express facets of her imagination that may be sometimes problematic.
Even outside of art, if someone does or makes something that you think perpetuates social
injustice, our job is to honestly engage them, providing criticism where necessary but also
making sure we have all the facts. Social injustice exists because of societal
conditioning and social norms that have developed over years of systematic inequality. It is
not because there is a secret society of evil white men plotting and scheming to ruin everyone’s
lives. Our job is to educate and transform the way society thinks. Not to go straight
Batman and destroy all the evil people 1 by 1 until bigotry doesn’t exist anymore.
Finally, it’s important to understand that we are all different and we will not all agree
on how everything should work. The moment you think you have got everything figured
out is the moment you no longer should be taken seriously. If you are unwilling to have
your views challenged by thoughtful debate, you’re not helping anybody.

  1. Great video, I totally agree with you. Because of today's internet outrage culture, it's hard to actually have any meaningful debates on social justice and other related topics without people talking out of their ass or being purposefully dishonest. Great job on pointing out it happens on all sides too.

  2. Good video. Could you perhaps do one on how people have taken racism and feminism to far?
    I mean they are still problems as you say, but there being treated wrongly. E.g. If I say 'Africans are usually black' then that's considered racist. And there's also the thing where if a man makes sexual advances on a woman they will call the police but in reverse not only do they it but they are not expected to. I feel like this could be a potential problem in the future, but maybe it's just where I live and its an anomaly.

  3. Can you explain to me why you think that the definition of racism as prejudice+power is doublethink?
    Not disagreeing, i just didn't figure it out.

  4. I've been looking for a video like this for a while and then you just go and post it so I don't have to look for it, thanks!

  5. At 3:16, you say that there's no group of evil white men plotting and scheming.

    I take slight, ok, slight, issue with this. And that's not to say that there IS a messed up secret society. The society thats messed up isn't secret.(see 4chan)

  6. Thank you for the great video 🙂
    Maybe you can do a video for college students on choosing a future job. Like pondering on the importance of choosing a career you would like, or one that gives more profit. Thanks!

  7. Agree about that 100% thing. There are issues of social equality which I still have muddled feelings about. For instance, when it comes to refusing to serve someone based on their sexuality, my thoughts are usually that people shouldn't be allowed to discriminate. My thoughts on gay marriage are that legally it should be allowed (i.e. you can get one from a government building), but it's up to the religious centers to say whether they want to perform ceremonies or not. But then I had thought: Doesn't that mean that we're allowing a specific variety of institute to essentially break the law by discriminating against people based on their sexuality? And if we do that, and say "well, it's part of that particular institute's religious doctrine" does that mean an individual church had the right to say "we don't serve black people"? If we say "No, you must serve gay people!" are we infringing on their rights to express their religion? It's an issue I can't make up my mind on.

  8. For me i'm big for Freedom of Speech even if its for things i don't agree with.
    If a person is a racist they are allowed to be
    If a person is a bigot they are allowed to be
    If a person is a Islamophobe they are allowed to be
    (But you can't infringe upon a person's Rights, your feelings being hurt is not part of that)

    I see this around a lot you have freedom of speech but not freedom from consequences which to me comes off more as "i don't agree with you i'm going to strong arm you to mess up your life" so it comes off as a form of censorship and fear, scaring people into hiding their true thoughts. it does not change a person mind on the topic if you force people to suppress or repress them.

    example, Black Lives matters Vs Martin Luther King, the way i have seen BLM carry themselves and how they operate seems like t just forcing people to believe things and if they don't they are socially ostracized. that is going to get alot of back lash.

