Sen. Sanders Surges In Latest Round Of Iowa Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Warren actually helped Bernie's surge. It is ridiculous that she would "Hillarize" herself by using identity politics. The establishment media was impressed by her attacks on Bernie during the last debate. However, recent polls have proved that her political calculation was wrong. She should have stuck to attacking Biden instead.

  2. Finally MSNBCentrest. I had stopped watching U guys. Sanders is above Biden U guys can't even say it. Biden's a trojan horse

  3. Bernie Sanders 2020 – Medicare For All – affordable college – Green New Deal – good stuff for America
    Lots of enthusiastic crowds for Bernie Sanders in Iowa. Ames, Iowa was a very good rally with a packed house.

  4. Sanders 26, Biden 25 and they call it a "statistical tie". If it was Biden 26 and Sanders 25, they'd call it "Biden leading with strong support". Establishment media just has to downplay Sanders. It's clear who the billionaire media CEO's DON'T want to see as the nominee

  5. Bernie, the oldest candidate, has the most understanding of what people want for the future of their country and the environment, a future he will never see, but fights for anyway.

    Bernie Sanders is a Patriot and a Legend.


  6. If Sanders and AOC are indeed Jewish, why they are associating with Omar (anti Semitic tweets), Tlaib (White Supremacy kills tweet-the real perpetrators are African Americans), and Joe Rogan (who have being criticized as racist)?

  7. Bernie will loose because he doesn't know how to get the opposition fired. You think Biden will hesitate when push comes to shove, he'll throw Sanders straight under a bus without hesitation. Warren as well. I actually think he's only after a cabinet position, hence his lack of sauce

  8. Your anti-Bernie bias is showing yet again…he's up in the polls since his heart attack???? You guys are so transparently pathetic. Now that you can't ignore him, you're going to slip in little digs..

  9. Voting in the primaries are as crucial as in the general election. We are taking on the establishment whether it is the left or right.

  10. “Surprising “; No it is not surprising at all ! Bernie is for the 99% and always has been!

    President Bernie Sanders sounds about absolutely RIGHT!

  11. Since he had that heart attack?? You establishment pack of hacks trying to keep your health insurance ad revenue. You pack of deplorables.

  12. Bernie Sanders 2020 Medicare For All~ $29,000.00 Exempt 4% on anything above! Union Contract the Cost of Healthcare Comes Back to you as a Wage Increase, EVERYONE COVERED THE SAME>No Premiums No Deductibles No Copays> Removing the 1000s of Insurance Companies Saves America BILLIONS~ Back into Research and Disease Prevention! Extend Medicare as a "GENERAL TAX FUND" AS IT WAS IN PAST! Not an "Entitlement" Biden Has REPEATEDLY SAID CUT but NO mention of a FAIR TAX on the Wealthy to PAY Their share of the American Pie! WORKING CLASS PAY MORE IN TAXES THAN A MILLIONAIRE!

  13. No thanks to MSNBC and CNN.Both of those MORNING JOE ESPECIALLY have been hindering Sanders and attacking him.Shame in you all for attacking BASELESSLY a great man who has been spending 20+ years fighting for the little man agenst the big corporations.

  14. Love you Bernie: But $15 a hour and/or FJG are old-broke-slavery-mentality “Swapping time and labor for money” you stay broke. The Rich don’t work for money, they have money work for them. It takes money to make money. A $1000 a month UBI is residual income for life will change the “money game”. What good is $15 a hour when you don’t have a job, acronym “Journey of Broke”
    A FJG to sharpen pencils? Please issue the gray jumpsuit along with that, a waste of money and time. Bernie can keep the dignity of a job, give us the money a $1000 a month in our hands, then we’ll have dignity: Retiring, paying student loan, college Tuition, medical insurance, helping homeless, jobless, volunteers, at home Moms, to start a business, donate more, less stressed, healthier both physically and mentally, staying out of prison. The 4th Industrial revolution is here and these old Politicians are experienced about the past, but are clueless about the future. Artificial Intelligence will bring big sweeping changes, we must embrace and benefit from it. We need a “New Way Forward” Andrew Yang is the only candidate of vision for the future. All other candidates are stuck in the past.

  15. And of course sanders is poling best with 18+ and not 60+ people! He is fighting for the FUTURE of America not it's DIEING OUT PAST! 60+ should shut up and move out of the way.The future needs to be secured not the past pushed into modern day.The past faild the world and made the mess we are all in today.Time for the new generation's to pave the way and SANDERS is the one to enable that happening and NOT Joe "moderate" Biden.

  16. Bernie supporters better brace for unprecedented levels of attack as we get closer to next Monday. Let's go!
    #BernieBro #SandersSis #NotMeUs

  17. These are the same idiots who said Bernie was finished 6 months ago , Notice that heart attack remark , from the boy wonder . Morning Joe looks like his stool softener isn't working to good . I suppose that all the analyst , pundits , and the rest of the corporate democratic gurus will have to vote for trump .


  19. Come on people! 🔥 Even if Bernie leads by 10 points, we use that excitement to get to 20! 🔥 We’ll need everything we can get. This could be the beginning of a new era.🌹

  20. Now are you ready to put your boots on the ground for Bernie?

    We need EVERYONE in, this time! EVERYONE get the Bern app at the store ( 4 the desktop), just talk to your friends about Bernie, and record the results; for the campaign strategy (even negative news is helpful). Y'all need to show your support for Bernie, whether it's $3 or $300 – if you can't do that, sign up for a local event today, @ or volunteer @ Do it now! For the kids!

