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what was going on my family it is your boy be man come on you got some to the video on this channel now I make this video kinda late so by the time you guys seen that we are probably less than 24 hours away from the shinobi story release and I know we're pretty high and that is being if we don't get another delay don't kill me the conversation because they've been delays is not my fault all right all right now it's been established but okay being sick kind of want to talk about MMO open and pay origins and it's well that's close to me I know she got the guy sets of questions about I want to answer that and also talk about get into close community and more specifically what to expect if you get in and land in clout another ado let's get into this video now let's talk about MMO first now for most part a lot of people are more excited for origin but which I am is well but don't get it twisted I am actually pretty height for MMO as well not planning to make a lot of content on the MMO side of the game now MMO if you guys know me it gives us this game gives off a lot of Gaiden bugs – if you know me back in the day Gaiden with my game if you ever seen me play an RPG or talk about MRG interpreting their old games or shinobi life and their old games I always make comparisons to guide it because Gaiden was my favorite like I'm biased so guy and was my favorite not saying it's the best not saying it has to be your favorite not saying up like it but personally guided with my favorite for this game to give me a lot of gaiden bikes it's it feels good I like I like to see that another big thing which excited me about this game is is the is the universe I guess the teleporters for all the missions now if I ever made a video again which I will do in the future definitely gonna do some Styles like this I think this is the best way to do missions because you can make them more expense than I had to worry about lag and everybody doing a mission on the world you get your team and you will fight obviously I'm guys know I talk about any Mo's a lot MMO is my favorite game so teleporting the dungeons are just things I think are just more ideas so for the seasons in the game I just think about the potentials or the boss fight crissy guys thought I was all the time the guide in the guide in the ninetails boss fight was fired still one of the best fights I've had on roblox period bro it was really nice I wish think really could expand upon that whole thing but I feel like they can do in this game in RPG bucks the boss fight in art nachos fight wasn't all that in my personal opinion I wanted to go back a guy and how difficult it was you have faced you can do damage it was really good and I can imagine when they got healing and stuff like that working with a team and ideas gonna be really good to see the boss fights and they can do like the Koski bells and say like it it's so much constant a can add a poem because it's always teleport somewhere so you'll have to fill the world with NPCs that's gonna make it lag oh yeah those add a new mission to teleport – which is fine in my personal pain now that's all once I buy mm oh you're gonna see a lot of content from me also another big thing that people are over with the MMO it's the ability to test almost anything you point now when we get into the origin talk a little bit more about a second or geez you're born with something that means you're very much limited to what you could test so let's say for example in origin you're born with water wind and since you got both throws you got ice and let's say you got the let's say you got the abiram PE class you got water trees um the winter you got the ice street and you have the AMA rhombus you like hey I got a limit amount of points what do I go into Casper MMO comes in play you can go test things out you can see exactly what you want to spec into what I happen to waste your points and all the way to get more points is to like yourself and die you know so definitely no racial points I'm always gonna be a giant test ground for what you want to go go to when you go when you ready for the arcade go fight people in the origin most so I'm really excited for that I think a lot of people overlook that small deep so now let's talk a little bit more about origin so you guys know there's three versions aboard the first up first two is the ones that most people are going to be playing and that's the open mode anybody can Texas this it's probably gonna be a level requirement on it just you calm down and alt spamming but anybody access is free it's on a medium sized map so most people are gonna be able to run and not everybody so most people are going to be able to run it if you can run most robust games now this low like I said you're gonna be born with a random kick kick again Chi random elements or elements um so you're gonna be random you know you have to work your way up gonna grind got also gonna have life's guys so if you die not not if you lose are you so for example lose all your help doesn't mean you die but if you lose all your help and you get in the grip animation which might be on top you start being your head in and you know you buy disassembles that means you lost of life and there's a limited amount of lives once you so say you're s right and you lose their last life you lose your last life you go back down to I think d- is the lowest rank so it's a bit a cycle of trying to get max rank trying to like these jews who's trying to get sage more all this stuff it's gonna be a lot of fun in my personal opinion and the balance is gonna be a thing of the game but i think it's all comes with a fine and I'm really excited to not only play an ultra gotta play close but open his will to get my hands on it experience it and you know perfect it for clothes mainly now we also have the version which is very similar to open the major difference is it's on a different map now the / qø version is is the same thing is you shut the same stats as well but the biggest thing gets is on a giant map this map sizes it get cleat monster if you haven't issues running medium do not buy or not buy / cube unless you just want to be there because you're gonna lag it's it's a huge map it is insanely big so like I'm not right now if you have issues running games do not buy it because you're