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Are someone that has a clear image or
maybe in the vision board of what you want to do, have, and be? And maybe even a plan to get there. But, what if that dream still feels so far away, even though you
continually focus your attention with positive intent? The good news is some
law of attraction principles are now being supported by positive psychology
and mind sciences, and this session is about finding your master key the real
secret to orienting yourself towards the life you want. I’m Matt, the less
attractive half of Self Health Hypnosis, where our passion is to guide you to
help yourself. So take this moment for yourself and let’s do something amazing
together! Self Health Hypnosis. Please do not listen
to hypnosis and guided meditations while driving, operating machinery or when it
is not safe for you to relax or fall asleep. I welcome you to this guided meditation
for deep and sleep, where we aim to guide you to deeply understand the law of
attraction and the often ignored master key – the secret you need to manifest your
dreams. And I hope it is a comfort for you to know that we create guided
meditations that are far more than just positive affirmations and suggestions
accompanied by a clear calm voice. And I don’t know if this is true, but maybe you
want more for yourself and more from life then calm
rest safety and a deep sleep I wonder if you would be curious to explore how much
easier it will be when you bring your abilities into conscious awareness by
committing your focus to the proven modern hypnotic techniques and
ericksonian language patterns designed to help you choose change. Perhaps you have joined us to begin the
process of deliberately focusing your attention with the intent of directing
your own life experience. And I wonder how surprised you will be
when you start to focus your intention within and utilize the infinite power of
your own conscious mind to empower you to make useful choices and to take clear
action. And it is wonderful that you have taken this moment for yourself, to
discover the resources within you to bring into being all the visions and
dreams you have chosen for yourself. I will suggest you take time now for
yourself to find peace and find an environment where you can focus on you
and allow yourself to relax and in your own way find car and it’s very positive and confident
tonight you are in control of this experience and I am grateful you have
chosen me to be your guide and my voice is only here to guide here perhaps you can find a place where you
can sit in comfort or maybe you want to use this time as a
stepping stone to find calm to let go and experience a deep restful sleep the space you have chosen maybe a chair
in a quiet room where you can be alone with yourself or it could be the warm
soft comfort of a bed whatever you choose it can be anywhere
that you can find a comfortable pace it’s up to you to find the place time
and position to let yourself enjoy the comfort and to experience a complete
calm so when you’re ready and in your own time find comfort in the way you
have chosen to relax what I suggest you do is to just allow your eyes to
comfortably close and I will gently and simply explain
what you can expect as you enter a relaxed state of being a simple state of
focused awareness a powerful everyday state therapists often call
trance. And you can become aware of your eyes
and have how you are in control and how you could open them
should you wish and that’s fine because I really wouldn’t want you to not relax
too quickly for this session we have crafted for you
something special because we believe you have everything within you to create
something special for yourself and I wonder if you can imagine finding those
inner qualities that spark inside you and an awareness to discover how you can
mindfully connect with the energy of the universe the power of the universe that
creates worlds and that you are a partner in the possibilities awaiting
you and I wonder if you’ll enjoy how
naturally how easily it is to let go of any tension and relax into this guided
meditation focused on you maybe you can feel free to allow
yourself to observe your faults and anything in your daily life with alert
interest making a commitment to yourself to put a stop to any judgment maybe you’d like to begin allowing
yourself to approach this time you have devoted to yourself differently with the
intention to understand and in full acceptance of whatever may emerge and I
don’t know if you would like to encourage what is deep within you now to come to the surface and enrich your
life and consciousness with its captive energies and as you find yourself
relaxed where you are you may be aware of the sounds in the background and you might notice feeling of the
surface beneath you or you might unconsciously notice the thoughts as you
relax into your own experience and as you do you might notice the
beginnings of comfort and ease you may hear the sounds of others around
you or perhaps the street as traffic passes
by or perhaps it’s the tone of my voice as you follow my voice you may even
begin to notice thoughts and feelings emerging and fading and as you do beginning to feel a sensation of
complete comfort in your body and as you sit still you might notice
the sensation of your hands and that amidst the sounds of the background
there is also a stillness and as your breathing starts to slow you
might begin to notice a relaxed calm broaden and deepen and I don’t know if it will be the words
that I use or the sound of my voice that will start to open for you a deep vast
world of change and infinite possibility that’s right I would prefer that you discover how
much easier it is simply to allow events to occur in their own time and in their
own way noticing any feelings in your body as
you continue to listen to the sound of my voice the sounds that surround you paying close attention to those feelings
and those changes now as you find absolute wonder at your own ability to
let it go completely and drift into trance while your conscious mind has
already begun to drift off somewhere else allowing your body to relax and your
mind to relax without at all knowing how much more
comfortable and relaxed you can become and I wonder if you can imagine absolute
power that comes from full acceptance of the present moment and an appreciation of anything you are
feeling and what you perceive to be happening now and it can be deeply comforting to know
that in these moments there is no need to change anything at all and allow
yourself this moment to just breathe and let Go! Breathe and let be!
