Silent Choices – New Day Films – Women’s Studies – Political Science

The first time I tried to
get rid of the pregnancy, I was in Washington.
He was down on U Street or somewhere
down in downtown Washington. He gave me some shot, and then
he punched me in the stomach. I remember walking down this
flight of stairs and getting on the bus, not having
sense enough to take a cab. And getting on the bus to
go home and really cramping. I mean, it had some effect. I remember after that
thinking that I might wanna keep the baby. Then I felt like
it was too late. I had taken the shot,
and whatever happened, it did have some effect. I went to another
doctor that I heard about. He had beds in an office suite
in downtown Washington in a very heavily
business district. It seemed like it was
sort of a factory full of people getting abortions.
I didn’t feel– And I remember it as a very
negative experience for me. I remember him as being
a really mean man. And it hurt.
I remember him saying– he had a German accent,
which made it even scarier– he said, “Did it hurt?
Did it hurt?” And I just felt so, he was,
he was mean, and he wanted me to feel bad about myself.
And I did. [ominous music]

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