1. I really love the leadership of UAE. I am a Ugandan who has seen these guys. They are very good people and respect human rights for every one and have given us work in their country. Blessings mighty nation and citizens of UAE.

  2. Just because he has s lot of money, doesn't mean he has to help everyone. A real leader has to say no some times and be tough and not a push over.

  3. His daughter needs to remember who she is and the family she represents. Trust me she's well taken care of. Thanks to her Father she's still alive.

  4. Sexiest man alive. He saved his daughter from making the biggest mistake of her life. He's very meek and humble and he has a kind heart.

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  6. Arab family rulers are disaster to humanity and the people under their leadership, it's total ownership, Arab rulers own the people they rule, their lives, properties and everything, If you are ruled by Arab king, you have to follow blindly the orders of the ruling family or not only you but all your family will be annihilated by the rulers,they have the true religion but don't practice it. and their rules are protected by the west specialy America. as Trump said '' we protect Saudi Arabia. would you say they are rich ? I love the king Salman, but I said, king, we are protecting you. you might not be there for two weeks without us, you have to pay for your military, you have to pay''. if you say something bad about the country no problem, but if you say something that's not that bad about the ruling family that's the end of your live but also anyone of your family.

  7. I request your public telephone number i wish to talk to you, your Highness Sheikh Mohamed. I am an elderly lady and had visited beautiful Dubai last year and long ago before the ‘New Dubai’
    I highly respect you, and consider you as one of my own son.
    May Allah Bless your family and you Ameen
    ya Rab. I am a British Indian by birth and live in the UK. I was born in (ADEN) Yemen, during the British Colony.
    I humbly request your Highness, to give me the opportunity to talk to you over the phone or in person i shall honoured. Lots of people citizens of Dubai, praise you and say that you are a very nice and understanding
    person. May Allah give you a long healthy life Ameen 🙏

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  9. UAE have a severing wealth found of around a trillion dollars this tyrant stupid dictator control it like his own portfolio he uses the country's wealth to fight any party that have legitimacy inside and outside the UAE .

  10. شيخ الشيوخ الله يحفظك و يحفظ دبي لي لامة جميع أوطان العالم و يحفظ الإمارات و يحفظ كل أولادك انشاله، حياتي صارت الها معنى بس اجيت على هاد البلد الحبيب، الإمارات عز لا ينتهي

  11. Whether he is evil or not, he changed his country.

    If most countries do half of what he has done, the world would be a better place.

  12. The truth most come out you can't fule us for ever you know? There is nothing such as the perfict crime الحقيقة حتطلع مستحيل لا تستطيع خداعنا للابد كما تعلم فلا يوجد شيء مثل الجريمة المثالية.

  13. this looks like a real genuine leader. who cares for his people and very accessible. our African leaders should borrow a leaf

  14. The labours in this country do not have the rights to open a bank account. Their living conditions are inhumane. No health care facilities. Health insurance does not exist. In an expensive city like Dubai or Abudhabi or any of their stupid glass sand shiny building states the labours get paid monthly about 160 to maximum 200 USD. Now GO FIGURE

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