And surrender to having anything be different in this moment and in your
mind and in your heart give yourself permission to allow this moment to just
be. Imagine the depth of possibilities that
would emerge when you choose calm and choose conscious awareness maybe it will
surprise you to notice the power in control and that you are in control and
that is simply hypnosis that’s right all hypnosis is self hypnosis and I
understand how easy it is to get caught up in wanting to have a special
experience or in keeping watch for signs of progress in there pondering that emerges when you
don’t feel something special really quickly and you may start to doubt the path you
have chosen or wonder whether you are doing it right the truth is you can only take a path to
change yourself because you want to do it for yourself and in that moment that you decide that what you are experiencing now can be
exactly as it is and you can allow yourself to be exactly
as you are so when you’re ready move in the direction your heart tells
you to go mindfully and with resolution you don’t even have to talk or move or
make any sort of effort and perhaps you don’t know this but you
already have all the knowledge you need to understand how to just be and to
enter your own trance and you have the experience of entering
trance many times each day and I am sure you can recall those times you have been
wondering about your day and discovered your mind begins to wander to your
thoughts ideas and dreams all that experience of waiting we all so often
encounter where there is little need to pay attention
and you can simply drift and dream and allow you mind to wonder and you may like to imagine as you start
to daydream now your own experience as you lay there beginning to drift off
into a comfortable relaxed bliss. You really have known all along how much
easier it is to learn when you are relaxed though I wouldn’t want you to
relax so quickly at first I would prefer that you discover
how much easier it is to recognize the small changes tiny changes happening in
your breathing and the almost imperceptible changes in
your pulse rate and how quiet it is and how comfortable
you have become as that special feeling of security relaxes you even deeper than
before and all you have to do in this moment is
give yourself permission to let go giving yourself the freedom to explore
other parts of yourself to know that this is just a process and
that there is no right way or wrong way to do this maybe your conscious mind
expects to be able to experience a sense of knowing of knowing calm and knowing
comfort and your unconscious mind can expect something even deeper the truth
is you really don’t have to know what to expect but when you take the time to go inside
just like you are doing now it’s easy to notice that there is a part
of you that knows how to breathe deeply and you can expect that part of you to
always be there so that those deep and comforting breaths just naturally come and at this moment taking comfort in
knowing you have created a sense of very deep relaxation notice your breathing is smooth your
heart rate has slowed and your muscles are relaxed this is a state you have created and it is uniquely your experience remember you and only you can be the
hero in your own journey and isn’t it comforting to know that you have chosen
me to be your guide and teach you how to return to this state at any time and any
place you choose and I wonder if you know in your heart and in your mind the
great benefit to you as you continually return to this powerful state of
self-hypnosis this state of ultimate learning you can begin to uncover the potential
that was always within your grasp now as you hear my words perhaps you
know in your heart and mind that it is time time for you to return to the true
nature of your being and to consciously live the success that you have
determined you desire for yourself and in a moment your unconscious mind is
going to suddenly take you to a very special place a place that’s associated
with tremendous feelings of peacefulness tranquility safety
success and completeness and it may be a place you’ve been before
or some special place that you find yourself in for the first time whatever comes to mind whether it’s an
image a vision a dream you already have or something completely different it is
important to remember this moment is about you so you can just allow such a
place and the moment to spontaneously come into your awareness now and as you
find yourself there give yourself the opportunity to experience all the
refreshing feelings of calm and contentment of security happiness
and accomplishment associated with this wonderful place and I’m not really sure whether you just
rather sit and rest and look at everything around you or if you’d rather walk around some and
explore this place that’s here right now just for you and I don’t really know for sure the
things that will stand out most to you will it be the color of this Seine and
the things around you or whether it will be the sound in this special place perhaps you’ll especially enjoy the
sensation and the feeling as you touch things or perhaps it would be the feeling of absolute
gratitude in the knowledge everything in this place belongs to you and was a
manifestation of your efforts and I wonder if you’ve already begun to
notice the fact that as you just experienced and enjoy this special place and soak up and absorb the energy of
positive accomplishment perhaps with a deep assurance that you took the steps
and you made every effort to create the success embodied by this vision the deep
knowledge that you took control and chose to change and focus in each moment
on those steps required to complete the process and you can just allow those feelings of
deep contentment of pace and calm to flow through you to all parts of you
allowing all of you to experience the fruits of your effort and as each moment
passes in this special place these wonderful invigorating feelings increase
