Senate Democrats Just Turned On Nancy – They Demand Speaker Pelosi To Give Up And Send Over Articles

Nancy Pelosi has been playing a dangerous
game and now it’s blowing up on her. She thought she could plunge our country into
chaos over her impeachment. Pelosi had the entire media spinning her story
for her. That impeaching Donald Trump was an “urgent”
crisis. Her Democrats had to rush it through for the
sake of “national security.” While the rest of us were just scratching
our heads. Really? Over this? But even as she managed to coerce her party
into voting for a partisan impeachment, she slammed the breaks. Oh, she made a bogus excuse that the Senate
wasn’t going to have a fair trial. Really!? Now, even her own party members are biting
back. From the New York Post: Increasingly impatient Senate Democrats have
started speaking out about their desire for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to turn over impeachment
articles… “I think [the trial] needs to start, I really
do. I can’t tell the House how to do their business. I would never try to tell Speaker Pelosi … Let
us do what we have to do over here,” [said Joe Manchin]… Sen. Angus King, the Maine independent who
caucuses with Democrats, was blunt about Pelosi’s chances of swaying McConnell. Uh-oh! Numerous Democrat senators are getting fed
up with Pelosi’s delay. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said the trail
needs to start. Jon Tester questioned why Pelosi was delaying
the trial. Angus King ridiculed Pelosi’s actions, saying
it wasn’t hurting Republicans in the slightest. The list keeps going. Senate Democrats are getting nervous. They know Pelosi can’t keep dragging this
process out forever. Delays are only making Democrats look weak. Why prevent a Senate trial, if you know you’re
right? Americans are beginning to see that the GOP
and Pelosi are in a game of chicken. And Pelosi’s blinking up a storm. McConnell and the president are ready to do
this thing right. They want a trial so that Trump can clear
his name. The only reason Pelosi is delaying this is? Because she wants Trump to look guilty before
the whole country. She’s trying to make him look guilty before
a trial is even held. The very opposite of how our system works. It’s so crazy, even her own party members
are against it. Hmm… maybe, just maybe, Nance, you should
wise up and get this over with.

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