Slavoj Žižek explains ideology

hey buddy I'm gonna pay for that or what look buddy I don't want no house today either pay for to put it back according to our common sense we think that ideology is something blurring confusing our straight view ideology should be glasses which distort our view and the critique of ideology should be the opposite like you take off the glasses so that you can finally see the way things really are this precisely and here the pessimism of the film of the leaf is well justified this precisely is the ultimate illusion ideology is not simply imposed on ourselves ideologies our spontaneous relationship to our social world how we perceive its meaning and so on and so on we in a way enjoy our ideology all right to step out of ideological it hurts it's a painful experience you must force yourself to do it this is a render in a wonderful way with a further scene in the film where John nada tries to force his best friend John Armitage to also put the glasses on I don't want to fight you come I don't want to fight her Saba no and it's weirdest she in the film the fight takes 8 9 minute classes it may appear irrational because why does this guy reflect so violently to put the glasses on it is as if he is well aware that spontaneously he lives in a lie that the glasses will make him see the truth but this truth can be painful can shatter many of your illusions this is a paradox we have to accept at all well the extreme violence of liberation you must be forced to be free if you trust simply your spontaneous sense of well-being or whatever you will never get free what freedom hurts

  1. the best way to avoid ideology is to be boring, cause this way you can be also sincere, and thus recognise ideology ,the way to be boring is to not enact in any significant way in the world, but this requires a level of sickness towars the world, sickness of reality gives sincerity wich itself gives birth to character, usualy adults are more full of character then the young guys. Usualy the angry 50 years old brick layer, has more honest and enlightening opinions on the world than many "scholars" and intellectuals.

  2. I found those glasses exist, they are themselves an ideology, or rather anti-ideology, in endeavour to understand ideology I looked into lacanian theory, an ideological tool that allows to disect ideology.

    Humans are a species whose imagination and thinking surmount its physical reality. Think of it, no other animal would desire something that it doesn't exist and is known to it. Only humans imagine possibilities and realise them into physical reality which lead to civilisation as we know it today (the word or the act of realisation btw a wonderfully apt 2-way street between the imagined and the real) On such a being that exists to such an extent in an imaginative dimension ideology is immensely powerful. For example serfdom, one of the socially most unfair systems ever, perpetuated by the belief that it was all part of God's plan, God's predestinating omni-powers being the big Other. Look at how every political revolution was not only driven by material deprivation but also a new ideology. No such collective effort with, as history has shown, devastating effects in the short run can be motivated without a set of ideals and prospects to guide the masses.

  3. Can someone tell me how I knew everything he was fixing to say before he said it. Is it possible that I have taught myself what he is explaining and that I have learned ideology in my own way. It seems that I saw what he seen.

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