Social issues, Sexuality and Spiritual Battles Part#2

with Ryan Reese from Southern California this is live with Ryan Reese call now 180 day five sixty four sixty one seventy three or post your questions using the hashtag live Brian Reese on his Instagram Twitter or Facebook they have my friend Sean McKeon in studio and Scott salamat and we're gonna be we're gonna be answering a lot of questions what do we relate to Peter well Paul I mean I hate it but I'm Peter Peter there's there's a lot I think I relate to a lot of different uh uh different different things to different disciples I know I want to be but I know what most it looked like it probably you know like Spears being yeah I'm a Peter Peter I love the Laura but man I mean I you know what I like I like Abraham I like gaybraham his live thing relate because he was a man that was taken from a different culture you know trying to walk with God and though God saw something like great in his life how he was gonna use him he continued making stupid decisions yeah and I and yet God looked at him in like he looks at him as this this man of faith sometimes where we look at ourselves sometimes I know I look at myself sometimes I'm like dude I'm not mad that all good you know you know some people I give you a lot of encouragement and you know I love you teaching all this kind of stuff and sometimes look at myself like being inadequate right like an idiot like I can't believe God uses me like and so when people give it that encourage you and I'm like wow like you know you see past my faults God sees past my faults you know and that's what Paul said like he that's begun a good work in he's gonna complete it and all you gotta do is trust him so I think that aspect of Abraham's like did if he made it I think it gives me some hope I just like the perspective of Pawlik how he just traveled around yeah he was just evangelizing he was with all people in the culture setting up shop praying for people traveling I just looked like that whole and obviously the the stupidity of you know Peters mistakes that the that would be news well you know but yeah different things from from different people I'm blown away on the Peter aspect because when Jesus and you know Peter do you love me when Rahl teaches that that blows my mind because he doesn't go for my Peter do you love me do you let me know B says D do you love me he says yeah do you care for me are you fond of me he went like from this level to like let's see where you're really at and he's like Lord you know you know me you know me it's like feet and he still said feed my sheep and that yeah that's great that's personal to me yeah so this girl says I want to be closer with some of my guy friends I don't know how how is the right way to go about it without seeming flirting we better save that for a girl yeah say that for a girl you say to that Sam [Applause] we're gonna we're gonna save that one for when we have a we have a girl in here yeah my heart does account for a girl yeah I know does again how can I help the homeless if I don't have money huh how can you help the homeless if you don't have money well there's tons of shelters in downtown areas you can go there they have all the resources you just go serve you know it's you a devoted Peter and Paul's a silver and gold I have not but what I do have I freely give in the name of Jesus yeah you know yeah the time we think we need to give money yeah sometimes they just need the truth yeah I'm saying you can get involved in like ministry there's all kinds of homeless ministries that that have resources you just I'm just looking for people that to get time yeah and then it goes back to the same thing they're back out do they want to be homeless well I don't want to be homeless Jenna but they just want to be out there so you gotta be why isn't that a pretty deeper question was with all the relational brokenness you experienced how do you know when you were supposed to be in a long-term godly relationship and marriage how say the question again yeah with all relational brokenness you experience how do you know when you were supposed to be in a long-term godly relationship and marriage okay so basically somebody's probably had a broken heart in their life and gone through those moments and it's like this is a hard time when your hearts been broken sometimes it's hard for you to know when to trust and I think all of us have kind of gone through that at different times in our lives like you know in past relationships I know that was a thing that my my wife today and questioned me on because I would get to a point where it's like our good communicating and then I kind of back off because I didn't want to like do anything that was gonna veer me off from what God had for me I also didn't want my heart ever to get jacked up again from a relationship so you like kind of guarded but we need when you guard yourself too much you're not open for what God has for you for that perfect relationship you miss out and there is something to like for a relationship to develop you gotta let the walls go down and sometimes you're vulnerable and yeah it's kind of scary sometimes but it's necessary as far as being the right person that's where that's we can just dive in you gotta just show me like you would say Sam chill yeah just show me friends yeah it's not all awkward and weird if you just people just get all they dive right in and then you end up in a situation where like this guy's a weirdo or there's a lot of weird notions with dating and stuff like it must be like this and must be like that and every relationships different like every Christian marriage and relationship I know is different and so you can't say this is the cookie cutter way to do it it's just it's each each individual couple all right what's the next word we got so how do you help with a deceitful tongue deceitful Tony to seem like a lying tongue deceive me Rory the word the word the word the word read psalm 119 every day for a month that'll school yeah you know I mean it talks all about the power of God's Word to change the chance there's a lot of people that are call themselves Christians but they they they don't they're not reading they're not praying they're not in church you're posey to be something if you are seriously following Christ's and you're like giving them in your heart and you're praying every day and you're and you know I'm not saying that you're sitting in your room and you're on your knees every day for hours not just you can do that too but I'm saying I just pray when I'm in the shower I pray them I'm brushing my teeth I pray when I'm driving and pray when I'm making a coffee I pray wherever whenever anything comes in my mind and you have that relationship with God and you ask him you have not because you ask not ask