and become more part of you perhaps you already inherently understand it because you can clearly remember the
path you chose the story you wrote each day and as you deliberately relax right
now breathing deeply you will begin to gradually but surely remember how all your success
came to be and I can only imagine how wonderful it
must feel to experience a resonance with the absolute truths as you remember them
now and experience the results the outcomes
manifest in your life here and now and I don’t know if in observing your
internal experience may lead you to notice yourself deeper
in your thoughts deep in your feelings and noticing all the things you have
come to know about who you are perhaps he find it is easy to simply
find a sense of calm of safety security and joy
as you continually accept your own invitation to create to take action do
you not maybe you already know in your being
you are the very essence of the universe and like the eternal laws of the
universe you are consistent reliable and hold steadfast always
– expansion gratitude and joy and I wonder if you imagine the eternal
laws of the universe being presented to you here now
in a powerful rhythm of understanding unlike a divine spark we’ll start small within you and then expand with each new decision with every action and I wonder if you know that this is
the master key the real secret to stepping past the
threshold to lifting the veil the path to truth that will lead you to
reawaken into the knowledge of your purpose and
personal power as you remember how now to access the power of the universe that
creates worlds a wise teacher once said if this time-space reality has within it
the ability to inspire a desire within you then you can be absolutely certain
in your ability to yield a full and satisfying manifestation of that same
desire and maybe you already possess the
knowledge that the universe is all mined and that everything from higher thought
to solid matter is purely energy vibrating at varying rates in to varying
degrees and I wonder to what degree you know you
have the power to imagine your dreams and the wisdom that thoughts become
things it may be that you are already aware
that the divine spirit we often imagine far above us in reality merely hovers
over us as our own soul and isn’t it comforting that al Sol in
itself complete in the partial representation of the or and maybe it is in part true that we cannot always have our
consciousness drawn away from the material world but I wonder if it is possible to live a
life of meditation to live our lives with a confidence that the higher things
are always so strongly present in the backgrounds of our mind and that they may instantly come to the
front of our minds when the mind is not otherwise occupied our life now
then really can be a life of perpetual meditation of pure focus upon creation
and manifestation of our true and highest goals only interrupted now by the necessity of
putting our thoughts into a daily practice and I wonder if you also understand that
the responsibility to take the actions required to move forward and the steps
required toward your success also reside in you and isn’t it interesting that most
people naturally assume that if their life is not going the way they want it
to go then something outside of themselves
must be stalling improvement for no one would deliberately hold
themselves back from success and I don’t know if you have heard this
before but it has been said that a long time
ago that the following law of the universe was found written on a tablet
it read as above so below as within so without and many wise scholars have described
the maining and action of this law and there is one thing that is clear knowing the divine spark is within you
it is wrong to attribute the circumstances of your life to something
outside of yourself is it not according to this law the essence
required to find solutions to any problem as within you and you do have control and you possess the nobility of spirit
to choose a different path and the discipline to rise above any unconscious
habits preventing you from fulfilling your potential for it is often said that meaning is
derived from our commitment to overcoming the challenges in front of us in the sacrifices we make in choosing a
better future and don’t wonder how empowered you will
feel when you accept the taking control is your birthright being in control is the basis of who you
are and the essence of the law of attraction
was always within you and is always active ever-present and easy to understand and I don’t know if this is true for you but many people find themselves waking
up to an alarm at the same time most days to do things they feel they can’t
control in surrender to unconscious comfort in
having the same thoughts and choosing the same actions if they commute to work they may find
themselves daydreaming whether it’s on the train bus
on their walk or driving a car they are in a trance visualizing a day that is
different and feeling the powerful emotions that emerge from choices
aligned to the desire of our soul and as that occurs you really can’t help notice that a part of you continues on in a
sense of ease and thoughts of change
push through the fog only again to disappear amidst the fear but I wonder
if you feel fascinated by the possibilities and a strong compulsion to
focus on the positive knowing this influences your intention
and guides your action if you are a student of the law of
attraction you may know that the frequency of our vibration
is key and I wonder if you’ll be positively
curious about the fact you have the power to choose and commit your energy to the process of
deliberately focusing your attention with the intent of directing your own
life experience and as you learn to accept your vibrational nature and begin
to consciously utilize the vibrations of your emotional states you just might remember
you can gain conscious control of your personal creations and the outcomes
of your life today perhaps to understand taking