  21. MSDNC acknowledging Bernie's rise just makes me think that media efforts have gone from character assassination to just plain assassination, they don't need to be so deceptive because they have snipers on standby should Bernie get the nomination.

  22. Biden is a very corrupt old man and dose not deserve to be president,Biden is very willing to slash social security and medicare. Old pep[le are stupid to even think about voting for Biden. I am 75 and I am for Sanders. But a lot of senior citezins(old people) dream of a past that did not exsist

  23. Bernie Sanders: The only candidate who has been devoted to the public his entire career. The only candidate with experience in politics who isn't selling out to corporate interests. The only candidate with the massive courage and integrity to defeat both republican and democratic candidates for his position in the senate, as an independent, for decades! You have got to be good to lead an honest career and keep winning without being part of either party for so long. Bernie Sanders is the ONLY candidate worth electing as president! He is beyond worthy.

  24. Most older people are afraid to take chances…Biden is just another establishment politician. He will do nothing for the average person. Come people over fifty, are you with me? Let's put Bernie in the White House. He will help your children and your grandchildren. Trump won't do it. Warren won't do it. I have more native American blood in me than she has, and I never used it for personal gain!

  25. Guy talking about same old politics hmmmm did he just become a politician? NOPE!!! 50+ YEARS AS A POLITICIAN COLLECTING A GOVERNMENT CHECK!!!

  26. Iowans please spread the word about the caucus rules, the doors close at 7 PM. Independents, you can change your status to Democrat on site, so arrive early. Bernie is the most electable, with the least baggage!! BERNIE 2020

  27. Sanders is a good candidate and a good man, but Americans and the world do not need a good man that would be used like Obama.

  28. Those American patriots, that are now in their seventies, are the same ones who once filled our streets with protesters against civil rights abuses, the Vietnam War and the draft. They recognize that same kindred indomitable spirit in today's young adults. That's a very good thing. That's something to be applauded. That's something to reassure us all that the spirit of liberty is not dead.

  29. As an independent a bit older than the wave of younger folks supporting Sanders, I can fully understand why Sanders is their statistical choice. He offers a vision of hope, equality, reform and inclusion– strong stuff from a man who appears to be uncompromised and 100% honest. Among Democrats I prefer Tom Steyer and Michael Boomberg and among Republicans, John Kasich. But here's the thing: I consider Donald Trump to be so toxic and such a curse on our country and all our traditional values, my vote will b e for whomever runs against him. Period, end of story.

  30. Unbelievable new ad that will propel Bernie Sanders to the presidency if watched all over America:

  31. Here's the thing. As the video begins and the camera pans and zooms on the enthusiastic crowd behind Bernie, do you see anyone holding a Bernie sign that is likely to be a net contributor to society? As in pays more taxes in than takes out, or donates a service or skill to society as a whole?
    To be honest… I don't. But what do I know? I'd pay a C note for every person over 10% of the total there that are net contributors.
    I don't have anything against those people. I'm just wondering if any of the Bernie bros have any idea how much math and reality cuts into the utopian future. Because in this video I only see recipients of wealth transfer not clusters of wealth transferees. But we know they're out there and before long Bernie will know who and where they're at. Because Bernie has massive new funding requirements that are going to demand immediate and constant siphoning from the overly entitled.
    This will be unimaginably catastrophic. I can't wait to get started. What I wouldn't give to see these same people after 8 full years of Bernie. What would they say? How bad will it be? I'd bet my last nickel it won't be a happy party. If only I had enough pull to get with Putin and tell him to let Trump go cuz I can't wait and see the looks on those snowflake faces after a year or two of Bernie….

  32. For so long the media ignore Bernie. They kept talking about Biden, Warren, Kamala Harris, etc etc now they can't deny him. He will surge because the people are behind him.

  33. Burnie is the only candidate that is the complete opposite of Trump, and these corporate fascist Republicans!
    We the people that support Burnie will refuse to vote for a lesser of two evils candidate from the supper delegates!!!! 🤔
    “Fight the powers, Fight the powers that be!” ❤️🤗🖖

  34. Bernie Sanders leading a poll is apparently a statistical tie 😆. "Bernie Sanders makes my skin crawl" Network can't put two and two together that the demographics who watch their network lean Joe because of relentless smears of Bernie while Bernie has a huge up on anyone who doesn't watch their network 🤔 Not to mention the landline methods of how they conduct these polls skewing old (who under the age of 40 is picking up a landline in 2020?). A great way to underestimate the support of Trump last time around and the way to underestimate Bernie turnover this time around. I'm a little shocked out how outdated our politics are and how biased media is towards certain candidates in the race..

  35. Biden may have an advantage with older people, but Bernie has the hearts of younger people which they have more at stake because they’ve got a lot ahead of them with how this country is changing; so that will definitely be reflected in the polls

  36. I'm shocked, no I'm flabbergasted. MSNBC giving positive coverage of Bernie. Well sort of. Actually they can't deny it anymore. But they can always try..

  37. Bernie is the only hope for America and the world! Bernie 2020! Americans, regain your country and remove crooked Trump from office!

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