him and he'll show up that's that's the job of the Holy Spirit look at Galatians Galatians 5:19 like read it read the list and he'll do the work you have not because you ask not what do I do if my doctor prescribes me marijuana is that a sin is it Christian marijuana or that's a no we got to talk about that yeah we do a Christian cannabis marijuana yeah it's not only that like because it's I get to you just because it's legal doesn't mean it's right I mean okay show me it's right okay let's this is a bigger subject that we're going to talk about right now okay okay did you read this you go to the website read it did you did you see the article the xxx pastor that came out and all yeah he now takes THC or smoke sweet or yeah he's able to worship better any worships better do that do you have that quote we're gonna we're gonna talk about that yeah but wait what was the original question if you was prescribed medical marijuana oh okay well well that's let's get to okay first let's address the verse that everyone pulls from in Genesis the herb is good and God me that over there ya know all herbs are always good but for food that are cool we eat edibles no it's not the same thing herb literally means a fruit or vegetable why do we why do we know that because we also know because Jesus what the Bible talks about being sober minded be alert because it be sober minded because your enemy Satan roams around the world like a roaring lion looking to whom he can devour that's right also be not drunk with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit be not intoxicated with wine right be not intoxicated period right because when you're intoxicated with some substance it's pain pills alcohol weed whatever it is hey pain pills are illegal you know yeah whatever if you're intoxicated with something else that's not the holy spirit filled with the Holy Spirit then all you're doing is you're turning off the work of the Holy Spirit you know life I've used this illustration before it's like you know the on and off switch like a light switch once you get intoxicated you drink a beer or two whatever it is or you smoke some weed literally there's nothing holy happening it just literally just turns off you just go into like chill mode you know and that's that's basically the Bible saying you know I want to be alert sober minded like the scripture says and I want to be able to hear God's voice it's it's hard enough to hear God's voice read sober and you when you're alert imagine being like a little toasty yeah I mean you can hear nothing you know good Sean there's a there's a big thing going on about the whole medicinal marijuana thing yeah okay let's say hypothetically persons in chronic pain and the doctor says the only things gonna relieve your pain is smoking weed now chronic pains means they're gonna probably die soon anywhere they're just it's never going to hear they're always gonna have that well there's you know that CBD thing is huge right now you don't get hive see you don't that's and that's my point so there's other derivatives of that where you don't have to sit there and smoke weed and get high yeah to make the pain go away like it literally centralizes and kills those dead that debt that pain area so hey if you like why you go get the one with no alcohol here we're no I'll go it's called kool-aid I'm just joking there yeah I mean there's so many different ways to go about it instead of saying I must smoke weed because I'm in pain you know oh yeah one of those quotes from that article you were talking about I was in the Christian Post and the pastor was saying that he he went to he says I went to Coachella and saw one of my favorite artists I've never ever seen and I eat and I used marijuana before seeing him it was amazing was he high what he was opposed he says I've never lifted my hands in a worship service ever because I was raised Baptist I've done that in my bathroom worshiping with marijuana by myself hey what I thought I've done that to you when I was high yeah man so much of my life was the best damn welcome to marijuana I thought I was the best basketball player I was the best everything when I was high that's oh well I think the whole thing like you said like this is the CV aspect which is without the THC and the aspect to get high and there are things that because there are like oxy codeine and all these different kind of harder drugs as well but they are used for pain you're coming back from stuff like that there's a place in some aspects of it but let's be honest man look at our world today they back ten years ago when longer than that growing up as kids you get busted with a bunch of marijuana and selling weed you're going to jail again arrested today you're an entrepreneur and a business man traveling all over the place and you have us in the public did it's kind of a joke and they're not doctors no no they it goes back to what I said beginning to do just because it's legal doesn't make it right okay CBD back to that really quick and then I'm gonna come back to the THC CBD is it soil that you put on for pain now I talked to my acupuncture doctor which is a Christian over here in Orange County he does natural health all all herbs real herbs not marijuana at the smoke and I asked about CBD and he says that that does get rid of the pain but you keep out to take in higher doses so it doesn't fix the problem so your pain will keep increasing you're not you're it's just a band-aid you're not you're not actually fixing the problem so usually gonna keep having to take higher doses lightly the keys you might yeah no no cuz you're not high but you will pop for cannaboids if you try to get tested at your job yeah I don't know I don't know about that I just back to okay so back to THC mmm so I met what the sergeant Sheriff in Orange County sergeant Clayton we haven't speak here before and he was telling us about he's like look at this is what's going on there's a whole mental health epidemic that's about hit that the mainstream doesn't even know about right now because there's all this legalizing of marijuana well what's going on is the the research has showed and by the way speaking of research I think Oxford and I just read in the news yesterday Oxford and another big College just got received like 9 million dollars to do research on weed yeah how much Wow nine million dollars each to do research because they're trying to find out is legal now they're trying find what's going on but what the sheriff told me is from the research that has been done he said that if you're under 8 like I guess it's here like 24 to 25 years old that that that my brain yes haven't you bring the lobe that a frontal lobe or something fun to look at that develops to you're that age what happens if you start smoking weed at a young age what it