gonna waste your money unless you just wanna you know see it let's get robot you got money you know you got that you know then you can buy it but that's this on you if you can't run it do not get mad at somebody also understand you've been warned by me other youtubers they owners themselves in the game past eight I wanna hear none of their crime that you can not right now it's been set if you do buy alright so like I said I'm excited for it it's gonna be hardcore if you do not like being arcade you don't like being killed you don't like people trash-talking you don't like people jumping you this gang up feat we gonna be jumping we're gonna be killing this coming Rose you know your villages your teammates but it's obvious it's gonna be hectic bro it's gonna be I need the 50 people running around and mount jumping on your head be mooing and killing you Mikey like this is it's gonna be crazy brought these gonna be a lot of fun now let's talk about like it's the same thing we open in origin I mean open and pay but just page is gonna be a little bit less of everyone a lot less all all spam because you gotta pay to get in she's gonna be a basically the same thing on a better mount in a little bit less time is it gonna be talks of it's gonna be a long time like but it's gonna be limited than the open version now let's talk about the big game mode that most people are excited for and everybody not gonna be able to get in so that is the closed community version that's the point where the specs kick in that's where the cutscene kick in that's where the kaga is kicking that's where all the hardcore people want to get into you know this is where your boy main is the rock pile gate this is where I kick into you know all that good stuff but let's talk about so to get into close community the first few set of people like run the first hundred people got in through COG a recommendation so looking block your own into the game say hey you guys can pick 15 people to be in your village and that's how we chose I chose people I know I trust and I told also some random people who were actors gonna discord underscore we have a unofficial keyword unofficial discord that we package created booking block may make it official but this is our little thing that we decide to make informed community you guys can join link to that would be in our description if you guys want to join it and basically I chose people like I said my homies I chose people I feel like they're gonna have to have hands people who can boxing other games people who are active I definitely chose some people I know who Brian games because activity in this game is gonna be a key so that's kind of people I chose now I may have slots open in the future but we'll talk about that in a second so that's basically what I've chosen and every cog a did the same now I think every cog a is basically for right now so at the moment you cannot get in through Kanye recommendations unless book and blog say I need you guys to choose five more people for your village or try to solder people just to get in the game in general and then we will hope open more people will choose more people to get in now the other way to get it is through book and block themselves now they already have said they're gonna add in 100 more people now those 800 has been dwindled down since they made this announcement but they're just really gonna add 100 more people and to do that to get in through that method is just following my social medias all I'm gonna Twitter following on their YouTube following on their Instagram they be posting everywhere they posted a little tip this tip like a post them up like I no one owns one Twitter post they said post your oldest game Oh screenshot have you been in our game and you may get in city posting you know make it look comment and they chose random people from that on a YouTube channel to say a posting random condom you got a chance to get in so late opening opportunities for anybody to get in you just got to be active if you just gotta be pan since you gotta have your head on the swivel you got to be looking around got it you really got to be thirsty for be thirsty for it if you guys want to be in follow my social minute a put the notification all you got to it's when you guys I got notifications I'll put the notice on if you guys want a better chance to get in I'm not saying you gonna keep guarantee but it will give you a better chance to get into the game now let's talk about let's talk about getting into cloud and what to expect with cloud now if we do end up getting more you know slots to get in let's say let's say book and block give the slots to get in how would I choose my next few people so I've already choose my homies and I do have a few reservations reserved people that I made no lien were to not saying no names but I do have some reservation people that are on my list but the biggest thing I'm gonna do for choosing people is I'm gonna be an open them being origin I'm a being in mug I mean planning make making content and the biggest thing I want to see people with notoriety my god I want to see people record recognized around the community people who can work around work with people people who know ranked up you know people who make it a name for themselves in the game people with people who I see you got hands to people who did piece me I'm not gonna be perfect I'm like I'm gonna lose suffice of course I want to see people who piece me up you know that's less what I'm looking for I'm looking somebody who can contribute to the village so that's person that I'm looking for if you guys want a chance to get to glad I'm pretty sure a lot of the Cognex like that and they may add say homies but I'm pretty sure they want to see people who are active if they want to keep new hands people who can work with people because the biggest thing is working with your village that's the biggest thing we don't want those solo dolo person I mean obviously gotta have a Han Solo's but the biggest thing is people who's gonna contribute some village because I'm gonna I mean really kind of hardcore a role-playing type of stuff so I need people going contribute village who got hands who ain't no way no slouches gonna be axes so if you guys want a chance if I get more people in the active bit being origin being pay got to be almost almost like in