Senator: The Bible Is My Compass, Vote For Me

mark Pryor is a democratic senator from
arkansas and he was a keeper see but he thinks
he’s in a little bit a troubled to read State President Obama got crushed in arkansas and he’s been
going further and further right all along with
their problems are saying oh no you voted for obama-care we’re gonna come
get your I so Mark Pryor is a side that he’s
gonna go into is all bag Atrix this how we won the first place he had
run as with him and a Bible so now is this how did well
you know it worked once let’s do it again and
let’s try to bring it over the top I’m not ashamed to say that I believe in
God and I believe swarm the Bible teaches us no one has all the answers only God
bless can neither political parties always right this is my compass my Norstar he gives me comfort and
guidance to do what’s best for Arkansas I’m our prior and I approve this message because this is who I am and when I
believe that this guy is not running from local pass a position he’s running for Senate Irene he literally showed up in every
this is what I believed nobody here take Jerry put complete I know I know
dude okay you believe in the Bible God your so over the top but so defensive because if you’re democrat I know it so
I is it do you really believe in the Bible says God I got out there put it on a this is Ralph long ago I
love the Bible Orem are you off on the Bible the bank
actually though we have his first as that 1 I’m not going on air but he
really has gone wrong with this app larger home on and cannot do you know the fam think gonna okay Jayden German government but they for real you know what that
seems a little up too light hearted so the just to prove how much more prior a loves God and Jesus in the Bible this
was the original and that they were gonna rock go for for
group where is a sickness in american politics you know the First Amendment says says
which a lot establish a religion the founding fathers a ruling
around in their grave rolling over in their graves as these senators up like shopping the
bible down our throats hedge air jacks a week on sometimes
reverend AR Jesse produces the show his father was a deacon he’s wonder if
you religious Young Turks members here but he looked
at that and said that guy should be impeached it’s a violation of the Constitution to
say that you’re going to lead not by our laws not by our Constitution but by the Bible we didn’t vote on the
Bible we’re not worried by the Bible that’s what our founding document I
don’t believe in the Bible I’m an American citizen I don’t want you
to represent me if you’re only going to use the Bible as your main short so what you believe
and how you will rule but you’re not really America you goal
run in a in the Vatican or if you use a deferral
just text cool runnings Saudi Arabia or Iran and by the way you over the top and
security on it is at that Eq

  1. Cenk is missing the fact that the reason why he's not getting impeached because the people that would impeach him know that he's a politician and that he's only SAYING that the Bible is his compass and all that BS to placate Arkansas voters. 

  2. Cenk, you sounded like an atheist version of Bill O'Reily right there. The only thing that was missing was a fedora.

    Mark Pryor is going to have a tea party candidate in his riding that will likely say the exact same thing and have a war chest full of Koch money. If you have a problem with that, then your beef is with the voter culture in Arkansas. I mean Senator Pryor voted for Obamacare, and he is going to have to justify that to his voters. What should he do instead? Try to lay out a reasonable argument for Obamacare with a state full of very passionate right wingers? That wouldn't work. So he takes the route where he says that the Bible is his moral guide and that all of his choices in the Senate stem from his morals.

  3. Let me see. Mark Pryor. Rode in on the coat tails of his progressive communistic father and now he wants to be a senator again. He uses the Bible. If he practiced it, it would be one thing. But he is a LIAR like the LIAR in chief. Too bad this fool has a continued source of income, because we are hoping in Arkansas that he would have to find A REAL JOB next year.

  4. I guess this Democrat is trying to beat the Republicans at their own game. It's a wonder he didn't have a gun rack on the wall behind him. Maybe his next ad will show him hunting.   

  5. This here book- which is my moral compass- tells me that when I beat my slaves to the point that they can't even move for two or three days afterwards, as long as they don't actually die from their injuries, it's a-okay. You can maim them, rape them, stick an awl in their ear, but unless they're atheist or homosexual, you can't just kill 'em. So vote for me. 'Cause I got the book that tells me what's right and what's wrong.

  6. Imagine how much harder it would be to be a politician in a country whose populous understands that the world is round.

  7. He is running in the Buckle of the Bible Belt. Of course, he has to establish a connection with his electorate. I would be more surprised if didn't mention his faith.  The voters of Arkansas want somebody who views the world as they do. In fact they have a right to that kind of representation. We have the courts to keep these guys from going over the constitutional line. Let Arkansas be Arkansas.

  8. That was in bad taste showing his face on Jesus' body, I am a liberal and a gay man but I think you went WAY to fucking far insulting Christianity like that by doing that video with Jesus, I know that was never the ass hole senator's video… you need to stop trying to offend even liberals who happen to be liberal because they are Christian and know Jesus himself was a Liberal!