does is it destroys that because the weed that they're smoking now from when we were young when we were smoking weed back in the day for like in the 90s yeah early 90s the the weed leaf itself the plant would be about 13 percent THC now I think what was the number it was like it was like 68 or almost 70 percent or something genetic anywhere I can't remember exactly the court I set it on a previous radio show but it's in the high 60s to 80 percent THC that's actually just the leaf the bud flower that's not the oils that's not the vape ins that's not all the other stuff that's so those are higher levels so what's going on is there's people that are smoking this legal stuff now there's a high rate of schizophrenia because you know every was bipolar and schizophrenic now yeah weed is a major causing effect of that they said that's not those those statistics having been released to the public yet but he said that's what's next and they're seeing the effects already for sure yeah so they used to call it the gateway drug and it totally is alcohol was my gateway drug what's the story Drake getting a little buzzed I was like let me hit that yeah let's say put that on that wait Chuck it's yeah Sam is like okay so yeah yeah that's that so I straight away from God and caught an STD how do I overcome the guilt and shame I feel every day well when Jesus said it's finished on the cross it's finished so there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ so hit the doctors have them deal with it move on and God could heal to you god I could heal if he chooses to so yeah I mean yeah yeah I mean you could get over that I live in abusive situation and it's I mean I want to go back to the STDs STDs are growing I don't know if you've been reading the news yeah my Coachella right you think Coachella alone Coachella well it's just one day 550 like that it was no no there's a huge spike that Herbie's yeah from the Coachella yeah usually they have 50 in a day they had 550 cases in one day yeah it's so there's a spike in herpes yeah there's also uh in California from idiot there's a huge spike in I think it was like genital warts and like chlamydia or something like that STDs are huge right now I wouldn't obviously now nobody and one of the reasons why I saw was I got a thing a few months ago one of the reasons why they were breaking down some of the stats arising is because of social media because of like random hookups through social media people are like connecting or whatever late-night hookups even more so people like they wouldn't meet like at the bar or whatever this is more of a place where people are hooking up randomly so make sense see they haven't even got the statistics back for Burning Man that's true yeah that's right I'll call Burning Man for a reason exactly watch out alright and it's going to be hard to start accepting Christ I'm not sure how to start anything and I need advice please huh so is she that I guess the question is is she still in the abusive relationship or no she out of it already I live in oh she lives there so like let's say hypothetically a husband that's an abuser that's a difficult one I yeah I'm dealing with that right now not personally but with with a family and you know somebody said to me something one time and it was the guy that was abusing his family she can't be she can't leave me because I've never cheated on her well you're abusing her you know so it's like are you treating your wife the way you should be treating her just because she's your wife doesn't mean you could an assaulter so the Bible says that that God calls us to peace I mean your dad had this whole situation your mom was ready to walk out on that guy a few times yeah and she had every grounds to you know and to be honest it's like God got ahold of his life but there comes a time a place where the wife and the kids may be in severe grave danger yeah so you absolutely have to think about that first like Amy I can't leave my what my mom stayed that long no seriously I'm strong I was too it's too crazy yeah she did my dad was so violent yeah and she was definitely had to be led by the Holy Spirit but that's too gnarly yeah I don't even get that that has to be God and that's not in this person's situation they have to literally like I think like Ryan said they she has to be led by the Spirit has to know what to do and when to do it and seek some outside counsel to like there's a lot of legal aspects that she needs to to search out before she goes and does something like that but their life's in danger or the end she's got a mouth you gotta bounce you got it you got to protect them they're the innocents how do I deal with an anxiety and depression when I can barely find the strength to believe in God and trust in him I'm always just frustrated and tired help you know I think a lot of people are battling without more today never anxiety and depression by the all-time high you know I think that there are some aspects well you don't wouldn't even I identify it if you haven't been gone a doctor whereas depression but it is there's a warfare that's taking place on a lot of people's lives and it's overwhelming and lead you know to not want to pray and it makes you feel like there's no hope and you start going down and you start believing a lie and that's why the the remedy to that is always the same it is encouraging yourself when the Lord David and the Psalms that he wrote you read the songs he was he battled with like the depression loneliness like he went through being forsaken by people that he cared for that he loved and feeling like he was forsaken by God at times and you know the only way to overcome that is that David encouraged himself in the Lord that's why it to me like worships important you and sometimes they cuz I listen like random music you know not not like vulgar stay-put worship on you know and stop yeah for like weeks just watch they'll be there'll be a shift yeah happens changes it changes your perspective you know that's why going to a church or teaches the word and just re like all those aspects bring healing to your life you know so as far as you may not feel like doing it do it by faith mhm you know there are some days where I don't feel like reading you know there's some days where I feel like I'm distracted too distracted or whatever you know so what I do about it keep on making excuses or actually take a step forward and be like you know what I'm gonna pray I'm gonna read today because it's the only medicine I always saying you go to a doctor when you have symptoms you start getting sick or whatever and if you go to the doctor and like okay you have this you have this you have that if you take this medicine do this do this you're this you're gonna be okay well if you don't take the medicine and you continue doing