Senate Republicans Vote To Block Witnesses & Evidence In Impeachment Trial

Well, folks, yesterday was the first day of
the impeachment trial in the United States Senate. Most of it was spent on procedures. How are we going to do this? How are we going to do that? It stretched on for 13 hours going until 2:00
AM in the morning when they were finally allowed to go home, get a little rest, and then started
all over again today. And in what should come as a surprise to absolutely
no one, every single Republican in that chamber voted against the democratic measures to subpoena
Donald Trump’s administration, to call certain witnesses. Every single Republican voted against those
measures. And I know I seem a little smug about that
and maybe it’s because I am, because this is one of those times where I get to have
yet another, I told you so moment, because folks, I told you so. I told you these Republicans weren’t going
to break ranks. Even Mitt Romney, who last week was saying,
you know what? I think I would like to hear from John Bolton. I think, yes, I should. Yeah, you just voted to not specifically subpoena
John Bolton. You had the chance, you said you wanted to
do it and then when it came down to vote for it, you did exactly what I said you would
and you voted to not subpoena John Bolton and you voted to not subpoena Mick Mulvaney
and Pompeo and did not subpoena the State Department. Every single Republican voted along with Mitt
Romney there, including the other two that the media has been telling us, ooh, maybe
they’re going to be on our side. Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins. Oh, they’re not happy with Mitch McConnell,
but they damn sure voted with him on every single measure. That’s exactly what we could have predicted. From this point forward, there is no reason
to even bother with this impeachment hearing. There isn’t folks, there truly honest to God
isn’t. Don’t watch it. Read about it the next day, but don’t waste
your time sitting there for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours watching this
nonsense on TV. Read a summary of it the next day. Take five minutes instead of 13 hours and
then move on with your day. We know the evidence. We know what this president has been accused
of and it’s pretty obvious the man is guilty as hell. So is Rudy Giuliani and Pompeo and Mulvaney
and Devin Nunes. We know that none of them are going to be
held accountable for this. So if you care about your own personal mental
health, your blood pressure, don’t pay attention to the hearings. Read about it the next day and move on. You’re going to save yourself a lot of anger
and frustration because this is already playing itself out exactly as we told you it was going
to play itself out. The Republicans won’t break ranks. They’re going to stick to their Trump did
nothing wrong, and even if he did something wrong, it’s still technically not wrong and
that’s gonna, that’s going to be what it is. That’s going to be what it is, folks. I saw so many articles on so many different
websites today, all different, yet all the same. The four big wins of the Democratic party
in the Senate on Tuesday, the five big wins, the best thing Democrat. Who gives a crap? Yeah, the Democrats had a couple victories
yesterday. You get your 24 hour period of opening statements
now spread out over three days instead of two days, oh wow. Go ahead and stick a fork in Trump then, right? He is done. It’s nonsense. It’s political theater. Don’t waste your time on it. As I said, find something better to watch. Take care of yourself by not letting yourself
get so angry and frustrated by watching this nonsense and just wait until the next morning,
read a decent quick little summary on it and just expect for nothing to happen to the president
of the United States because these Republicans have made it clear, they’re not going to hold
him accountable at all.

  1. How anyone is suprised that Republikkkans block witnesses in this sham trial? This is what they are good for nothing,you want something to change? Vote!!! Vote!!! VOTE THIS ASSCLOWNS OUT OF OFFICE!!!

  2. Look, there was never a chance Trump couldn't find 34 Republicans to save his seat; the fact that there were wall-to-wall toadies just makes it less confusing to vote in November (and to pick off the survivors in '22 and '24).

  3. Republicans as you all see don't care about the truth.wonder why is that .get some back bone .it is said here in America if you see something say something.

  4. If Trump gets away with this. Might as well rip up the constitution…Dems and republicans both have shame the very meaning of Americans. what a fucken circus

  5. 🎶corruption junction what's your function GOP🎶 #TRE45ON
    It is said that every time Moscow Mitch tells a lie his wattle grows

  6. Wats a trial with no witnesses no evidence.. Makes no sense.. A tit for tat.. Gimme this & you can have that.. FOH.. Supposed to be as a court of law not playground banter.. F'kng ridiculous..👉👀😳💯💯💯💯

  7. We are witnessing the death of the conservative Republican Party. And they know it, they will hang on by their toenails in order to milk out one last pay raise and tax break…

  8. I so hope the country is really paying attention and votes ever single republican that is up for reelection out of office and out of our government. #MoscowMitch needs to GO. #Treasonweasels the lot of them.
    Make sure you are registered, and let your vote show your opinion of the cover up. Vote them out, it's our only hope.

  9. That alright Thrump all ready been impeached the sendtor might let him go but he still has been impeached he has to carry it as long he lives on Earth so he really didn't get way with any thing thrump still impeached

  10. Yes, because that's how you prove someone innocent, by NOT allowing any evidence or any witnesses in their "trial". How in the flying hell is this defensible AT ALL? This is PROOF POSITIVE that they KNOW Two Scoops is guilty as hell, and the ENTIRE PARTY is doing their best to cover up for him. This is DISGUSTING, but I'm not all that surprised. Republicans are honorless vermin who don't care one little bit for this country, only themselves and their ability to LOOT the treasury and give it to themselves.