  9. For better or worse, Mark Pryor is PROBABLY as liberal as you're going to get in a place like Arkansas and frankly, the fact that he doesn't want to gut social security and isn't Tom Cotton, well, I have to say that if I lived in Arkansas, he'd get my vote. I'm obviously not going to be his biggest cheerleader, nor do I agree with the content of his ad, but hey you have to pick the lesser of two evils. 

  10. Ill be completly honest. I am a christian. But to go around the country sayin you believe in it. Dude. Prey about it. Not speak thats what we keened to do when we believe. This guy is a hyprocrite in every sense of Christianity. Jesus said to not believe the hypocrisy in humanity. You sir are not a politition. But hyprocritical

  11. How's this for a political ad?  Have a Democrat do the exact same sort of pro-religious seat, and at the end, have him saying, "I'm [insert name] and everything I said in this ad is bull.  Vote for reason, not crazy!"  … heh, as if.

  12. The bible is a great compass. Put the bible on your heart and walk towards a thousand foot cliff. Do all the people who accept reality in its entirety a favor. Follow it with your heart. Enjoy your day …

  13. The irony is that here in England we do have an establised religion, and yet no one gives a shit. All of these religious arseoles they have in the US would be lauged out of the place here – so glad we put all of those chaps with buckles on their hats on the boat!

  14. that douchebag had said you don't need a high IQ to run for senate in Bill Maher's Religiolus documentary 

  15. So if he gets elected and governs according to the bible, and makes a ruling that is ultimately overturned by the courts, should he be held to account for his actions/decisions? As an atheist I find that this is the whole problem with governing by 'the word of God'. If God is infallible, then any decision made in accordance with 'the word of God' is also infallible.
    The word of God must, due to its infallibility, supersede the decision made by Man – the Court of Law – and so in turn must also supersede the Constitution of America.
    It has to, there is no other logical possibility.
    For any Republican to, at this point, say that the Laws of the Land apply, after you have conceded to the authority of 'the word of God', is wishful thinking or straight out lying.

  16. It's one thing for a senator (or any political figure) to say oh I'm a Christian, or I'm Jewish, but this is just wayyyy over the top. Like he said, using the bible and saying "this is the way I'm gonna run things" is ridiculous, even if he lives right in the Bible Belt of the United States. It almost seems like he's using it for votes, I'm sure if he was a shoo in to be reelected he wouldn't have done this, he's using it to win over a religious audience, and that's just disrespectful.

  17. I didn't realize the Bible discussed the American political system, because apparently He says, 'neither party is always right'

  18. Now if only someone did this but holding the constitution, maybe some law and philosophy books or science journals and said that is their compass not their political party. I'm liking the idea of a politician saying neither party is always right or defines their decisions, I would love to see some actually incorporate that to their performance while their in office.   

  19. Debate in functional countries:
    A. "I believe that investing in public infrastructure has a direct impact on jobs and economic growth and also an ancillary effect via private investment in regions with modern infrastructure"
    B "I believe that a tax policy that encourages private investment and job growth will provide the needed revenue to upgrade infrastructure."

    Debate here:
    A: "I follow the Bible."
    B: "I follow the Bible more."

  20. This is frightening since the Bible says to kill gays, people who eat bacon, and people who work on sunday. I thought american was a democracy, not a theocracy.

  21. This guy looks like Cenk so much!!!! I thought it was Cenk pretending to be white :P… conservative white Cenk anyone?

  22. I live in Arkansas. Mark Pryor can kiss my ass. I am not voting for him, or any republicans. He is nothing but a republican in democrat clothing anyway.

  23. Mark Pryor: I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a Christian.

    Whooaaaaa, way to step out there dipshit!!! Fuck Mark Pryor, I hope they find him in a rest stop with about 15 cocks in his face!!!! Ashamed to be a Christian? How about trying to be an atheist or a homosexual (or an atheist homosexual) Mark and then you'll understand what the word ashamed actually means, you ignorant fucktard!!!!

    I swear, religion is a mental disorder. For some fucked up reason Christians think they're being persecuted in America & that there's a War on Christmas. But in reality they're the most accepted and powerful group in America. Just look at Mark Pryor's statement.

  24. The bible has become the God of many people replacing and transforming faith in Christ and his message.

    Nowhere in the bible does it ask for people to believe in it.  Faith is always rightly directed to God.

    The history of people who use the bible as an authority is painted with the blood of people the bible believers have found unacceptable. 

    Christians for the most part have accepted the bible as their guide rather than Christ himself. For the most part they cannot distinguish between the bible  and God.