whatever and you get worse whose fault is it yours same thing spiritually here are your issues anxiety depression all the stuff the remedies the same it's prayer it is worship it is encouraging yourself in the Lord and allowing God's perspective to change your direction good good answer what you got what are you thoughts on stigma putting on mental illnesses and being depressed suicide suicidal and anorexic or gay we already talked about that did we talk about all those yeah I I think that or you but what they're talking about is um what's the first thing stigma well I will say this really quick because mental illness is something that's done around a lot in our culture a lot of days and I think it's good to have a basis on this there are people that are some clinically in balance chemically there's something wrong but sometimes in our culture today it was a cop out yeah and as far as issues and bipolar for us it's the rep me it's since we're talking about saying you're talking about mental it's sin actually yeah like that's the source of it all and so just to label everything mental illness if you get this right or whatever you're going to be good to me that's not not the answer but there are those that are clinically and imbalance so I think to be able to discern between the two cool what are some other questions that we haven't talked about how do you let go of grudges and forgive people who have hurt you good stuff time time heals I've been burned by some people and you just got it you just gotta keep asking God to forgive you every night forgive you oh yeah for you ask for forgiveness but you need to keep asking God to help you forgive help him continually to uproot bitterness uproot anger uproot all those those crazy thoughts you start thinking about if I catch him anything if I catch him after work yeah i'ma get him mmm all those thoughts we have to constantly ask God to to remove and what I've noticed is and you continually seeking God and asking him over time he he he does the healing you know just depends on who burns you or how it all goes down if it could be really a real deep wound you know but God over time and the word and the relationship yeah if you stay open like Graham's sayings by the Holy Spirit you continue growing in your life God's gonna continue working in your life even the person like legitly has done you wrong like time I think that does heal and in some aspects but also being open to conviction on your own life pray for conviction on the other person's life and I've seen God restored people that I thought would never like come back in okay but it's over time in a relationship it doesn't just doesn't happen people won't be like what do i do right now to overcome it you know what it takes time yeah and again the background to the situation could be a lot deeper than we know but the blood of Christ can wash away all sin you know what I like in Psalm 23 says and and Lord forgive us our debts as we forgive those who've dead it against us in other words forgive us it'll help us to forgive those that have sinned against us and that's that's it David prayed that because he had some people burn him hard to give people some time zone son came against him it's hard yeah yeah you have to do but it's hard another question was what do I do when I won into the Christian who keeps condemning people to hell or being judgmental I forget to be loving I end up tearing them down send him to the First Baptist Church back east their recruiting center raw rhesus kungfu class that's a good one the judge the the Pharisee are like the judge the condemned er well who's the condemned are Satan's the condemned er mmm you know love covers a multitude of sins we've talked about this on the show before the self-righteousness looking at yourself like you're greater than everybody else is dangerous helping a critical eye about everything is addictive you could be critical of everything oh I can't believe that person I can't believe that before you know it you're the critic of everything and you're pointing everybody's faults at but in reality you have a plank in your own eye like Jesus there is the first I was gonna have to say yeah how do you overcome shame after walking away from God and coming back to him well um I can tackle that a little bit I think all of us can the shame comes when you're looking at yourself to be honest with you because when you're looking at the Lord there's no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus I mean you worry about what people are gonna say what people gonna think and and those are the wrong things to be thinking about if you've fallen get back up like literally get up dust yourself off admit your fault and just say you know what god I screwed up I got David dealt with it like Lord before you and before you only have I sinned yeah and he literally he didn't try to hide it from God like I'm that way with God like God you know my faults you know my issues you know my weaknesses and I bring this to you give me strength over those things and keep me from going that direction again and and I pray that every day like daily you know because like like the songs are that we're prone alright we're prone to wander but God if God's Word keeps us on path you know and I was like I was talking about psalm 119 he literally says how can a young man cleanse his way by heeding your word by literally living breathing abiding and eating and feeding off the Word of God every day so you know talking about the stigma the stigma is what you were is not who you will be and not who you are now right so no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus Hey and you know what the book you said psalm 119 I love the scripture you said but there's also one in solar 999 forget the verse it says before I was afflicted I went astray mm-hmm like if you're honest with yourself you're honest for yourself before I was afflicted I went astray right before I got jacked up my heart was already drifting because what the psalmist is saying let me be honest and but this is the solution is this in the book of Revelation it says remember where you have fallen repent and do the first look who's in the beginning is a solution dude did I lead off okay here I am I'm let me get my heart right you forgot now just continue walking go back no condemnation to those who are in Christ then allow God's peace and joy Satan's gonna want to condemn he is the accuser of the Brethren he's the one that's gonna bring up our past but the Lord says don't you sins be as scarlet I will make them as white as snow cleanse them yeah what else saying what do we got question it says what something God has done for you this past week what is God done what has he done to me yah-hey pounds I can't tell I'm sorry what has he done I can name something