a picture paid simply because I want to see people know who invested in the game and who actually can run I don't want to pick somebody who can't run the game because that's just a lost person that he's gonna be a hinderance so I'm not gonna not gonna keep it real with you probably gotta be in to pay for me to choose you but I wanna I just wanna see what you could do based on some of your talents it's some coolness like trying to go slowly give me go to the NBA you chop it cuz well you can get a ball out you gotta you gotta you gotta make a name for yourself basically that's about it now what to expect from if you can clap for the random next hundred people hope you guys to this video and you happen to roll cloud now you can expect you know an active car game anti active sub car guess will and I don't like I somewhat be pretty hard on a role play I'm a no shot to everything from my village I'm gonna be you know and being being tried be the best I can to bother you guys um but we gonna be going to work you guys got it you guys expect expect to be able Towe hands expect to be able to throw hands we gonna have trainings we're gonna have boxing sessions and everybody I'm not sure you gotta be on all the time but you got a had them hands bro its sample bro you gotta have them hands because you got lost you got losses things I need I know my village to have hands and you guys think I'm seeing with this stuff what do you guys see ethereal he on another level he he's gonna be going carry I'm telling y'all right now you better AG right around him cuz he ain't playing no games and he he started felt the hands as well like I know you guys like man's no guys specs are you just a cog I could beat your head it doesn't play with me I got the hands chapter 35 heads don't fail me but y'all better ask about my name and don't I got specs shoot so I didn't cook you know you can have some means look to your right don't make me Larry at you off the mountain so don't play with me bro because I will throw you off a mountain and if you're thinking about going role for clown don't try let you know right now if you go roll from cloud I mean you can go roll from club but if you go roll from cloud I will hunt you down simple you will get hunt down I'm gonna get you through it down to one life form all your lives away so you gonna have one life you got one more time to live and then look feed you to Orochimaru so don't don't try don't try going rub to do it but they don't come with consequences Mina theory you're gonna be on your head and if we ever see y'all in the in the world you already killed on sight every cloud member wrote every problems gonna hunt you down and you will be Kayla so if you do I mean it's part of it so I mean takes to do it all risk but best believe you will be on see this is how is gonna be but a net if you rock away like I said I'm gonna be active I'll be carrying people I made for my villages trying to rank you guys up did you guys could I boost the XP we running with me so I'm be active trying to carry trying to teach you all my secrets all my secrets you know cuz I I do have a little bit extra time with the combating you guys I mean obviously I haven't played in a minute but I was tied with four hands so expect something fun you now what the overall games don't expect that than perky I guarantee you guys the game not to be perfect I guarantee you is gonna be books that they haven't found as part of any game that releases part of any game period so expect expect but expect broken things respected to be overpowered juices of course but expect something fun and expect them to put in the effort to balance the game that's the biggest things I'm expecting something clients ROM expected for this game Alex I could be perfect I don't expect you to meet the most hardcore game armies gonna pretty hardcore but always would like to meet a mr. looked like the most like well sure I'm looking for like competitive gain the most rounds to put in the game but I am expecting the house one look about in the video I literally played this game like the most out of everybody I was in the combat session literally all day because I was literally having fun I was legit having fun and I expect I suspect no less just have fun with this game anyway that's about it for the video hope you guys enjoy I know what kind of rebel kind of talk fast like we gotta rely on um facing things ass of courses the mill down the comments section I'll try to answer as many questions that I can and on always coming the videos or respond to comments but I try too hard and stuff like that but I will be particularly watched reading these comments and trying to respond to as much as I can in this video anyway i'ma catch you guys later ready for shinobi story I hope you guys are high the world's gonna be a lot of content we got three four five moles to play on so it's gonna be a lot of videos on the channel anyway I'm gonna catch you guys later tenants when your boy be main signing out

  1. So is open origin is the one that cost or is t something completely different hat cost 4:55 to 5:15 ish

  2. So uhh. It is the 21st for me and there aint any SS. Im gonna be choosing either the hidden leaf or the hidden clout village.

  3. Yo ibemaine I love ur vids and I would really love to get into the closed community in the future pls my username is madaraalvin I would love to get into the closed community so yea

  4. Do u like the new hit effects for combat that were in chunin exams testing or do u think they were unnecessary?

  5. oommgggg!!! shinobi story im ready ima be a skilled ninja and tran my skills till im the best then ima challege everyone then.. your next

  6. so what if we don't get picked in village will we be picked randomly or by your KG?
    btw will y'all do roleplays with dessi and the other kages? plz reply

  7. Didn't they delay the game because one of them has their birthday today and are going to bug test and prep tomorrow instead? The scheduled livestream also got taken down on their channel as well. Whatever, loomian legacy is coming out tomorrow anyways. I don't have time to play both games lol

  8. when it was going to be released in December last year, i was so hype but it was delayed so i got slowly less hype then after like may i got super hype.

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