1. Rep. Smallmale is nothing more than a Schiff sniffing liar. CNN has pushed this Fake News to Democrats for 3 years forcing Nancy Pelosi to give Adam Schiff enough impeachment rope to now hang their party in the 2020 Election. This is great TV.

  2. STUPID CNN…TRUMP will get reelected and appoint and seat (( 2 )) more Supreme court Justice judges . WINNING !! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Biden is on camera committing High crimes yet you don't have anything to say about it. You are so corrupt. This fake impeachment will crumble just like the fake dossier. Trump will win 2020 by the biggest landslide ever.

  4. Summary of Day 1:

    Heard it from a friend who,

    Heard it from a friend who,

    Heard it from another that Trump’s been messin' around with Ukraine.

  5. CNN BIASED Propaganda NEWS as usual! Phony Impeachment hearing spun by Swalwell & phony Witnesses & Reporters without honor! The real criminals are the quid pro quo Bidens, corrupt Hillary and shifty Adam Schiff running Soviet style hearings!

  6. It's crazy to think that Republicans are defending Trump over this (when it is indefensible), and even crazier to think that there's some idiots who lap it all up when the evidence to the contrary is there for all to see.

  7. Even the BBC said yesterday was a disater for the democrats,i don,t get it why are all the media biased against Trump?Yesterday was at the very best for democrats a small defeat yet the media in America are actually lying or giving false hints thst it was a bad day For Trump i don,t get it,I thought America was a first world country so how can their media do this?Hating somebody is not good enough reason to turn a blind eye to dirty tricks

  8. CNN is a Democratic medium just as MSNBC, NYT and WP. They are all partisan Democratic outlets that spew hate and venom just as Nazis, Communists, and ISIS did/do.

  9. Swalwell is a real piece of shit lied for two years about the Mueller investigation..
    I actually think he is mentally retarded!
    Shut the fuck up you fake news lefty communist Goebbels type Bastard!
    Hearsay bullshit!
    CNN = Fake News Fuckers!
    Our Tax dollars hard at work the Democrats are traitors…

    WAH WAH WAH big crybaby losers!

    Trump 2020!

  10. Unbelievable, Swallwell is on the House Intelligence committee,the Senator that suggested nuking American citizens that refused to give up 2nd Amendment rights

  11. If you want to fix this Country and help then stand up for the U.S. Constitution. Love is the answer and the truth shall set you free. DC all of them need to go. Term limits as set forth by our founding fathers. No one is innocent so quit throwing stones quit falling for the two party psy op. Two heads on the same coin. Get our troupes home the Empire is tiresome.

  12. Bill told Nancy that John read a book that Jay was told by Susan who had a dream about Taylor that Doug who thought he had a conversation with Neal who said that Brian heard on TV that the directors wife's boyfriend was sleeping with someone names Phil who heard from the Ukrainians that TRUMP could've withheld aid THEORETICALLY.

  13. Sadly many people only get fox news. They have no idea whats going on. I live close to the border and get cautioned about the invading army all the time from people who've been fed this garbage.

  14. So glad Adam Schiff didn't allow republican's to water down the hearings. They stayed on point for the America People, so people could understand what was going on… Republican's want to make people think Trump meant nothing by what he did. As much criminal activity as this administration has exhibited in the past, why would they think they are believable? What makes them think the Ukraine President would say anything against Trump for fear of further retaliation from Trump. See how they are hiding information from the Congress as it is, and not allowing people to testify. This administration has a fear of more things coming out if they allow others to come fourth and testify. That's another form of abuse of power, and corruption against Congress too!! The list just keeps going on and on…

  15. since trump is a coward and didnt go to war, and is not patriotic, =he informed his corrupt republicans to make light the integrity of real patriots

  16. Mr Trump President USA. is a man
    correct ..quieren los democrat hablar mentira de Sr ,son una partia de mentirosos ,jauria humana ,caceria de joder al pais
    buscan pruebas de donde no hay .
    no busquen mas testicos, busquen documentos ,papelito habla lengua..ok..le tienen miedo porq saben q no hay otro como él..
    AGAIN 2020 Mr Trump
    God Bless you…and América

  17. CNN,MSNBC and Dems, please tell me you have something better that these two Star witnesses. Please tell the Nation'S tax payers money you are spending on this Impeachment Inquired is worth every penny we the people is paying for. Please tell me tearing the country down is worth the cause. This is a blessed Nation of good people. We elect our leaders every so often, freely and voluntarily. Please tell us, the voters, that revoking our will is the right thing to do.

    But don't leave us with this kind of statements by your Star witness in the air.