yeah not I'm not trying to sound like a spiritual holy roller or anything like that but you know I was I was seeking some advice from him so I had some questions so I and I'm gonna say this because I want to encourage people to do it because God shows up when you seek him with all your heart when you go and do like a fast you know you have a question and you're like God you know there's this I got this funk going on in my life and feel like I'm going into a new chapter and you know like I have questions about a couple things in my life you know and I fasted talk to God throughout the whole day you know and and I was at an event and basically when I finished my event someone came up and had a word just gave me a word right right right after the event and it was exactly of what I was yeah I'm a question so it all goes back to you you know seek Him and you will find him you know a lot of these questions are like what do I do with this or how can God do this or all these questions but what I've learned the best advice is when God speaks to you because he's very direct he'll speak to you however he wants to speak to you he'll speak to you through people through the Word of God he'll he'll give you a dream he'll give you a you heard honorable voice I mean there's all different ways he speaks to you but um more live with Ryan race coming up 180 days five six 460 173 or post your questions using the hashtag live Ryan riess on his Instagram Twitter or Facebook I think I speak for the entire administration when I say you now back to live with Ryan Ruiz and what you read in the Bible this stuff is all for for today God is the same yesterday today and forever he's alive it's not just like we don't just say read the Bible because it's good history stuff and has good lessons you know this is God's Word it's alive it's sharper than a two-edged sword literally like when you read it even in 2nd Timothy it says that it's there to correct us when we weren't wrong and that's to me Living Translation when it says for doctrine it says in King James so basically you read it you learn it he speaks you and it's alive and he answered these questions we're here just on the radio show talking to you guys just about life application and what the scripture says but I would encourage you like this is awesome here – but like ask God to show up in your life like he can answer these big there's questions that we can't answer for you like why why I got raped what should i do what's going on how come I'm not healed well God has to answer that yeah that's such a big question we don't know all the details where we can give you a surface answer of what the word says and our opinion but basically you know God will steal he'll speak to you in those times so what what did God do for me this week I seeked him and I found him just like the Word of God says hmm yeah same thing for me I'm Shawn knows I went through a similar thing as fasting for like three or four weeks and that's the longest I've ever fasted and it was how long three or four weeks fasted yeah not not not eating nothing I'd be dead right now but I was basically wasted 40 days yeah no I look like basically fasted like nothing in the morning until I went home after five o'clock and break my vows and he'd dinner with my family so the whole day for for three weeks straight and for the fourth week it was more just like picking certain days and so I'm still playing around with how it works for me yeah but like you I was seeking God for answers and some things and he literally he show up oh he came through big but here's the crazy thing and as God was showing up Satan was throwing doubt and so I was literally being ripped in half like God would give me verses and confirm what he was showing me but Satan would tell me no you're reading into it and so like just I was just having this bad like God can I believe and then God told me trust my word my word never fails and he kept showing me all the time like he kept showing me like I don't need you you know to do all this stuff just all you have to do is believe my word the fasting he honored it because it made me every time I thought about food I'd be in the word and just like praying and literally wake up praying go to sleep pray but it brought me to this place of like I was telling some like where I feel like I'm like like this with the Lord you're like yeah I want to be like right like that little lamb and and after my fast was over and he answer those questions I felt like I want more like yeah I want to keep doing it yeah I'm gonna stay yes sir so yeah so that to me he's been showing me the power of prayer and the power of faith and the power of his word and I think this this last week is when he kind of just culminated it says why do we fast like what what's fasting represent white white just for people yes and that's why why starve yourself what does that show what does it do well okay so if somebody asked me this like why we have to fast if Jesus did the sacrifice why do we have to it's giving something it's just starving the flesh like starving the flesh you could feed the spirit like for me food is yummy you like food I like food we love grape this guy shows we love food I lost two pounds this week we love food and food is something I mean think about when your body craves it you feed it back and it's the most immediate thing that you can that you can give your body to refrain from that which the body needs and wants is a huge thing it almost be like it's like four teenagers fasting from their phone for a month they'd go they go how to completely go nuts right food is one of those things your body craves it it needs it but after the first week I'll be honest with you before the Lord after the first week I wasn't even thinking about the food anymore I was seriously focusing on the Lord I was like so like God what are you showing me like it was crazy it was like I'm arrests at now with you guys they were eating lunch I'm just chilling I did like I was like cool every time you get like a hunger yeah remember what you're doing yeah they get it reminds you I'm fasting yeah fasting for these certain situations I like they bread the question because everything has to have a purpose mmm you know sometimes you know even in first Corinthians chapter 7 it talks about fasting in your relationship right like in your marriage and it says but it's for a purpose it's for healing in a relationship it's being focused towards prayer and like Scott was saying like same thing it's like Lord what do you have for me during this time you know I don't want to fast for the wrong reasons I and the fasting is it is denial flesh it is because we're so accustomed I'm like you know I eat it this time I do this I do that do that and it becomes if you break it all down it does take