Sessions tells GOP to tighten up on impeachment, ‘there’s no case here’

  1. I'll tell you why Mr. Sessions , because by making Adam Schiff and the Whistleblower testify it will prove that they "faked" this impeachment up in an attempted silent coup d'etat , that's why !!!

  2. Trump Derangement Syndrome just might become a legit mental disorder, sort of the way we have labeled a disorders by the precedent they set. Not unlike the way "Shaking Palsy" became "Parkinson's Disease", for example.

  3. N Pelosi Treason She needs to go to prison for trying to over throw We The People, and our duly elected President.We count every one of us .We are grandfathered here.Not illegal immigrants.

  4. Government Accountability Office's report that the Trump administration violated the law by withholding aid to Ukraine….a crime

  5. I watched Q a bit. Several times TRUST SESSIONS and TRUST HUBER came up in posts. Sessions recused when he was needed most, Huber's investigation of the Clinton foundation, found nothing to pursue. Anyone at this point, that is honest and following the political game, ALREADY KNOW the Clinton's are guilty. There's enough open source info to put 50 people in jail,…yet none are. I don't trust Sessions, and I'm beginning to have doubts about the "new" AG and DOJ. Huber couldn't find anything because he didn't look, didn't interrogate witnesses, called no grand jury. Barr said, "These things take time." Anybody heard of anything solid that going on with the DOJ that would indicate some type of real investigation was underway? Don't scare me with Durham. He could be as actively hiding evidence as much as people are saying he's collecting it.

  6. It's amazing that there is still even one American in this country who doesn't want a full and fair trial in the Senate. Get over it already Trump is not a demagogue or a demigod or a messiah. He's just a man and he's a crook. he is without a doubt the most corrupt president this country has ever, ever seen. He is systematically destroying every principal and institution that makes this country the most successful democracy in history.

    those of you who watch Fox news in order to get your news about the impeachment need to try getting your news from other sources like CNN and MSNBC and CBS etc. those are the fact based news outlets not partisan hacks like Laura ingraham. You're getting fed a line of b***** and it's like you're too stupid to even realize it. Which of course plays right into their hands. Because that's exactly what they think of you. they know that you are stupid and will believe anything that they say. Trump, the republicans in Congress, and Fox news counts on this. You are their pawns. Doesn't that make you feel angry to be looked at that way?

  7. I hope you Trump supporters keep your head up your a** and see what type of government you will live understand. Who cares what this old fool has to orangeman kicked his a** to the curbm

  8. Lol…coming from cry baby Schmuck Tumor and Joyless Parkedcar( cuz her face looks like she slammed it into a parked car) I think POTUS Trump is quite safe.

  9. I didnt think the view would give such blatant prejudice against or for. I thought they were just a discussion group to give us information and not bias. I also thought they would give us the people the information and let us form out own opinion. I must say I m disappointed in how the whole thing was played out. I will no longer view that show. I am capable of making my own choice based on information.

  10. Former AG Sessions, even after the Bigly bully punched, kicked, threw him out of the bassinet… still begs for crumbs of favoritism from him.

  11. SES, Senior Executive Service is the sedition branch of the feral government > Aim4Truth(.)org >

  12. The uncomfortable truth is that there are 4 or 5 Republican votes in question for who knows what reason since this whole impeachment sham began in 2016 and none of this current action has anything to do with it. How are Romney and others so dumbly falling for this sham impeachment advancement by inches? I mean this is the reason Nancy and crew started it, and this is why she held onto the articles of impeachment, because if you create enough smoke, endlessly reiterating unproven crimes and even flat-out lies, some actually fall for it. It's asenine that Dems like Green and Waters and Tlaib and many others say clearly they intend to oust the present, to impeach him, and even the word "coup" was used, and yet there is credibility afforded this traitorous act. Why are Republicans acting so weak? Is the moral fibre of America now so bankrupt that evil liars and deceivers are easily obtaining the upper hand? It's sickening.

  13. Somebody needs to fired this DNC old bastards been in congress for more than 30 years bankrupt our country wasting tax payers money against people and MAGA n America First shame.

  14. The President cannot allow future President's to lose executive privilege! The House was obligated ("BY LAW") to accept an (initial) claim of executive privilege and then call on the Third and co-equal branch to determine it's validity! You cannot Impeach 45 or 46, or ………. for using the legal authority of their offices!

  15. Well well well … Look who crawls out from under his rock after the president has been dragged through the mud for the past how many years?? Jeff Sessions to the rescue!. What the hell's going on with you lately anyway Laura??

  16. like mouseketeers are to Mickey so are you Trumpeteers are to Donny…..all childish dreamers in a mythical squeaky-voiced leader

  17. Hey Laura, do you suppose the Demon Rats are tired of winning yet??? President Trump had to drag the incompetent self-serving idiots kicking and screaming to do the right things for the American people. President Trump/Mike Pence 2020, GOP Conservatives retakes the House, GOP Conservatives increase the number of Senators, 2020.

  18. Why hasn't Schumer ever been committed to a mental institution? He is obviously dangerous, a pathological liar and extremely sick. He is twisted.

