Should Chevy Be Sued For False Advertising

Rev up your engines,
ayy says scotty I want to know what you think about the new chevy commercial claiming that
their more reliable than honda and toyota, how are they allowed to say such lies,
chevy is more reliable than toyota, honda, and ford,
it's an advertisement their paying money, they can generally say whatever they want,
it's actually not toyota either, I get a laugh out of that one though cuz I've
seen it, where they take the blanket off and then it's toyota, then they take the blanket
off and it's a chevy right, oh my god it's chevy,
listen to what they said, it says it's based on some kind of survey, they don't tell you
who did the survey, not even what company it is, just a survey, based on a recent nationwide
survey, who knows maybe they surveyed one person that
works for chevy I have no idea, you had me bragging,
now recently I came back from England and in England they have very strict laws about
what you can say in advertisements and what you can't, and you never see ads like that
in England, pretty much they can say whatever they want, look at the political ads the last
election, people were saying all kinds of stuff,
might of been slightly wrong, who knows if any of it was true because nobody
facts checks it and as long as the political committees paid the TV stations to run the
ads they ran them, it's money to them they don't care,
I mean I know in my heart toyota is one of the best brands out there, chevy's killing
it, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. Heya Scotty, can you please do a review about the ss Holden commodore from Australia. It has been imported to the U.S market in 2016. I would like to here what you think of them. When it comes to performance, reliability and overall quality. Thanks bud. Love the informative channel. Cheers.

  3. Just before Scotty's video started I got a Chevy commercial saying that they're saling their cars here at "great prices
    LOL!!!! 😆😆😆😆

  4. If I ever buy a Chevy accidentally. I probably drive it in to a Levee but with my luck its probably dry.

  5. Chevy should get rid of all their cars except for the corvette and camaro. After that they should only make trucks, SUVs, Commercial vehicles, and performance cars such as the corvette and camaro.

  6. It's total BS! I have a 2017 Chevy Malibu. Fun to drive, feels nice but it's crap. Not even 30,000 miles on it. This "brand new" car already had the a/c replaced, rear door lock keeps acting up, constant vibration between 1500 -2000 RPMs, tells me to shift to park when the car is in the park position. Complete Lemon! I should've never left Toyota. Gonna start looking for a Camry.

  7. I agree Chevy nowa days not that great, says the guy who drives a 1988 oldsmobile with 3.8 v6 ln3

  8. Government Motors.
    " Base on a nationwide survey " – conducted within 3 months with recently bought Chevrolet vehicles, our cars are reliable because we narrowed down the data to make it seem our cars are more reliable than Toyota and Honda by ignoring the long-term and predicted reliability.

  9. The term they used for reliability (it’s on Chevys website) says “owners who reported they have not repaired or replaced any vehicle components in the past 12 months” so while they may be the most reliable for the first 12 months they won’t be after that and that’s just the 48,679 people who completed the survey that included other brands like ford Toyota Nissan Honda etc

  10. Should be sued by the people of the USA and Oz for stealing public funds and bail out monies and moving to China with the m9nies.

  11. When you make a survey – you can skew the questions (and people asking them) to produce the result you want. One must remember -the people don't often like to admit the car they just spent $30,000 + for has problems – so often they simply "Forget" the small problems and only look at major problems. Sometimes – these surveys and tests are meaningless because they do not mean anything in real life. THE IIHS crash testing is an example – YOU will NEVER get into an accident exactly like the ones they test for – all indoors – controlled acceleration and braking – and even the angle of the crash is controlled. Once – Ford added a brace to the front of their truck JUST to pass the test – which shows that they want to pass the tests rather than be better in real life. AND – there has yet to be a study that correlates the results of these controlled crashes with safety in real life – because in real life – reality – like gravity and weight – and driver stupidity take over.