a big portion of your your your life and focus so to have that time that's kind of dedicated over to the Lord to be given over to prayer and just like hearing God's voice you can't go wrong with that so I think it's important and believe it's vital like enter lies that very different portions of it I had nothing but a great experience as fasting I mean on the contrary of like fasting for food and stinks but it's always been amazing on the the outside or on the other side of it do it I love it I love do it you get into it you you want to do it a lot yeah you know and it's not for diet it's it's mainly to draw closer to the Lord yeah a lot of people like dual-purpose get close to God lose a few pounds but it's not about that yeah you hear that Shawn because then you fasted you see the breathe and you get all the way back in like one serving exactly so what's your advice to parents and parents to be having godly parents you become prodigal then come back how do do you think God honors parents praying for their children prayer works oh yeah that's what kept me alive yeah for sure for sure I still don't know to this day who prayed for me because there was nobody my family that was saved and it was kind of weird but I know for a fact that his parents are praying for him yeah I know your mom was praying for you yeah for sure and I know that Rahl and Sharon prayed for all the kids that came to the house so but yeah the the bunt the the Bible says that the prayer is the faithful prayers of a righteous man or woman I would say availeth much I mean prayer throughout the Bible we see like Samuels mother they're just praying praying and praying and to the point of where God not only answers her prayer but then she like surrenders that boy to the Lord and God has a purpose for his life you don't know the Bible says train up a child in the ways of the Lord and then when he's old he will not depart from it literally means that he'll return he's not gonna leave it because there's something happens you can get buck wild crazy ha when we're younger yeah and you're so liberal when we're young yeah yeah legalizes do this and that and then when you get older and you get a wiser in the Lord for sure you start to think a lot more conservative like you know what man like yeah those things my parents taught me those are legit like I generally need to go back to that for sure so alright Sam bring it okay how can I draw near and near to God through your spiritually dry season hmm fast fast pray head to the desert if you live in California head to Joshua Tree mmm but it's not hot yeah it's only good till spring don't go to the beach right now Joshua trees banging yeah that's the place to be I'm trying to get out there soon in in honestly he's talking about geographically it does Jesus went off to get off the grid go through the hills go somewhere where it's away from people and and just listen to God and talk to him yeah it's been some time it's so simple it's like it's not these big answers you know they're its simplicity vast and had head to the wilderness yeah and hang out with Jesus and watch what happens sometimes you sitting in a park people want that people want the we've got to do this this and this ya know you know one of the guys on staff like I met him before he came on staff here and I used to catch him walking around the street in Pomona and he has a big giant afro right with headphones on I'd be like honking he couldn't hear me I catch them to the millinery going go to the bus stop I'm all busting stop ratings I'm not man I send the bus time nobody bugging I just sit there and meditate and he would sit there and like talk to God at bus stops and write and read no yeah that was his place the bus ever Tatum did he write stopped every time no I never gets on the bus but that was his place you know other plates people like go to the park yeah show on the bathroom you can't alone I have my truck I just drive down the road and mines anywhere but at my house with my kids exactly you have to kill the noise that's why our tours call to kill the noise you have to kill the noise so first I put on every single one of my Bibles is second Corinthians 5:7 for we walk by faith not by sight it's one of the first verses I've memorized it's very simple and and the years have gone by it still means something to me because the Christian life in itself is a step of faith it is trusted what is faith it is trusting God and before I walked with God I trusted in myself my own wisdom knowledge don't you know decisions that you make and sometimes things that you are about to face you don't want to deal with them because they're overwhelming by sight to you you know it might be a big financial thing that you have to bat over there might be a health scare that you don't want to do over there might be a relationship that you just kind of put it under the rug and you don't deal with it but in the Christian life we walk by faith we walk by trust we don't walk by sight we don't get overwhelmed by circumstances you look in the Old Testament of Joshua and Caleb who when they saw the promised land man they were ready to go everybody else they were overwhelmed like did those giants in the land we're never gonna make it through you know yet they had good fruit and stuff but anything worth it and all of that unbelief like impacted a generation to not find out what God had for them and so for us that's how we need to be we need to be like Joshua and Caleb is like yeah I see the difficulties I see those things that are like around the corner but I see that God is leading me in this way and I'm gonna walk by faith I'm not gonna walk by sight I'm not gonna get overwhelmed by my circumstances so yep I have well I have my life verse but I think my favorite verse is deny yourself pick up your cross and follow me with my life verses it's just a different one the eyes of the Lord ranged through the earth to strengthen whose hearts that are fully committed because that's just so dope because it just means that God's looking around the earth to strengthen whoever's hearts that are committed not perfect Christians or anything but whoever's hearts are committed but the one that always rings the one that had the highest impact on my life like Sean was saying the first one he memorized was me was deny yourself pick up your cross and follow me because that is the the key to a relationship to be a follower of Christ if you don't have that you got nothing because the whole key Jesus if you want to be my disciple or my father you got to turn from your selfish ways pick up your cross and follow me that's it and then you know how the verse continues out if you try to hang on your life or you'll lose it but if you give up your life for my sake you're gonna save it and what does the man prophet