    Anyone who votes republican at this point is proving they HATE this country and everything it stands for. A party of TRAITORS and crooks. If there is ONE running republican standing after November, that is a stain on this country. These are TRAITORS.

  11. We all knew the very weak Republican suckups would all fall inline with the Russian turtle McConnell..they value there government paychecks more than the constitution and the laws all of our past fighting men and women died to protect..they all need to be voted out along with there very crooked orange egomaniac boss.

  12. Let's just move on. Republicans aren't going to do shit about Trump. Ballot 📦 is where it will have to happen. History won't be kibd to all of them. Maybe November won't be kind as well to the Senate Republicans.

  13. Republicanism is the doctrine of cowards, criminals, conmen, rapists, hypocrites, christian fascists, liars and morons

  14. I'm calling it now I give it a couple days said it's going to throw this out there going to say there's no Evans has no charges is no crime and Donald Trump is going to walk

  15. If Bernie somehow manages to get the nomination despite the fact that Democrats are trying to block him if he gets that nomination, Donald Trump will lose

  16. No surprise here we all knew that this would happen. It’s our civil duty as Americans to vote & remove ALL of them crooked people out of office. They’ll be singing a different tune once their jobs becomes at stake.

  17. Trump lapdogs: Mike Pence, Fox News stooges, Trey Gowdy, Lindsay Graham, Matt Gaetz, Kris Kobach, Steve King, Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckleberry Hound, Martha McSally, Corey Gardner, Susan Collins, Tom Tillis,  and John Kelly.

  18. Are those RepubliNazis protecting their "dear leader" out of party loyalty, or are they afraid of losing their cushy Senate seats? Discuss. 🤔


  20. You did say it Bro. We are going to have to vote him out of office. The People are going to have to do what our reps will not.

  21. America pay attention as this is another faze in destroying American Democracy for putin with no shame or second thought.. Republicans are betraying our nation in plain fucking view and NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE TO THE FULLEST! Voting BLUE is the clear solution to their heartlessness and madness..

  22. The Republican Party that I can remember no longer exists. This is fascism like gave rise to the Nazi party. It's time for every thinking United States citizen to take stock of your values and take a stand !

  23. I knew that Susan Collins, Romney, and the others, would be bought..Their votes went to the highest bidder..the republicans.
    All of them live for power, and money..that's it.
    Susan does'nt have that sneaky, and crooked smile for nothing..
    She was bought off.

  24. Fucking political cowards – all of them. Cory Gardner is the GOP senator from my state, and I'll send him an email telling him how shameful his decision was. I desperately hope his sorry ass gets voted out of office next year.

  25. Trump voters cannot do basic math, Smart Trump People especially cannot do basic math. How many cities would it take to reach a majority of the total voting population in the United States?

  26. Whoever lives in a state with Republican Senators should find out where that Senator lives and post a note on their front door saying: "Eviction Notice. Your citizenship in the United States has been terminated. Go back to the land of your most recent immigrant ancestor or go to Russia, which will welcome your kind with open arms. You are not welcome here, LEAVE!"

  27. When idiot and traitor fall asleep in a impeaching hearing you know no one take it serial it a joke and f*ck the American peoples we hold your life in our hand.

  28. These republicans are a bunch of ungrateful people we need to vote all these old ass holes out and if you dont like my comment I dont give a dam it's sad how anyone can say what these republicans are doing is right because it's not they're a bunch of sick mf and dumb

  29. And they will vote unanimously to acquit trump. There is nothing to stop the witnesses and any evidence from still being made public. Just in another venue. The. Independent voters and swing voters will render their verdict in November. The credibility of The witnesses and evidence will be determined by millions rather than just 100.

  30. America is pretty much toast. Who is going to fill the void of world leader? It really sucks being the laughing stock of the world.

  31. After the stunt the House pulled, no witnesses or questions unless they allowed it , you can't blame them . This impeachment is nothing but a political ad for the Democrats at our expense. Trump is doing such a stupendous job and is going to be reelected and a lot of people are going to flip sides because of the great job he is doing and the Democrats are scared that their communist agenda will die.

  32. A real trial has witnesses and evidence and lots of paper work. I want the pappers that barr held from the people like me. Jail the TRAITOR s of America. And the republicans have become the traitors of the world. Jail them all for killing the CONSTITUTION OF OUR AMERICA.JAIL THESES TRAITORS OF AMERICA.

  33. dont ever think collins is on the path to truth. she showed her true colors during the Kavanaugh debacle. She has dishonored the state of maine. we don't want her.

  34. Nazis never want evidence or witnesses to their crimes. Clutching your pearls before sucking Orange Jizz does not make you a Quisling, you are still a Nazi.
    This includes Mike Todd and FUX LIES along with Susan Collins and Mittens Rmoney.