responsibility is not a chore but a challenge toward purpose towards
meaning and I wonder if you know that the really important thing is to be
fully aware of your thoughts in each moment to observe your thoughts to assess where
they are at and how you can begin to tell the story
of your life perhaps making the decision here that
you will begin to tell the story of your life as you want it to be now and discontinue the tales of how it has
been in the past and as you continue to ask yourself what
is it that I do want eventually you will be standing in a
very pleasing place for you cannot continually ask yourself what is it that I do want without your point of attraction beginning to shift in that direction and sooner or later I
don’t know just when your continued application and your commitment now – a process
will yield wonderful results and maybe you can find immense comfort in knowing that the process may be
gradual but you may see results in only a few
days and imagine the confidence and joy you will feel knowing in every moment
about every subject you can focus positively in every moment in time and beyond you can choose the good feeling thoughts and the good
feeling manifestations that must follow your thoughts are powerful and you have much more control over your
own experience then you likely realize and I wonder if you have noticed the recent research supporting the
absolute power of gratitude and that you can begin to worry into
your thoughts by steadily looking for the things that
cause you to feel in your heart thankful you will begin to develop patterns of
thoughts and beliefs that helped you clearly see and
appreciate all the parts of your journey forward and I wonder if that will lead you and that you may have already decided to start each morning from the moment
you wake up thinking about positive things what you desire and happy raisins to spring out of bed knowing in that moment your unconscious
mind will prime you and use the energy of the positive
emotion when you choose to take a simple action that empowers you in the
present and most people know that in the
military people are encouraged to start their day
in confident control encouraged to find the discipline and
make their bed and I wonder if you will enjoy
how this simple task combined with your positive thoughts we’ll put you in positive control of
your day you already know what you must do and I wonder if you are going to decide when you are going to be in charge of
how you vibrate to know in your heart and mind you are the
master of your powerful emotions and it’s going to be a pleasure knowing you can stop being like a
plastic bag being blown about the winds of a storm and then you can stop living your life
like a piece of cork thrown about in the raging sea it is sadly limiting that the law of
attraction is often expressed as only a hopeful and creative
visualization what is often not emphasized
is that critical importance of the ancient hermetic principle of
cause and effect and perhaps knowing this you can now
give yourself permission to direct the power of your imagination
with purpose and continuous action for it is said energy must flow your energy must have its rhythm and I wonder how powerful you will feel when you see yourself easily pushing through any resistance to
what you know in your mind must be done the steps that must be taken the steps in the process required to
reach your goal and perhaps the need to change and
evolve is crystal clear is it not one of the great minds of hypnosis
and Farrah P once said when the imagination and the willpower
are in conflict it is always the imagination that wins without any
exception and I wonder if you realize hypnosis is
the key that can unlock the law of attraction and all hypnosis is self-hypnosis that’s right
you create your own universe and my voice is just here now to guide you to use the power within you and the truth is that Kay is not just available to open only one
door hypnosis is a process
hypnosis is a practice a process and practice of learning how
to bring your conscious mind your will power and your unconscious mind into
rapport the results that you can gain from
continued hypnosis is only limited by your desire to change and any boundaries you set for yourself you might like to think of the time you
take to listen to each hypnosis session as money you deposit in your bank this commitment positive self-interest
we’ll like money grow and compound over time and I wonder
if it will become clear that our perception of reality is never a product
of passive reaction but instead the result of active creative transactions a wise man once said the road you can talk
about is not the road you can walk on change is natural and the universe is in
a constant state of change the tide comes and goes the day becomes
night winter becomes summer, our cells in our
body die and are replaced, and even matter as solid as rock erodes over long
periods of time. And I wonder if it is clear if it is natural for us to expect
change in ourselves and to know if we are not experiencing
change we are then out of sync with the universe not only should you be setting
positive expectations of what you want to do what you want to have and who you
want to be it is critical to set yourself the
expectation that you will see results every day results from continuing to
undertake this hypnosis and by taking action every day on your process goals so as your guide I wonder what are you
going to do next are you going to focus your energy toward the end of your story
what could be called a hopeful outcome goal or are you instead because you
understand who you are in this universe and the power within you I wonder if you choose to focus your
powerful energy your thoughts your emotions on process goals so I invite
you and I do hope you will give yourself permission to unite your body and mind become whole and take the action required and be the
creator of the natural universal phenomenon that is change you

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