if he gains the whole world and he loses own soul so if you do not pick up your cross and follow him you're gonna lose your own soul so that's that's and it's just crucial like that's and the more you submit the more you should render to God the more you deny self the more you crucified the body appetites that's where the power of God manifests it's not every day I don't wake up and you know say am I gonna get myself to the to the flesh you know oh no the flesh is gonna get me I don't wake up that every day I wake up I'm like I need to surrender my will to God and then if you surrender your world to God you have to worry about all that other stuff because when you deny yourself the power of the Holy Spirit will come upon you and that's where things get radical okay I have my life verses Isaiah 61 but there's there's a couple of heavy verses that that the Lord has put on my heart and one of them was proverbs 17 3 and that is the the refining pot is for silver and the furnace is for gold but God mines the hearts of men and God showed me he very odd very very early in my walk that him doing work in my heart was gonna be like a lifelong thing it's gonna be something that he has to like put it through fire and just like chip away junk and it's it's a longtime thing you know and in first Corinthians chapter 1 where he says that God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise that's that's like that's how I feel all the time cause like yeah those things you just like yeah I'm a fool and if God can use me that's that's more glory to God so God could use us you could use anybody amen to that that you guys being leaders what words of encouragement do you have for other leaders or youth pastors since you guys are both working with your mission with younger people hmm good one go for it you're older yeah yeah I I say stay real stay relatable not because you're trying to be cool but stay relatable in the sense of like realizing where you come from who you are and most of all the people that you're dealing with are just like you you know and so love Jesus and then teach them to love Jesus you know like the first question that were all ever asked me when I came on staff he's like hey what's your vision and I said 20 20 you know I had no idea what he's talking about I know what he was talking about vision he says you know what do you want to see God do you know like I don't know man I just want to see young people know Jesus how would you do that I said just tell him I'll just teach him how do you how much Jesus loves something so that's neat but that isn't hired but it's true I mean honestly it's never really straight from that like all of us came to the Lord through relations like one of the thing my friend Lance said dude Christianity is all relational he's law it's if you have the right relational here you have a right relationship and that's that's how it's always been you know like you make that right relationship with God and keep it real and and God will God will he'll bring those connections and you'll just be able to make those those those long-term connections with people in the Lord you know it's not to me it's not real hard keep pushing forward don't give up on that that that knucklehead wayward sheep that always wants to go his own way and do something because I've found in my own ministry like dude those are the ones that end up the most yeah that those are the ones I love the most like I mean the ones are the hardest to reach all the ones that end up being the ones that you just like God's got a plan like this guy you know God has a plan so love the Sheep and love God's Word and let God do the rest that's what I would say I would say be I when you say these words I think you just get thrown around a lot but it's for real like be authentic like be who you are don't try and be some you know if you if you're administrating you want to become like a say like a leader a leader right don't try to mimic be that leader because you God didn't create you you're not him or her be who God created you to be because when you walk in that what I've learned is when you walk in that you're the most comfortable you're authentic you are who you are and you're not putting on a show I've seen people walk up on stage and they or like you think you go live on air with them or you're on a TV radio show or a TV show or your or your you know your it you know they go up to speak and they turn into a different person on stage or like in front of the camera or whatever mm-hmm because we're trying to be like an a certain image or something hmm just be who you are because God created you to be that person and there's only one of you there's only ever gonna be one of you and when you walk in that and God God's gonna use your personality for the people that you're speaking to you know what I mean like he uses those things that's why he created you just wait way before you were even created God had a plan for you amen so he wouldn't have made you a goofball if he didn't want you to be a goofball in the group of people at your region or if you're more you know uh not not uptight but more like conservative yeah if you're more conservative if God's gonna use you in that format to speak to a different group of people yeah you know for whatever I mean look at Chuck Smith Chuck Smith okay perfect example dad Lonnie frisbee was the guy that was going around to all the high schools he got so Greg Laurie and all these got saved from the schools he was a Burnout hippie guy I could mess up his verses and you know he was just powered by the Holy Spirit people just get safe did you drop the power right then Chuck Smith comes in you know he's going bald turtleneck ice cream she's looking glasses hi pants yeah old guy yeah and he would disciple them yeah totally God used him to sit there just break the scripture down and just disciple and dude it woulda loved it yeah because that generation for whatever reason they were all jacked up they didn't have parents or what I don't know what their deal was but they needed this father figure yeah that would come in and just be who he was hey God used to powerfully people expect that to be in our world today people need what does Chuck Smith started worn away and he started looking like a hippie think about it yeah can be like straight poser yeah but God uses us and then that you know gently goes for me like you've known me Sean my whole life I've had long hair shaped head or mohawk tied eyes in high school skated or surfer riding dirt bikes whatever my whole life into music that's what I that's what I do – I am being I love Jesus yeah my identity those in Christ amen yeah that's what it is baby who you are there's too many people that are kind of putting on the front and you know what that gets tired after a while