    Martin Luther King i believe he understood this better than anyone else, you make force people to accept something, you don't win the hearts of the people through force but compassion, all the terrible things that happened to him yet he never grabbed a brick, that conviction that strength tugged on peoples heartstrings even people who might have been against he movement

    A person mostly is Racist or a bigot for irrational reasons but you also don't have to be rational to dislike something. a person does not have to agree or accept a person life style (or people in general) but they can't infringe on other peoples rights. if you manage to humiliate a racist or a bigot in the moment, fine, humiliation can be a hard lesson in humility but going so far out of your way to get a person fired and ignore their voice all together i can't stand with. using an old quote "even a broken clock is right twice a day" Just because a person may be a bigot or racist does not mean they wont have good ideas for topics outside the things they don't like.

    I feel that some where in that paragraph pat of what i said contradicts itself, i think contradictions are a part of freedom.

    By the way liked your video, if a good portion of Social Justice didn't make enemies out of everyone i would probably be more inclined to sit back and talk without people telling me how i should feel I'm white-cis-Scum and i should feel bad for it, i kind of wan't a badge that says on it "Hello I'm a Fecal-Baron"

  9. Watching the videos on this channel makes me very happy. Thanks for some really sane commentary in a less than sane environment.

  10. damn you seem really energetic in this video, not judging, I think it was cool and it really seemed like you were passionate about the things you said. btw loved the video

  11. You are so reasonable. I'm white and while I can only really think of one time where I felt my race played a negative role in something important, it's still frustrating for modern liberals to say that "it doesn't exist". That is some 1984 level mind games they are playing by changing the words we have to express that specific concept of "racism" so that we no longer even have a word to refer to it properly. Worse is that they argue the definition as if it's always been the case or a hard fact.

    Expressing this opinion, no matter how seemingly uncontroversial gets you burned at the virtual stake in this modern witch hunt, especially if they decide you have a form of privilege. All these straw arguments come in to play and they put words in your mouth and decide you are this stereotype of whatever your race/sex/gender combination is unless they deem one or more of those to be marginalized. Suddenly, not agreeing with their definition of racism means you are some ignorant, bigot who thinks their experiences are equal or worse to a black, trans-gendered person with a physical disability.

    And it's funny because these manic witch hunts actually do silence me. I don't want to oppress any one, I do agree there is systematic discrimination, I would like us to be proactive and open a dialogue about these topics, but I am absolutely terrified about being socially ostracized because I am not drinking the kool-aid on tumblr… or if I express an opinion that doesn't line up with whichever knee-jerk hashtag we're spamming on twitter. I feel like my life (career, friends, privacy) is actually in danger if I fall into the view of these extremists. It wouldn't matter if you never actually expressed a bigoted view, I've seen them nitpick and interpret their own meanings in text and now suddenly your name is associated on google with this forever.

    I don't find this approach to be progressive and I completely agree with you that a lot of these people behind the controversies are likely people who just like to be combative and argue and really have no interest in improving society.

  12. I couldn't agree more. It is counter-productive to attack people we disagree with. America was designed to be a democracy where every person could disagree civilly, through open discussion and exchange of information, not through actions that intentionally derail people's lives.

  13. Thank you, a million times, thank you!

    So many people will just regurgitate wage gap statistics without any context as to why men make more in the aggregate than women. Also, anybody can be racist and it can be frustrating when individuals try to use new definitions of words to excuse themselves from being racist.

  14. Sometimes it seems very few people know that you can condemn hatemongering tumblr SJWs and still acknowledge injustice in the world. This nuanced thinking is why I love t1j.

  15. I love this video! Hey I've got a question: how do you feel about white people wearing corn rows, and cultural appropriation?

  16. Goddamn… wonderful video. Over the past couple of years I've been majorly put off by the social justice movement because of the refusal to see nuance, so thank you so much for making a video with just that.

  17. Watch out, I see it… yes there it is… its coming… OOHHHH
    Its a Neo-Liberal Reactionary edgy youtuber!
    "Black people are only caught more because they statistically live in poorer neighbourhoods!!!!!"