    These two are the star witnesses: New York post said “Here’s Kent’s laughable recap of that game of telephone, from page 267 of his earlier testimony: “Taylor indicated that he had talked to Tim Morrison … and Tim had indicated he had talked to Gordon, and Gordon told … Tim, and Tim told Bill Taylor that he, Gordon, had talked to the president. … And POTUS wanted nothing less than President Zelensky to go [on] microphone and say investigations, ­Biden and Clinton.”

    Dems, CNN, MSNBC this is it ???

  18. After reading Dr. Fiona Hill's testimony transcript and watching the republicans act like morons at the public inquiry, I AM A NEVER TRUMPER ALL THE WAY! (AND jim jordan should do the country a favor and return to coaching or flipping burgers)

  19. Never Trumpers? Now that is just nuts! You believe Trump over a long time career ambassador? Gee Wizz! Very alarming, Sad!

  20. Boring 8 hours of nothing…
    Bring in the real criminals, i.e. Joe and Hillary. That will wake us up.
    “Your witnesses are not relevant”… Does anyone wonder why gun sales are up again?

  21. You could phrase this as HOW MANY DIED, DUE TO USA FUNDING HOLD?
    See Donbass memorial page for the dead.

  22. Mr. Kent and Taylor disagree with POTUS foreign policy. They don't have the responsibility for making foreign policy, only serving at the pleasure of the President. They seem forthright and credible however their opinion is all they can offer here. Whether or not they disagree with the foreign policy decisions of the duly elected president is irrelevant. Watch the entire thing, they have zero first hand knowledge.

  23. Any evidence in that phone call of quid pro quo? CRICKETS. If schitt doesn't know who the WB/brennan SPY IS, HOW CAN HE PROTECT HIM? LIAR, JUST LIKE cnn AND THE REST

  24. if a movie is ever made about this Hugo Weaving needs to play Taylor. i hope they will let me play Kent cause he is dapper as fuck. Kent is my new hero. His responses were so measured and intelligent.

  25. This is worst than the bullshit Mueller report…Lmfao…Democrats just shoot him because you have nothing to impeach the man on…Your only chance to beat Trump in 2020 is to pull a Hillary on him and just flat out murder him, you know like they did with Epstein…
    Trump has Americas support for 2020…

  26. Bwa hahahaha, the Democrats have so many underlings, it's like a virus, can't wait till they produce a witness who would actually be allowed to testify in any US court, except in this witch trial.

  27. Congressman Swollenhead is an idiot, pathological liar, loser, and an American traitor. Ambassador Taylor is a complete idiot and clearly kissing the ass of the Marxist Communists ( aka Democrats ) this ignorant prick should be fired!


  29. the thing is trump isnt fucking making up dirt , he is exposing the corruption on the left . and you idiots dont wanna admit that hunter biden and joe are just as corrupt as your orange man bad hahahah you fucking idiots

  30. I likes when they asked there star witnesses what crime was committed and it was crickets lol It just shows how bad this clown show is 😆😆😆😆

  31. He just doesn't like how the president is handling foreign affairs so he wants the president IMPEACHED???? THAT'S NOT AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!!!! Pelosi you brought this impeachment on HEARSAY/GOSSIP???? Remove Pelosi Now – she is unable to do her job due to such personal HATE she has for the president – that is a conflict of Interest!!!

  32. Holding back the money from Ukraine is aiding and abetting russia. A known and flagrant "ENEMY" of the usa. What if Precedent Roosevelt held back on the Lend lease Act . until England gave Roosevelt some dirt on a political opponent . Clearly this action was to the benefit russia and trump. mmm Funny how all trump tentacles reach out to russia.

  33. I love watching these idiots trying to put a story together to get President Trump thrown out. Morons and idiots 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  34. Eric swLlwell is a career criminal no more no less as to the standing of Kent read the closed door transcripts oh that’s right that’s what real journalist do instead of handpicking clips

  35. Trump tried to get the President of Ukraine to do what Putin made him do when he was a presidential candidate. “Russia if you’re listening…”, Putin made him make that public statement

  36. I would state:
    If the definition of Never Trumper is a person who doesn't want Trump in Office then no, I am not a Never Trumper.
    IF, however, the definition of Never Trumper is a person who is NOT, first and foremost, loyal to Trump, and instead loyal to the American People, the Constitution THEN the President (in that order); then yes, I am a Never Trumper as I am, first and foremost, loyal to the American People.

  37. Jim Jordan schooled the dems. Witnesses couldn’t even respond. One said their source was the New York Times. Now the whole world knows what a joke the dems are and what a waste of tax payer money this is. TRUMP 2020

  38. CNN manipulates the news, fake reporting. CNN SUCKS
    One good thing about this Impeachment attempt is that Dem's are actively helping Trump get re-elected by showing to the world how corrupt they are, I'ts going to blow up in their face and I'll be one real happy American, Go Trump, Go Trump Go Trump.

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