    Having said that – there are Chevy cars that are reliable – just as there are Toyota cars that aren't as well. THe cars that have the most basic features – with less new gizmos _ are more likely to have less go wrong because there is less to go wrong/ cars without power seats rarely have a power seat failure. Over the years – GM has made a lot of parts used in very expensive foreign cars – like their alternators, air conditioner compressors, and Transmission. Most often problems with GM transmission are due to improper placement of them – rather than poor engineering. For years Rolls and BMW used GM transmissions – Mercedes used GM air compressors – etc. Just DO NOT BUY a car that is in the first year of its production – that is the year the big problems are found. By the second year – they are fixing small little problems and the third year might be the best of all.

  12. I have a 2005 Cadillac Escalade with a 6.0 that has 270,000 miles. Tell me again how Chevy isn’t reliable

  13. Well I am a Chevy Fan boy and well this garbage about Toyota and Honda and Lexus Blah Blah are so reliable and the easiest to work on is ridiculous. But in this case I would hate to get in a wreck with those tin cans going 50 MPH as they implode at 5 MPH as I had Honda going 5 MPH and my car was totaled by a Chevy and the Chevy had a dent and a few scratches on it. All cars are made of plastic and all made of cheap parts. All brands have there issues. Scotty get REAL! I like your channel, but your biased opinions are ridiculous.

  14. There are people, of any age, that believe everything they see on tv. That's why people spend so much money on advertising to sway the low information population.

  15. It's not a lie. I found the nation wide reliability poll they used. The question was "Assuming no difference in anti-theft, which car brand is least likely to get stolen in a high crime neighbourhood?". Chevy came on top!

  16. I don't agree they are more reliable that Toyota or Honda… I like Chevy, I prefer them more than Ford no matter wtf you think Scotty, my fathers been a mechanic for as long as you and he used to sell ford's and he thinks Chevys are better than ford's, hence why they won the 2018 truck of the year. Don't get me wrong, Ford is still good. Just not the best American brand. But whatever floats your boat.. Its your opinion, people that bring you their cars usually don't diy or keep up with so they drive it till somethings wrong and they bring it to you. Iv had 2 Impala's 04 and 02 one with 3.4 V6 and the other 3.8 both ran amazingly, both had wheelbearing issues. Besides that nothing major. Both almost 200k. Only engine lights that came on were 02 sensors

  17. Just because you work on cars doesn't mean you an expert on how liable the cars are I own Chevys never had a issue with them

  18. So now besides fake news we also have fake commercials, I think at some point they will blame the president for it, watch!

  19. 2010 Malibu had “lifetime transmission fluid”. Traded it off with 117000 miles on it. Hard shifts one day and lazy shift the next. 4800-5200 for a rebuild. I think not!!!

  20. Same company that let people die over an ignition switch Cobalt wasn’t it I’m not surprised they would lie some more

  21. Well, my Chevy Cruze has been in the shop twice, and take great care of my cars. I won't purchase another GM product. The old chevy trucks were great. Ford F 150 has been solid. I'll probably get a Honda next.

  22. That survey was probably sent out to all the people that bought a shitty Chevy by far one of the only companies I don’t like

  23. I have no brand loyalty. Neither should you. Toyota makes very boring simple cars and the reliability isnt much better then anything else. The anecdotal evidence in the comments is funny. But if you want to play that game just go to a toyota dealer and chill out in the service center to find out how anecdotally reliable they are. Dealer should be doing nothing but fluid changes the way you talk about them.

  24. I've had Three @Chevrolet since April 1992 so I am on my 3rd one now. I've been very happy with them, they weren't 100% trouble free but they didn't have anything terminal either. I have a friend who had a 2005 Honda Civic that was terminal, her mechanic recommended she get rid of it,. The head gasket went bad at 84,000 miles, he said it is a common problem for that year Civic. My first Chevy a Camaro V8 had 113,000 miles when I sold it, never had a terminal problem like that.

  25. I have a 2001 Pontiac Trans Am. It’s my daily driver. I bought the car for $7,500 back in 2008 with 135,000 miles on the engine. I’ve replaced many parts over the years however the engine has outlasted everything else. It’s still going strong at 269,900 miles! If that’s not reliable I don’t know what is. The problem with the commercial is they are saying Chevys are more reliable than Toyota and the other brands known for excellent service life.

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