  18. Question for you. Do you think that we could ever achieve racial harmony in this country and what do you think of affirmative action? I only ask because growing up I saw my dad get passed over for several jobs due to his being a white male. Specifically one time being passed over for an air traffic controller position even with his multiple aeronautics degrees to a black woman who was only qualified (This is so true it hurts) to pull faxes and hand them to other people in the room. Even I have seen this. I went to a Highway Patrol physical/mental test for a job and the first thing they said was that if you were white and male, you couldn't have the job. I get that blacks have been given a shitty go, but I think that this sort of thing only serves to ensure that we do not treat each other equally.

  19. This video touches on something I've been thinking of for a while, which is that unhappy or angry people will use whatever means to get out their anger and unhappiness. It's very obvious for liberal-minded people in the social justice movement, but it's basically the same thing with religious people, racists etc. Whatever "beliefs" we have are just a clutch to spew our internal mess out into the world. If you're not angry/unhappy, you won't feel the need to go all Batman as you put it lol. The problem is, the world is a harsh place and there are lots of unhappy people around. And we all are unhappy in some ways so I'm not judging.

  20. Good point. And an of topic question, why are some of the countries on the map in the background painted pink? I’ve been thinking about it every time it has been in your videos.

  21. So whT do you think of feminists. Do you consider them to be supporting social justice or that they are overreacting? For those that somehow get offended, beware I have a Flame Shield

  22. do you have any sources relating to the wage gap being a myth? I've heard both sides of the argument but neither side has provided reliable sources

  23. You should have way more subscribers than what you have already. You spoke nothing logic and facts, no political correctness or supremacist type of thinking

  24. I like your videos because they are most balanced. I don't agree with everything you say, but I respect that you give most ideas a chance since we live 2015 the year of the offended.

  25. Well of course racism still exists. It seems to be a natural tribal response instilled in humans. I find it very different depending where I am though. I grow up in New Jersey and had little concept of racism. Lakewood was the only exception. That town was divided by ideology and race into three sections (Jewish, Black, and Hispanic). Now I live in Alabama. Wow big difference. I can not count the amount of times racial slurs have been sent my way. Funny thing is they do not even guess my ethnicity correctly, ha.

    You are right that females and males do not have the same opportunities in this country. Females clearly have an overwhelming advantage. With college grants and a demand that colleges recruit for females in their STEM related curriculum gives them a great advantage. I am sure that is why there are so many more females going to college then males these days. Shame almost all of them are getting psychology and communication degrees, ha.

  26. I like these kinds of thought provoking videos. I like the way he doesn't talk down to people he just has a good grasp on situations other people may not. Rock on!

  27. I have done quite a bit of research on the earnings/wage gap and it is real. There are just different ways to look at it, and different points to make. If we're looking at over all earnings (the stat you mentioned that you say is dishonest), people come up with lots and lots of excuses and reasons for it, missing the point that these cannot possibly be genetic differences, they are differences in expectations and socialization. There is another point to be made in general in that we just don't have equality yet, period, no matter what the reasons. Even if people think there is absolutely nothing wrong with the gap, and it's all because we have boobs ovaries and different hormones, we still need to recognize the inequality as a fact to contend with. Meaning, that if some are under the impression that women hold equal status and power in society as men, they are mistaken, no matter what the reason for it is.

    I also think that you're missing something with the adjustments made to the stat that you brought up. How many of those adjustments are sexist? How many of those adjustments are proven? Why should we just accept "men do more overtime" without examining WHY that is? A big reason for the earnings gap is men and women having different jobs, and closer looks at why that is have upturned HUGE problems. So who is being dishonest here? (I don't think you are, just saying… the shoe can go on the other foot here.)

    I don't tend to rely on that stat for my conversations, but I don't think the people using it are being dishonest. The same charge could be made of you for not understanding why people are using that statistic. But I have a hunch that both sides are sincere.

