1. Remember me because I'm a very important man
    This government leader can not grip the lather so the UK roof can not be repair I have my proof.
    First they are seven and now they are eleven doing all they can to escape hell and go to HEAVEN
    This is more to this EXIT

  2. In other news
    Christmas has come early..
    Islamic State teen Shamima Begum has had her British citizenship revoked

  3. Shamima Begum, who joined the Islamic State group in Syria aged 15, is to lose her UK citizenship.

    The family's lawyer, Tasnime Akunjee, said they were "disappointed" with the decision and were considering "all legal avenues" to challenge it.

  4. Sky news lost its credibility….. look at how many dislikes they get now, I doubt they will or can change things now that we have seen your true colors.

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