Snap General Election | Olivier Campenon discusses the UK’s upcoming general election

The UK General Election on the 8th June is just one and a half months from now before the announcement an election wasn’t due until 2020 Olivier Campenon, President of the Franco-British Chamber It was me who informed you about this news earlier today when I invited you to join us tonight. You were a bit shocked, were you not? -Definitely, I had just returned from the Easter holidays and so it was definitely a surprise! -Well no one was expecting it!- It was certainly a surprise, but – and Patrick mentioned this before – it had already been discussed in the UK. -But Theresa May’s government have been denying the possibility of an early election!- -May herself assured us there would be no early election. But I have to admit, it is a smart move. A very smart move. It is truly prefect timing. Because she needs to reinforce her leadership, and the polls are in her favour. Most importantly, the opposition parties are on their knees. So it’s a very intelligent decision in its timing. Especially given the upcoming negotiations Because this election is the best way forwards for her to position herself as a strong, elected leader going into negotiations with the EU and to give herself enough time after the 2 year negotiation period as to not be stuck in a transitory period during the next general election, which was due before May 2020 So, by establishing her leadership now she will give herself enough time before the next election. I think it is a very intelligent move.

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