  28. I had issues with this from the beginning starting with "social injustice is real" because it immediately starts with a false dichotomy: either you agree with me or you don't think injustice (in general, mind you) exists. That basically sums up much of what is wrong with the SJ movement, it's so holier than thou that it starts with the premise you either agree with it or you're some combination of evil and stupid. Besides being rude it's counterproductive because people who otherwise would've worked with you on something now doesn't want to work with you on anything. Lose, lose. Let me give you an example of how someone can disagree in one area but not in another about where injustice exists.

    The disparity between black/white drug use vs black/white drug arrest is interesting but it seems your point is that "the only thing that can explain this is that cops are arresting blacks for crimes they look the other way on for whites. The disparity is because of racism!" Now hold on. All drug users are not equally at risk for drug arrests, there are other factors at play, for instance frequency of use, place of use/dealing (and this actually makes sense when you consider how much more black weed dealings/use happen in open), arrest history, attitude with the police, etc. < Dr. Langan, Senior Statistician 1995> And that's so often how it happens, some disparity will be pointed out and racism is presented as the best or only explanation for it and now anyone who questions that must not believe in racism at all omg you're so problematic!

    But the LGBT anti-discrim laws? That's an actual honest-to-God real life example of some oppression. There are some states in the US without state-imposed protections, not just in employment but other areas as well. This is an area that could be improved (but only through either a move from the federal level that forces the states to play ball, or thru states changing internally, notice both those outcomes require voting) and I'm willing to help out there where I can.

  29. "If somebody makes something that you find offencive your response shouldn't be to paint that creator as a bigot and try to ruin their career." Thank fucking you.I'm tired of this mentality especially on twitter.I doubt Joss Whedon hates women and people that can't biologically have children.

  30. I fully agree. Social injustice does exist, but it's not as prevalent as SJWs make it out to be, it's in NO WAY sistematic and/or planned and they're not helping the cause.

  31. I suppose playing devil's advocate, the issue comes that others aren't rational people usually willing to engage in debate. Bigots of varying stripes don't get pulled into this generation because you ask them nicely. They have to be dragged, often kicking and screaming. They have to be shamed and painted as bad people in every conceivable way until, at the very least, they push the bigotry into the corner so the rest of us don't have to deal with it, and eventually it starts to fade.

    This is most visible recently with gay rights. We tried the whole "increasing visibility" and being nice and then Prop 8 still passed. Then gays started playing hardball, painting everyone who disagreed with gay marriage as bigots. Disagreeing with gay marriage meant you hated gay people, period. Was that intellectually honest? Probably not, but it worked, and now gay marriage is legal everywhere in the US. Is that all because of the shaming tactics? Maybe not, but it was a factor.

    That being said, when it comes to many issues, I think I agree with most of what you say… it's mostly a product of the internet. There are some people whose entire lives are defined by it, so every social media fight and cause becomes the New Biggest Thing Ever and we've fooled ourselves into thinking that hashtag slacktivism and pretending everyone who agrees with us is Literally Hitler is helpful to bring social justice to the world.

  32. My understanding is that institutionalized racism is prejudice + power. It's an effect noticeable on the macro level, if that definition is correct then no there is no institutionalized racism towards white people in America. On the micro level, I'm sure you can find all kinds of people who have racist views on any racial identity. Saying "Black people can't be racist" is, therefore, a misunderstanding of the concepts involved. Anyway enough with writing useless comments…

  33. The moment where I get really frustrated with social justice activists… and I watch this video ! You said everything I've always wanted to say, thank you so much !

  34. Average lifespan for a given area or time is a useful statistic if you wish to compare it to other areas or times, but it does very little when speaking of its cause. You could say that it was useful for measuring quality of health. What if they have a lot of war? The average lifespan could be 28, but if many children die then it may still be common to live to old age.

    The statistic for life expectancy is a nice bit of data in itself but it gains a lot more utility when combined with other data. If the main cause of death is non-transmissible disease, life expectancy data becomes useful as a measure of quality of health.(unless I missed something) That measure too holds no data about its causes.