    I have faith in Christ.  So I know how to treat other people..In the bible you can find the rules for wife beating and divorce, all kinds of minutia.Christ repudiated all that. 

    Beware of people who come with a book from God.  God did not send a book, he sent his Son.  Merry Christmas.  Peace on earth, good will to men and women.

  25. What is it with Christians and their Bible? This book is my compass. And I'm sure if you polled these Christians and they answered honestly, I'd bet my life savings that not even half have read the thing cover to cover. A little goofy to base your entire ideology on a book you never even read.

    And you know who got a bad wrap in the Bible? Lucifer. Lucifer was just trying to warn the other angels of God's egomania and bloodlust ( God killed everyone at one point-flooded the world so that man would fear him). God, in the Bible, has the temperment akin to a overweight teen emo chick on her period.

    So, yea- I tried to warn you people but you just won't listen. And now the only people I have on my side are these Norwegians in corpse paint playing black metal.


  26. Alberto Vergilius that is true but he died to save you me cenk everyone he loves them if they believe in him or not

  27. Shouldn't we be running our country based on the golden rule? That's a MANDATE Christ gave. And I don't wanna hear any libs bring up slavery or genocide. "Slavery" in the Bible is much like what we have today (people paying off debts). Don't let what happened 400 years ago color your perceptions. The genocide in the Old Testament was against Nephilim, not ordinary people. Learn some history before you barf out nonsense. Again, the GOLDEN RULE SHOULD STILL STAND!

  28. HAH. I watched this a few days ago and thought 'wow, this guy strangely looks familiar…'.  Now I come back to rewatch and realize!  He was in religulous!!! haha!

  29. Religion should be kept our of politics.
    But to be fair, If you want to get elected in a state that is mostly filled with bible thumpers, you must be one…or pretend to be one?

  30. This is the same dope who – when challenged by Bill Maher in "Religilous" as to whether or not we ought to be concerned by the fact that those charged with running our country could believe in talking snakes – answered: "Well, we don't have to pass an IQ test or anything…" (or, at least something to that effect).
    Maybe it's just me, but I think a LOT more of us NEED to be concerned.

  31. Cenk is criticizing this guy like he would do with a Bible thumping Republican. But this guy isn't Bible thumping. He's not one of the crazy Republican candidates for presidency. This is what his crew wrote for him and he read it. It's a cynical, populist lie that should offend every Christian, too.

  32. Every time I see these US campaign ads, it makes the US seem like even more of a bad joke. A politician would be laughed into disgrace if they did this in the UK and we are the ones with a state church! 

  33. … for some reason if everyone who was for the constitution knew about the establishment clause that said that church and state should be separate… I'd think that this guy making that statement would get a lot fewer votes… I mean if we want them to be separate than shouldn't we be putting in more people who are less religious or not religious at all?

  34. if u use the bible as ur compass u should not be allowed near anything that has to do with decision for how a country should be run. I would be more comfertable if he said he got his moral values from harry potter. Atleast harry potter is a decent fictional character unlike the ones in the bible.

  35. When did he actually shove the bible in everyone's face? He's simply going for the Christian vote. A lot of Democrats and Liberals are Christian. What's wrong with that within on of itself? Unless he uses it to discriminate against people…. Who Cares!!?? Yet another misguided hit piece. Just another example of Liberals making a mountain out of a mole hill. I say this and I'm a proud Atheist and Progressive Liberal. Stop being the Fox News for Liberals outlet…. Come on now….

  36. Sad thing is: he SHOULD be ashamed of believing in the bible.

    Magic, satyrs, dragons, and talking donkeys strikes me as a shrek movie (a VERY poorly plotted one that's about as entertaining as watching paint dry).

    The murder and rape strikes me as a VERY POOR "moral compass".

    And the fact that humans can't walk on clouds (and we KNOW this!) OR live in space (and we KNOW this) blows a massive hole in one of the primary bible stories (involving language diversification)…

    What ISN'T to be ashamed of with regards to believing in the bible?

  37. The Young Turks were a group that committed a GENOCIDE against the Armenians. Cenk is a racist and a holocaust denier. Don't give this PRICK an ounce of respect, a single like, or any views.

  38. Peter 2:1-3

    But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, bringing swift destruction upon themselves. Many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned; and in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.

    Looks like God anticipated this guys actions!

  39. That's the same guy who's in Bill Maher's Religulous saying, as a senator, "you don't have to pass an IQ test to be in the senate."

  40. Pryor is a liberal who votes with Obama way too much and needs to go. I like the fact you are calling him out. I am very surprised by it. I am surprised the bible did not burst into flames when he touched it. he has supported gay marriage and abortion on demand.

    If decent, Christian conservative people fall for pryor this then they get what they deserve.

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