decide for yourself it gets stressful you know and you don't want it this is my prayer I don't want anything that you keep coming for a new scheme yeah there are new ideas Chuck said that – yeah you don't want anything that God doesn't want for you anyway like you don't want to be yours be in a situation in a place a part of ministry that God hasn't called you to you when God's called you that particular ministry it will flow another example of Chuck Chuck thought he saw Billy Graham he wanted to be Billy Graham he wanted to be the Evangelist yeah and he was he would be given these evangelists ik messages in front of eight people in his church and everybody was saved I want to be an evangelist but you should have force it so much but then it was like God spoke to him and it changed the direction of his life same with us if you were just hear God's voice and understand the giftings that he has given you and fine with that sweet spot ends you're gonna have joy ministry through your calling you're gonna have difficulties just like anybody else but you're gonna know the purpose for what God has created you yep percent someone says last night I realized how frustrated I am with God and how bad my relationship with him truly is how can I build my relationship when it's so difficult it's not a Ground Zero yeah communication you know ask God for forgiveness tell him everything that's going on in your heart and your mind he already knows it all confess it ask him to renew your mind and tell him your I ground zero and you want to start with that new relationship with them and then like we've been saying press into the word and get plugged into a church okay but if you have a youth pastor or a pastor you can talk to you you know don't isolate yourself isolation is the worst thing possible see what's isolate ya so just uh do it how do you know it's a sign of God and not just the enemy hmm that's good yet you got to be discerning because Jesus even said in the last days that there will be many that will be deceived their war you remember Jesus rebuked the people that followed him for for just signs and wonders she's like you come at me because because you saw this not because you really want to walk with me and you need to be discerning and the Satan is a imitator yeah we saw it in with Moses and the Egyptians right the the magician's would try to do these things to kind of distort the people of reality the things of the Lord will draw you to the Lord things of the Lord are going to build you up in your it's gonna draw you closer to the heartbeat of God to me it's as simple as that that's simple I will say there's a lovely seeing so many comments that people watching online here through Facebook man we got to continue doing these things it's pretty legit their comments I can't see how comments are coming through for sure so everybody that's been tuning in why does Sean like Justin Bieber so much I don't know he likes to Aris wife to peace with that relational thing no I think he's cool because and I think you guys could relate he's he said it earlier you go through hills and valleys or the relationship with God not that you're falling out of love with him but we can get distant at time and that could be from a variety of different reasons but keeping that love relationship with the Lord is always gonna be your challenge like I need like he said you always need to be trying to press in I like the way we're all puts it he's like hey if you're not closer to the Lord today than you were yesterday then you're backsliding which is true like we always need to be like Lord how do I renew this how do I get fresh with you I need a new devotional book do I need to like start start fasting do I need to like start worshipping more like you guys switch it up sometimes yeah a lot actually you absolutely did you get bored I do I get bored easy like if I don't feel like reading I will literally pray until I feel like reading found out feel like praying I'll read inside feel like praying if I don't feel like doing either I'll just worship the Lord until it puts my mind on the Lord and then I'll just start praying and then I'll just open the word and he'll minister to me so it's like a combination of a bunch of different things right now I've been going through just tons of Chuck Smith CDs but now I mean I'm in a place where I'm like you know what because I stink at reading so I do audio Bible so I can I have this like like I'm like alright that's it I'm gonna go from Genesis to revelations again from the audio Bible somebody did so many studies now yeah I'm like come on I got to switch it up yeah you know what I mean and I'll probably burn through some books in the in in the audio Bible then I'll flip back to some more studies and flim back to the audio yeah you just got to keep you know and I like the way he says he's not a strong reader but he found a way to get it inside him and I and do I like audio Bible yeah high school kids deal with that a lot it's funny they'll read their phone 24 hours a day but they won't read this thinking book they want to open a Bible yeah and then they'll say oh he breathing's boring you do it all day long you do this you read all day long but you won't open the Bible so the audio Bibles are a perfect opportunity I do that every day the one here through the Bible yeah that's one of the first things I listen to this yeah what else what's some advice you can give someone who started their walk with God today or last night hmm strap in you're in for a cool ride find a good church stay in your word stay on your knees you know surround yourself with godly cool people and in an awesome church that is going to feed you and minister to you in a place where you feel loved and where you can get involved make sure when you go to a church make sure they're reading through the Bible yeah in this service if the guy goes up there and he's just dancing around doing his thing and he's just talking yeah and there's no Bible reading and he's not going through like a book in the Bible you know I would I would definitely look for new church you want to go through the Bible so you hear every word that God has to say so you get the full counsel of God from Genesis to revelations I like them analogy use the cotton candy thing I mean a lot of churches serving up cotton candy yeah a lot but you need meat you want evil well thank you guys for tuning in and we will we'll get down with you guys next week yes this is pretty amazing men so you look thanks for tuning in guys we like it right and said we will be back Amina right thanks this has been live with Ryan race to connect or find out more about Ryan click on why and – Reese comm check us out next Saturday at 9:00 p.m. for live with Ryan Reese

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