    The 77 cents statistic is still useful for measuring overall disparity in pay and pay discrimination is only one possible cause. The statistic is fine; people jump to conclusions.

  35. If people are looking for an excuse to hate there are no shortage of human defects to choose from, we don't need to make them up. That is the real reason racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. are irrational, there are plenty of real antisocial behaviours to target.

    But personally I'm over it, it is exhausting forever looking for something to badmouth. I try to help people despite themselves but I don't hold any expectations, when you invest in results you set yourself up for disappointment, if you don't hold any expectations then you set yourself up to be pleasantly surprised when people exceed it.

    Where is the logic in hating people you consider weak? If you really are stronger then what is the problem? Either you want everyone to be as strong as you or you prefer to be the strong one, the nature of your behaviour will be entirely based on that choice.

  36. Very much agree. One of my least favourite aspects of the social justice movement is the 'sit down, shut up and listen' mentality. That one is not allowed to disagree. If you're a white/straight/male/cisgender person, your opinion is not allowed.

    I'm gay, and I make videos about gay rights. But I don't ever relate them to my personal experiences because I don't feel that I am right about LGBT issues just because I am gay. I am right because I have facts, evidence and logic to back up my points.

    This is aside from the fact that gay people can be wrong about gay rights. Would a straight ally have to defer to self-hating gays like Rupert Everett who has spouted numerous anti-gay opinions regarding same-sex marriage and gay adoption? No. Fuck that guy.

    Anyways, love your videos, man.

  37. thank you exponentially for looking into both sides T1J. before some of the things you said in these kinds of videos almost sounded like you where secretly part of the social justice/ 3rd wave feminist echo chamber in a subtle way ( not condemning ). it almost felt like you where putting more focus on what the aforementioned groups, to now hear points from all sides completely equally is vary pleasant. as an egalitarian I greatly appreciate this kind of discussion. thank you.

  38. I put off watching this video for a long time just because of its title. But I shouldn't have. Eloquently stated, reasonable opinions as usual, sir.

  39. Brilliant video, well put, intelligent, in simple enough terms for even the stupidest viewer to watch. It would have been beyond perfect and I would have physically reached into my screen to shake your hand had it had a point about learning to listen and contextualize too, as in not shoving cultural points of view on people who live in other countries and are immersed in other cultures, aka American sjws pushing their cultural viewpoint on everyone else and then telling those people living in other countries how their own countries work based on America's system, aka assuming everywhere in the world politics and culture are the same as America. Of course it's just a small fraction of Americans doing this, but it happens way too often and it just puts a halt on conversation. It becomes useless and frustrating when I, an European user, try to talk about my issues (in Europe) and some dude with no knowledge whatsoever tries to educate me on my own culture and on its problems and history.
    But anyway, excellent video! Logical, calm, with a lot of common sense. You're a cool dude. 🙂

  40. Hey T1J! Thanks for the video. I always enjoy your viewpoints and conversation starters. Here's one of the questions that I have, and maybe you can use this for a topic in another video?

    How do you engage people who are feral and uneducated about these issues? These are people who see themselves as fighting for social advancement and positive change but are doing so either on biased statistics or nonsense talking points. And on top of that they're obnoxious rhetorical about everything. So how do you engage with people like that in order to try and bring them to rationality, or do you just cut your losses and stay out of it?

  41. You're a voice of reason in a sea of people that wish to strike each other down. You honestly deserve many more views but that's probably exactly why you don't have them. People love polarization even if it defies all sense.

    Anyway, I have followed you for over a year now and everything you post is very succinct and thoughtful. I appreciate all the things I've seen and hope you continue posting more.

  42. "It's not because there is some evil secret society of white men plotting and scheming to ruin everyone's lives."

    Nailed It!

