Sergiy Panasyuk tells about structure of local self government in Ukraine

Let’s check step by step meaning of our Constitution (Ukrainian Constitution). Our local community can elect council and mayor in our legislation. Actually our local community, our citizens, should be citizens of Ukraine, just citizens of Ukraine… to have registration, local registration and be more than eighteen years. Local self-government, in Ukraine, in the basic level, is village, settlement and City, just three types. That community has possibility to realize local self-government. Actually, all councils on local level, create executive bodies and mayor a head of the executive body. As I told, on the basic level of local government in Ukraine is village City and settlement. Cities can have districts and City community can make some self-organization bodies on lower level like house or Street, it’s our right actually second level Regional level of local self-government Rayon and Oblast It’s our second level of local self-government and actually Rayon and Oblast just help. Because basic level are the three types of local councils or local territory. Actually this is Oblast, we have 24 Oblasts Kyiv and Sevastopol… Kyiv and Sevastopol have special status and Crimea This is Rayon of some Oblast. If we are speaking about local self-government on regional level Local council on that level can have own executive body Because executive body on regional level is State Administration and Local council on regional level elects a head, but a head of the Local Administration on regional level is appointed by our president represent Petro Poroshenko

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