  35. Should have at least insisted on the witnesses and requested documents legally requested and hence required. I cannot respect an intentional cover up. The GOP just sold their souls.

  36. America has a funny judicial system. You can be stopped from showing evidence of guilt and in many, many cases where your dumb assed cops have arrested the wrong guys and lied to get a conviction your system refuses to look at evidence of innocence. F ing wires or what?

  37. Corrupt Corporate America always gets what it wants. No point in voting you may as well just give them the powers they abuse openly. Sadly that scum Farage and the elitists behind Boris will let them take over Britain.

  38. Welcome to the butt kiss Republicans . The Trump Cult is in full swing..Welcome the Hitler 1941.. The rule of law is lost.. Trump is being made a God by the Republicans .. Time to get your ice waters we are going to hell….Because all the Republicans are breaking their OATH OF OFFICE.. A specially Moscow Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham

  39. I guess Donald Trump is looking at becoming like those political leaders he so fondly likes such as Putin. He wants to be president forever and this step by the Republicans looks like one of the initial steps in setting up perhaps the "Republic of the U.S.A." What a sad, sad day for democracy in our neighbour to the south. WHAT IS IT THAT THEY ARE TRULY HIDING OR RUNNING FROM? It sure must be something very drastic. As a result of their voting to not bring forth any witnesses or documents they likely have sealed their choice to lose their seats in the 2020 election. Another massive sweep should take place by the Dems. And then possibly Mr. Trump and family will be free to spend some time behind bars for all their crimes
    in New York state./

  40. so just as I expected my Senator Lisa murkowski from Alaska loaded with all the low-life scumbag f**** Republicans like we knew she would Lisa when it comes time for re-election you can go f*** yourself cuz I'm not voting for you and I are a lot of alaskans are right behind me.

  41. And yet the Republicans that were in office during the Clinton Impeachment DEMANDED witnesses. Now they want to suppress witnesses and evidence. These FOOLS think only about now. At sometime down the road it will be the Democrats doing it. Simply because you have set the precedent. And you won't be able say a thing. Only hope that I'm around when it happens then I'm going to get in everyone of your faces and laugh my ass off.

  42. Yep, the laws in this country means squat now. We have whistleblowers being held and charged despite protection under the law. We have child pedophiles walking freely. War criminals dancing on TV. There is no justice in America

  43. You are absolutely correct…. Stop wasting our time watching and following this scam and cover up. My BP was skyrocketing and I was becoming super angry and frustrated just watching our country go down the toilet with the massive corruption in our leadership. I had to stop paying attention and just get my updates online for 5 minutes and move on. The Republicans and Trump have sold this country out and destroyed democracy.

  44. Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski are a disgrace, they go through the theatrics, and then fall in line every time.

  45. These mother fuckers are disgusting. Maybe we should be the ones to flirt with the idea of a civil war. We have actual tyranny to fight. Sadly, I used to be a "libertarian" back in college. It blows my mind to see people like Mark Levin and Alex Jones (yes, even him) support this bullshit. They used to rip Republicans like this to shreds back in the day.

  46. What if the House just walk out of the Senate and said, "we are wasting our time here, the fix is in." Let history remember them as the senate that almost destroyed the Constitution.

  47. Senate love to kiss💋trump fat ass and lick his balls dry !!!!!😆🤣😆🤣😆they're all afraid of pussy ass trump !!!!!😆🤣😆🤣😆..

  48. Q: Who in the senate cares about doing their congressionally obligated jobs?

    A: Not enough!
    There were enough senators from both sides of the aisle acting like this is some slumber party.
    Both the GOP and Dems are complete embarrassments for every person who cast a vote for each one of them. We always knew politicians are self-serving heels with hidden agendas, now we get to see it. As long as the GOP has an unbalanced, careless, lawless, brain-dead incompetent that can be manipulated by the last person he speaks with, the GOP will support him till the gates of hell pop open from the snow drifts piled behind them.

    Good luck.

  49. Idk why the mainstream media continually states that, the so called moderates, will break with DT. They never have. These ‘moderates’ only complain about small changes in language that they need in order to vote with their party. This is to give the appearance that they might change their vote, but they never do. They still all vote with DT on everything.

  50. Something is seriously wrong in Washington, with the Senators in Washington, with the president, with laws that govern this country. Truth, taking an oath, our constitution don't mean nothing to them. Evil men and women are running this country. Laws do not apply to them. Trump has pee on all of them. You don't do as I do, you do as I say do. The Dictator is here, kiss our democracy GOODBYE.

  51. Those are the actions of total innocent people you know block witnesses and evidence. Totally innocent and the chuds will eat it up

  52. I had hopes that at least a few individuals would have some backbone and vote ethically. Get out and vote this year so we can send a clear message to the people responsible.

  53. This is No surprise that the Republicans are against America we are going down the toilet….mitt Romney is a spineless idiot

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