  43. this has nothing to do about the video but I just want to let people know, yes, its illegal to hire people base on gender or skin color or religion or sexuak orientation (in my country) BUT there's this thing called hidden profile, it isn't on paper but sometimes the bosses ask you (as a psychologist in charge of the selective process) that they would like a certain things, and even though yes EVERYONE qualified can go to the job interview most likely if you are not what the boss is looking (for example white women younger than 30) then you're never getting job, its horrible because sometimes you see very good and talented people being waist because bosses are the worst, and so are most businesses, sorry for the long input

  44. There's a difference between a metric, a slogan, and an argument.

    The "women make x number of cents / man's dollar" is a real, though deeply imperfect metric used to track a complex combination of wage gap + opportunity gap + differential socialization & differential social pressure + the likelihood that men vs women are doing (unpaid) child care and housekeeping + pregnancy + societal duties towards parents and children + a whole basketful of other interacting factors.

    There are always weaknesses to a simple metric. Examples: Even if there were 100 more female CEO's of fortune 500 companies, that wouldn't mean diddly, as far as whether a poor single man or a poor single woman is more likely to land a living-wage job. Another weakness–the metric trends towards equality if men's pay drops faster than women's.

    Also, non-finacial job benefits–and job risks–are hard to quantify. How do you line up the (very real but perhaps not obvious) health threats of a job like manicurist (a mostly female job) vs. the (very real and rather more obvious) health threats of digging ditches (still a primarily male job)? Does working from home double as child care time, or does it take away from work time, or is childcare the ultimate in unpaid work? If we had universal health care and sliding-scale childcare available to all, some of those confounding factors would wash out.

    That said, measuring the women's vs man's dollar, over time, does provide some (limited) information. Its rise track with women successfully entering a greater range of jobs; a subset of women avoiding being "mommy tracked"; better-than-lip-service to non-discrimination in hiring, etc. So It's not useless as a metric.

    If it reminds women to ask for what they're worth, when negotiating salaries…or to fight for salary disclosure (a long-overdue thing that used to be illegal, and is now, in many places, becoming mandatory)…it's also useful as a slogan.

    As an argument, it's about as useful as any other out-of-context metric. It's shorthand. But it's not a "lie."

  45. This is fantastic. It's refreshing to see someone who can look over these issues without getting caught up in the rhetoric and hostility.

  46. nowadays, you can't agree with an ideology on one issue if you don't drink the whole pitcher of Kool Aid. Everybody's so divided, that no one can let go of an opinion that's demonstrably wrong, because doing so would be giving an inch to the "enemy".

  47. Thank you so much! This video expresses so much of what I find frustrating on the left today. People making good points with terrible arguments, make the points look bad. Requires me to come down on the wrong side of the debate if I want to remain honest, and I do.

  48. I really really appreciate your voice and insight. Thank you so much. There are so many people with extreme reactions to the issues; very few measured and considerate responses to injustice can be found.

  49. Can you share some examples/articles/facts that prove the .77 to a dollar woman-man wage-gap statistic is incorrect? Or false?

  50. Blacks get arrested for marijuana possession more than whites because black people get arrested more, again, because black people commit a shit tonne more crime proportionate to their population rate. When a black guy gets arrested for committing robbery and he happens to be in position of drugs, he in turn also get arrested for possession of drugs.

    Stop spreading this unfounded garbage that is the claim of systemic racism. It's a hoax.

  51. Systems being allowed to discriminate doesnt cause it to happen it just allows it (in reference to the lgbt point). From what ive heard its generally legal to discriminate by hairstyle or colour, you dont see large protests about that happening because there isnt a major underlying social reason for it to happen

  52. I agree with you mostly but I think you use the word artist too loosely and give way too much credit to them.

    Not everything that is provocative is art and not every asshole is an artist. Also, you can be a bigot and an artist. I believe in calling a spade a spade no matter where it comes from.

    I believe that being intellectually honest and sincere is important to thoughtful debate. But let's not pretend, that thoughtful debate always prevails because it often doesn't.

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