  19. I’d love to see Sessions get re-elected to the senate so trump can make fun of his size and stupid southern accent again.

  20. So sick of all these bozos, throw them impeachment papers in the garbage and get back to work. Jeff God bless you and America

  21. schumer is just a slippery politician, he is one of the few who voted No on the new USMCA because of political gains purely…

  22. As sessions said.. Republicans must grow a backbone. Summary judgment on evidence or actually lack of it in congress.. no high crimes

  23. How does Trump starting an investigation into possible (he's guilty as hell) political corruption of our former Vice President in 2017 become solely motivated by his wanting to "meddle" in the 2020 election if Biden wasn't a candidate?

  24. Yes when this shame falls the Dems are going to scream it's because they didn't get the wittiness they wanted. They are already laying the ground work for their next round of bogus accusations and yet another assult on the President just wait and see. Such sick sick people!

  25. sessions aloud all this to happen !!!!! sessions should take a pistol and blow out what is left of his brains !!!!!!!

  26. Everything puzzles these fox clowns. Good news is Trump's getting what he wants. Ukraine is now doing an investigation lol.

  27. We are being played. This nonsense must be stopped. Even if the rhinos dislike President Trump, where is their regard for the liberty of constituents? Do they hate us so much? President Trump has done nothing but good for the country. He is honest and forthright and the best President ever! Great job Ms. Ingraham.

  28. How can you guys even believe yourselves. Honestly the defense of our constitution is at risk. Stop trump. Stop the spin and lies. America wants the truth and justice. Not a cover up by calling it all a witch hunt. To much evidence against the president and inside whit house. Including Barr.

  29. Hunter is relevant because Trump can prove there was ongoing corruption that needed investigating to uphold his sworn oath to perform his duties. Case closed for the fem dems. The walls are closing in on the two story privy.

  30. This guy makes me sick, a coward and a fool. Go away ol’ man take your bag of peanuts, go to the park and feed the pigeons. You doddering, old fool, I think I hear your nurse calling you.

  31. Yeah sessions. should have investigated when you were in a position and a chance BUT you did not. Why are you talking here? Trying to sell yourself here for votes? Your reputation is gone into the dumps. Your chance to shine is over !!

  32. You Drumpfsters need to undergo a mental evaluation as to why you are so willing to give up your democracy and common sense for such a disgusting, vile, manipulative and whining con man like Donald Trump.
    He'll keep on using you until he uses you up.
    Sessions is caught up in this mess so naturally he would defend Drumpf, the same person who humiliated him when he was Attorney General.
    Repugnicans have no self whatsoever, Ted Cruz for example.




  34. When you judge do that with mercy, for wherever measure you meet the same shall be given to you. You trialed the president on hearsay, you denied his counsel access to question witnesses, you blocked republican subpoenas to call witnesses and now you ran like a rabid dog to the view and cry. I say to the senate; GIVE THEM NO QUARTERS

  35. I think that all of this crap,all of it is by design. Not to get rid of POTUS but to expose all of these Crimocrats for the frauds and crooks they are.

  36. Any "republican" who supports Nancy Pencilneck or upchuck schumer should be removed from the party, they are a disgrace.

  37. They talk crap about The President being afraid of the truth coming out…WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They are trying to impeach him because they don't want the truth about their filthy works coming to the light…KARMA is coming soon…

  38. The more they badger President Trump, the more they alienate the American people,. Democrats don't seem to understand this.

  39. Trust Sessions.
    "He was named after his father, who was named after his grandfather, who was named after Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America, and P. G. T. Beauregard, the Confederate general who oversaw the bombardment of Fort Sumter, starting the American Civil War. His father owned a general store in Hybart, Alabama, and then a farm equipment dealership. Both of Sessions's parents were of primarily English descent, with some Scots-Irish ancestry. In 1964, Sessions became an Eagle Scout, and later, he earned the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award for his many years of service."

  40. I Hope and do pray that these poor possessed people get exorcised from the demons that possess them. To be lying and believing their own lies? That’s downright possession! We all need to pray for Pelosi, Schumer, Shift, Nadler and all the other liars in Congress for deliverance, in the name of Jesus. They need help!

  41. Schumer: "Donald Trump doesn't want the truth to come out"! Ohhh please!! That's really rich when Schiff wouldn't allow witnesses to be called that the Republicans wanted, and even stopped Republicans from asking questions to his so called witnesses!! Trump has said that he wants witnesses to be called in a trial in the senate, that doesn't sound like Trump is in any way, shape or form scared, it's the corrupt Democrats that need to be fearful!! Jeff Sessions is absolutely right that this case should be thrown out, but personally I would love for a trial to happen so that the corruption by the Democrats is out in the open for everyone to see.

  42. All the DNC heads and operatives that one or more instigated and paid for the Steele Dossier should be called to testify how they smoked crack and started it. That includes Wassman Schulz and Donna Brazille. And maybe HRC herself

  43. Sessions has a lot of nerve expressing his feelings now, when he had a chance to stop this mess a long time ago and wimped out. Why is he being so kissy, kissy with Trump now?

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