Senior diplomats of S. Korea and Japan discuss wartime forced labor and export curbs Wednesday

that’s great and Japan held
working-level diplomatic talks this afternoon to discuss Tokyo’s wartime
forced labor and export curbs the meeting comes a week ahead of South
Korean Prime Minister’s visit to Japan to attend the Emperor’s enthronement
ceremony Oh jung-hee reports following through on their promise to meet once a
month senior diplomats of South Korea and Japan met Wednesday to discuss the
issues that have recently devoted them South Korea’s Director General for Asian
and Pacific affairs kim jung-han met with his Japanese counterpart shigeki
Takasaki at Seoul’s foreign ministry the main talking points the South Korean
Supreme Court ruling last year calling for Japan to compensate the people it
used in wartime forced labor and Tokyo’s export restrictions the South Korean
side pointed out that Japan’s export pervs are retaliation for that court
ruling and called for the restrictions to be quickly withdrawn while
highlighting the need to continue dialogue South Korea also brought up its
concerns about radioactive waste from the 2011 Fukushima meltdown that is
regarding how to pan is considering dumping contaminated water to the sea in
the bags of radioactive waste that were lost over the weekends due to typhoon
hagupit this working-level meeting comes a week before South Korean prime
minister in again visit Japan to attend Emperor Naruhito sand throne month
ceremony according to Seoul’s foreign ministry talks between Prime Minister II
and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Levay have not been confirmed but are highly
likely Prime Minister Abe a has also highlighted the need to mend ties with
Seoul speaking at a meeting on Wednesday Ave said it’s imperative to continue
dialogue with South Korea and it hopes there will be an opportunity for ties to
be rebuilt however the Japanese leader still put the blame on Seoul saying
South Korea is breaching trust by supposedly violating their 1965
agreement who Johnny News


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